20+ Best Brochure Mockups

Brochures are an inexpensive and effective tool for communicating information to a wider audience. These single foldable sheets are perfect for highlighting products and services, making announcements and presentations, creating menus, or breaking down lengthy information with images, charts, maps, and text.

If you’re looking for modern and versatile brochure mockups to show your brochure designs to a client or to display your brochure on your website, here are 21 fabulous mockups that you need to see.

This terrific rectangular brochure mockup of a woman reading a menu is easy to customise. Just upload your image, change the colour of your brochure, and your job is done.

If you’re looking for a bifold brochure mockup that allows you to adjust the background colour, check out this A4 bifold brochure mockup, which features a slightly open brochure lying on a plain background. After you’ve uploaded your brochure cover image, you can change the background to any colour you need.

This A4 bifold brochure mockup is a variation of the bifold brochure mockup featured above. With this mockup, the brochure is opened to show the inside content, and the background is split in two so that you can adjust the colour of the top and bottom half separately.

This A4 bifold brochure mockup is an excellent template for restaurants looking for an image that allows them to show a client perusing their menu or for designers who want to show clients a photorealistic image of their menu design.

Sometimes, you need to display your brochure design without any distractions. This sleek and sophisticated square brochure mockup is perfect for such occasions. Set against a black background, the standing brochure mockup is super easy to use.

This square brochure mockup is a variation of the bifold brochure mockup featured above, with the main differences being that this brochure is lying on the surface as opposed to standing and the background is light grey rather than black.

Use this gatefold brochure mockup to show an employee reading a company brochure. This template is even easier to use than the other trifold brochure mockup featured here because, instead of needing to upload three images, you only need to upload one that will cover all three sections of the brochure.

Transparent backgrounds are awesome because they allow you to add your mockup quickly and easily to any background you choose. To use this trifold brochure mockup, make sure your images are divided into three equal parts, and then upload each one in order.

Looking for a rectangular brochure mockup to show off a menu cover design? Then check out this bifold brochure mockup, which features a rustic table setting with a menu sitting on a set of plates.

This A4 bifold brochure mockup features an over-the-shoulder shot of a woman looking at the cover of a brochure while sitting at a wooden table. It’s a great template for those looking for a creative way to display their brochure cover design.

This rectangular brochure mockup is billed as a template for a coffee shop menu. And indeed, it is an excellent menu mockup, but the template could also be used for any number of other types of brochures.

These rectangular brochure mockups are great for testing three versions of a design or for a related series of brochures. The slightly open brochure in the foreground also allows you to upload an interior image, which increases the mockup’s photorealistic quality.

Jazz up your brochure presentation with this funky gatefold brochure mockup. Each leaf of the brochure is clearly marked to make it super easy to upload your design. When you’re done, have some fun choosing four different colours for the mockup background.

A playful way to display your brochure cover, this A4 landscape brochure mockup shows a woman holding a brochure so that it covers her face.

Set against a plain wood background, this accordion fold brochure mockup allows you to show off three sides of your brochure layout. Each panel of the standing brochure mockup is clearly marked for ease of use.

Use this elegant A4 landscape brochure mockup with its slate grey background for corporate brochures, high-end fashion, a jewellery business, or any other category where you want to communicate sophistication.

Showcase your awesome menu design with this beautiful A4 bifold brochure mockup featuring an over-the-shoulder image of a young woman studying a menu in a restaurant.

Another cool and playful mockup, this A4 bifold brochure mockup is a clever way to showcase your designs. The template allows you to customise both the brochure colour and the background colour.

If you like the concept of the previous mockup but need an A5 bifold brochure mockup instead of A4, then check out this mockup, which offers three brochures as compared to two in the case of the template above. Another great feature of this template is that each brochure can be coloured separately.

This gorgeous trifold brochure mockup is perfect when you want your design or message to hold centre stage. The gatefold brochure mockup can serve myriad uses, including sales announcements and instructions for using a product or service.

Here’s another mockup which would work just as well when you want your design to stand out. The A4 landscape brochure mockup features an overhead shot of hands framing a brochure.

1. Navigate to Placeit’s Brochure Mockup Page. Sign Up for Free!

Placeit Brochure Mockup

2. Select a Mockup Template You Like

Now look through the mockups available and select the one that will allow you to show off your design to the best advantage.

Select a Mockup Template You Like

3. Upload Your Design

When you select your brochure mockup, it will open up in the Brochure Mockup Maker. Upload your design using the button to the left of the mockup, and select your brochure colour if needed.

Upload Your Design

4. Download Your Completed Mockup

That’s all there is to creating a terrific brochure mockup. Now you can download your mockup, and just like that you’ve got a great mockup ready to use.

Download Your Completed Mockup


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