These 25+ Adorable Pictures Of Babies With Puppies Will Melt Your Heart

These 25+ ultra adorable pictures of babies with their puppies are probably some of the cutest images on the internet.


This baby has the best pillow ever.

Snuggle Buddies.

This baby and dog staring at each other.

This baby spooning a puppy.

This dog trying to find a good spot to rest his head. The babies smile is so cute.

This pair who have gone to sleep. Wait a minute. Is that DOGE?

Theo, the pup, and Beau, the toddler, are famous for their snuggle sessions.

These two who seem to be smiling at something.

This baby who gets not one, but 3 puppy pillows.

This dog keeping watch.

This girl and the massive st bernard sleeping peacefully.

These two sharing a kiss.

These two who sleep in exactly the same way, so cute.

This dog, watching over the baby. So sweet.

A role reversal. Apparently babies make equally comfy pillows.

And this dog using the baby as a pillow.

These best friends playing together.

This baby taking a quick break by laying on the dog.

This baby who isn’t sure about the dogs kiss.

These three siblings & best friends.

These two just messing about.

Probably the cutest hug ever.

This pug, letting the baby sleep a little longer.

This super cute Oklahoma fan.

These two hugging.

This sweet snuggle.

These two sharing a kiss.

And finally ,these pups showing this lucky little boy some love.



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