30+ Best Chalkboard Fonts

Find amazing chalkboard fonts for your creative projects. Check out this list!

Chalkboard art isn’t just for the classroom. Designers are enjoying this creative medium to create expressive visuals with a wide variety of chalkboard font styles.

Try out these chalk fonts and create imaginative chalkboard typography for restaurant menus, websites, or print design. Find the best pro fonts from this quick list.

Beverley Chalk Font Family

Let’s start with this gorgeous suite of Beverley chalk fonts. These fonts feature a neat hand-drawn style with additional doodle ornaments. Introduce your company with a friendly, flirty font. Capture the mood of good vibes with this great download.

The Hurricane Handbrush Chalk Font

Quickly create the message you need with this Hurricane chalk font. This unique brush style features spacious letters and edgy textures. Suitable for mostly casual purposes, this download comes with basic letters, numbers, and punctuation. Try it out.

Frye Chalk Font

Choose from three unique styles to capture your chalk art. The Frye chalk font is unique and quirky. It fits any charming handmade project and includes fun ornamental objects to help complete your designs. Add it to your collection.

Fisherman Chalkboard Font

Thinking about the Fisherman chalkboard font for your logo? Just visit the preview link to type your name into the font tester. See how this cool vintage ocean font looks with different word combinations. Get three styles and more for just under $20.

The Athletica Chalkboard Font

Stand out like an original. The Athletica chalkboard font supports both sans serif and script styles. Inspired by the ads of the 50s and 60s, this font looks great on shop signs, websites, and apparel. Try it out with different punctuation and symbols for more options.

Gamble Chalkboard Font

Or you could take a gamble on this incredible lettering font. A mix of vintage gothic fonts and hand-drawn chalk text, these letters look as though they’ve been written on a dirty board. Easily install it into your system, whether you’re using a Mac or PC.

The Chalk Bar Typeface - Chalkboard Font

Need a chalk menu for your restaurant or bar? Try this chalk bar typeface for an authentic look. This modern font style features a traditional chalk aesthetic, along with over 60 unique symbols. Get additional perks like five blackboard backgrounds for your work.

Sapporo Cursive Chalk Font

This next cursive chalk font has multi-language support and a beautiful, elegant feel. Apply a simple texture to bring the best out of the loopy letters and firm baseline. Included in this download are letters, numbers, and additional stylish ligatures.

Spine Typeface Chalk Font

Add a spiky vibe to your chalkboard text. This clever spine typeface is great for horror themes or abstract projects. It comes with two font files, including OTF and TTF versions. Use it on posters, logos, or websites.

Bakersville Chalkboard Font

This next chalkboard lettering font is a great addition to any design arsenal. It features a stylish hand-drawn style with both full and line-style versions. Give your food packaging, menus or decor an authentic chalkboard look in mere seconds!

Galahad Chalkboard Typeface

Looking for the ideal chalkboard typeface? Get crafty with this stunning Galahad chalk typeface. A cursive chalk font with lots of personality, this font has loads of realistic texture and smears. Enjoy a bonus graphic pack for more creative help.

Positive Chalkboard Writing Font

Write something positive on a blackboard. This lovely writing font is perfect for creatives of all types. You can easily use it for uplifting motivational content or just for typography design. Enjoy regular, swash and international styles for just $10.

Tuck Shop Chalk Font

Decorate any menu with flair and charm. The Tuck Shop chalk font was created by designer simonok. It’s a simple, handmade design with three distinct styles. Use the regular, outlined and decorated styles for food truck signs and more. Check it out.

Akula Chalk Font

You can easily emulate the look of chalk fonts with impressive dry brush typefaces. The Akula font is both bold and expressive. It’s an all caps font with grunge letters and numbers, but it can definitely be used for chalk art. Try it out on signs and menus.

Equation Chalkboard Font

Having trouble with your presentations? Explain them clearly with a fun chalkboard font. The Equation typeface is cheery and playful. It’s perfect for laying out equations, stories, or other educational lessons. You can even add it to your app or video game graphics.

Cinesta Chalk Font

Need a chalk font that looks a little smudged? Check out this next awesome font, Cinesta. This flat marker font can easily replace any boring old chalk type for a refreshing new look. Included in this download are all caps letters, numbers, and punctuation.

BrideChalk Typeface

Feeling a little bridal? Make over your dream wedding graphics with the lovely BrideChalk typeface. This type is pretty and special. It looks just like a handmade chalk style and features both sans serif and serif options. Get more awesome extras you can easily install.

Susteria Chalkboard Font

Make your graphics with regular or cute styles from the sweet Susteria chalkboard font set. Designed for children’s books, products, or special packaging, this font has cute upper and lower case letters with fun accents. Try it out for beautiful cover text and more.

Threemore - Chalk Font

THREEMORE it’s very suitable for artistic creations, grunge designs, handwriting, blackboards text and even more.

Segara Chalkboard Font

Looking for a different vintage style? The Segara font is visually captivating. It’s the perfect font for any vintage logo and works well with a variety of industries. Use it on T-shirts, logos or posters for an authentically old font style.

AvailaBrush Chalk Font

This next chalk font is actually a brush font. Easily replace any regular blackboard text with this stunning brush type. Well suited for handmade projects, this font can also be used in corporate logos or posters. Explore more creative uses for this fun and clever design.

Brunch Brunch Chalk Font

Did someone say brunch? Make a cute impression with the sweet Brunch Brunch chalk font. A handwritten font that’s easy to remember, this typeface is sleek and charming. Add it to any cafe menu or use it to decorate invites. Check it out!

Peron - Modern Vintage

Many chalkboard artists develop their style from vintage type inspiration. This next retro typeface is inspired by vintage graphics and elegant fonts. Use it with four separate styles like regular, stamp, and italic versions. Add it to your design arsenal today!

Houden Chalk Font

Here’s another awesome font that represents the essential elements of any chalk type. Inspired by the retro lettering signs of the past, this font pack includes slab serif fonts that are suitable for many branding projects. Make your signs stand out with authentic chalk types.

Spoodbrush Chalk Font

Prefer cursive typefaces instead? Get the best of both worlds with the Spoodbrush chalk font. A hand-brushed font duo with rough texture elements, this pack is stylish and professional. Try it out on anything from websites to invites and greeting cards.

Braser Grunge Brush Typeface

Highlight your work with an effective chalk style. This brush grunge typeface is a wonderful calligraphy style that can easily be applied to blackboard designs. Incorporate the hundreds of glyphs and additional ligatures for a more effective marketing campaign.

Chalkboard Font

Greet your students with a fun chalkboard font! This next typeface is pretty straightforward. It looks just like the real thing and gives you the chance to write letters in a perfectly straight line. Make the best out of your projects with this creative style.

Brushfix Chalk Font

The Brushfix chalk font is both casual and edgy. It’ll perfectly complement urban images or modern apparel design for T-shirts and logos. Enjoy this essential set of Latin characters along with extra numbers and symbols. Check it out!

Hand Drawn Chalk Font on Blackboard

Write chalkboard letters just like the pros! Perfect for children’s books or educational lessons, this hand-drawn chalk font looks just like it was written on a blackboard. This set includes fully editable vector files along with standard text fonts. Grab it today!

Donnis – Bold Chalk Font

Donnis - Bold Chalk Font

A thick bold chalk font that’s most suitable for making big titles and headlines in your designs. This font features all-uppercase letters as well as numerals and multilingual characters.

Buckley Serif Textured Font

Buckley Serif Textured Font

Buckley features a vintage chalkboard design that’s perfect for making signage, posters, and menu boards for vintage-themed restaurants and cafes. The font includes both uppercase and lowercase letters.


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