25 Best Christmas T-Shirt Designs

Christmas may only come once a year, but boy does it make a big splash when it does. If you want to get in on the action with your own Christmas T-shirt designs, check out the Placeit T-shirt design maker and these 25 best T-shirt designs.

If you don’t know how to design your own T-shirt, here is a quick guide to get you started with the T-shirt design maker at Placeit.

Go to the column of tags on the left side of the screen and select Christmas T-shirt designs. Review the T-shirt design ideas available and choose one you like.

Select A Christmas T Shirt Design

When you find a design you like, click on it and the T-shirt design maker will open up. Starting on the right of the T-shirt design maker, add your text and/or change your font and its colour.

Starting With the Controls On The Right

Using the controls on the left of the T-shirt design maker, change the background of your T-shirt design to match the proposed colour of your T-shirt, swap out the original graphic for any other you prefer, and select the background texture that most appeals to you.

Move to the Controls on the Left

If you get stuck or need new ideas, check out the set of presets found under every design for more options.

Check Out Presets Found Under Every Design

And that’s how to design your own T-shirt online. Now you can download your design and send it off to your T-shirt printer.

Download Your Funny T Shirt Design

Now let’s take a look at the best Christmas T-shirt design ideas found at Placeit.

This Christmas T-shirt design plays on the idea that nice children get rewarded with gifts from Santa, while naughty ones get nothing. It’s super easy to customise: either keep the text or make up your own, and keep or change the font and font colours used. Then decide what background colour and texture you prefer, add your preferred graphic, and you’re done.

This adorable T-shirt design template is great for animal lovers. It features a rodent baring its teeth, while pretending to be a cat sitting in a beautiful Christmas wreath. The image, which is a bit terrifying, becomes quite humorous when we read the text where the pretend cat invites viewers to pet it.

This Christmas T-shirt design featuring a toy soldier from The Nutcracker surrounded by Christmas lights is for those looking T-shirt design templates with a more traditional feel. The toy soldier can be swapped out for a wide range of other figures, including Santa Claus, a reindeer, Christmas trees, and other traditional Christmas icons.

“Winter is coming” was one of the recurring warnings in the hit TV series Game of Thrones, so if you go with this text, “Christmas is coming”, your T-shirt design will take on the slightly ominous overtone associated with the mantra in the series. Of course, this could be your way of commenting on the stresses often associated with Christmas.

This humorous T-shirt design template again plays with the idea of naughty and nice. In this case, someone who has been deemed naughty has been punished with a gift of coal from Santa. They decide to push back on Santa’s judgement by asking him exactly how he defines naughty. A great Christmas T-shirt design for injecting humour into the season’s festivities.

A decidedly gentler T-shirt design template than the one above, this design’s text offers a traditional Christmas wish, that it be a white Christmas, by invoking snow to fall. The template offers a number of different Christmas-themed icons and wreaths that you can try, and of course you can change the text if you so choose.

A lovely variation on the idea of wishing for a white Christmas, this custom T-shirt design uses bold, eye-catching text as its primary focal element, with the snowflake graphic as the secondary element of the design.

This sweet T-shirt design template offers you a range of gorgeous animals decked out in various Christmas wear. There are penguins wearing Santa’s hat and a scarf, a beagle in reindeer antlers, a cat all wrapped in tinsel, and a whole host of other T-shirt design ideas to keep you happily experimenting for as long or short as you want.

This Sorry Santa template offers a cool range of images of Christmas moments that went wrong that might displease Santa. Take a look through them all and design your own T-shirt with the one that makes you laugh the hardest.

Another Christmas T-shirt design for those who are interested in funny T-shirts, this T-shirt design template offers quite a number of hilarious graphics that you can use to create your own custom T-shirt design. If you get stuck at any point, there are a number of clever presets that you can use as is or use for inspiration to help get your creative juices flowing again.

For all those dog lovers out there, behold this ever so cute T-shirt design template featuring a lovely beagle with reindeer antlers and Elton John glasses paired with a funny Christmas greeting. What more could you want from a Christmas T-shirt design?

Design your own T-shirt by combining any graphic of a hat, head and face of your choice with the words of your choice. The sky’s the limit with this versatile and comical template.

If you like the idea of the template above but aren’t thrilled with the selection, then try out this template, which gives you even more creative control over your graphic, with separate controls for hat, eyes, nose, and mouth.

Another ever so cute and ever so cool template that features a variety of cat graphics and pairs them with a background of simulated brush strokes and awesome textures. Have a play with the T-shirt design maker and see what you come up with.

This hot chocolate loving, ear muff wearing penguin will steal your heart. Use as is or use the controls to design your own T-shirt. And if things go a bit pear shape, remember you can always rely on the terrific presets that come with the template to get you back on track.

Well, I’m not sure if a drunken elf parties harder than anyone else who has had an abundance of alcohol, but this T-shirt design captures one side of the seasonal festivities.

Design your own T-shirt with this nifty template that combines an elf’s feet and hat with whatever text you choose to put in-between. The template provides a range of hats and feet so that you can test which style you prefer, and of course all colours can be customised to reflect your taste and needs.

Providing cookies and milk is a traditional way to reward Santa for all those nice presents he leaves for us, but I don’t think he’d object to beer and cookies. Do you?

Though the popularity of snow globes has waned significantly in the 21st century, nostalgia for a kinder, gentler, more innocent era is in full swing. That explains the popularity of this sweet snow-globe T-shirt design template with a jolly old Santa carrying his sack filled with presents through the falling snow and giving us an okay sign.

Why shouldn’t Christmas presents get in on the action too? This T-shirt design template features loads of presents having their own Christmas celebration. Choose your preferred graphic, add your text, customise the colours as needed, and your design is ready to download.

Frosty, the evil snowman. Not a title you come across every day, but a great T-shirt design template for creating Christmas T-shirt designs with an evil twist.

A template for the European sensibility, where Krampus is a huge part of Christmas celebrations. This template can be customised by changing the text, font and colours and even by switching out the image for one you prefer.

A design for sloth lovers, this template features a sloth clinging to a vine high up above the world and enjoying a bit of shuteye. The image is framed by a banner with the text “Season’s greetings.” Customise as you would any of the templates featured here.

If you’re a lover of vintage 8-bit computer graphics, you’ll love this 8-bit computer graphics inspired template, which offers loads and loads of images and borders to customise your design.

Looking for a Christmas T-shirt design template with a touch of horror? Then this is the template for you. Featuring graphics with ghoulish elves, axe-carrying Santas, devilish elves and much more, your custom T-shirt design is guaranteed to run shivers down the spines of anyone who lays eyes on it.


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