20+ Humans Who Are Not Good Enough For Their Cats

These 20+ cats clearly have had enough of their owners, and express their disproval in the funniest ways.

This girl who doesn’t understand the meaning of “just friends”

This girl who did not even ask if Mr. Wiggles was cool with taking a selfie

This guy who needs to shut up about his “little baby”

This couple who doesn’t realize how much their cat hates PDA

This overly attached, smothering owner

This person who doesn’t understand the concept of “PUT ME DOWN!”

This human whose powers of feline seduction aren’t as good as he thinks

This woman who doesn’t understand the idea of a personal bubble

This man whose affections won’t be returned any time soon

These humans who need to up their interior decorating skills

This person whose scratching privileges have been revoked

This person who needs to give less pettings and more cat food

This person who did not ASK if her cat wanted another roommate

This girl who needs to calm down with the overenthusiastic greetings

This child who is about to learn a lesson the hard way

This person who wants more commitment than her cat is ready for right now

This person who was literally the only one who wanted this group hug

This person who needs to chew some gum before she even THINKS about kissing her cat

This overly-attached pathetic human

These people who need to stay RIGHT where they are

This person whose couch potato days are DEFINITELY over now


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