30 Best Digital Scrapbook Paper for 2020

Looking for an exciting collection of scrapbook paper for your latest project?

Today I’ll show you 30 of the coolest scrapbook papers available in 2020. Whether you’re into traditional scrapbooking and looking to download and print new and exciting papers or want to dip your toes into the world of digital scrapbooking, these beautiful papers are perfect for you.

Some of you may be wondering: What is digital scrapbooking? So before we get going with this fabulous new collection of papers, let’s explore what digital scrapbooking is.

If scrapbooking is the art of adding photos, memorabilia, text, and embellishments to the blank pages of a book, digital scrapbooking involves doing the same thing but on your computer.

So digital scrapbooking involves using a computer and graphics software to arrange and recombine digital or scanned photos, papers, memorabilia and text on blank pages.

Now you know what digital scrapbooking is, let’s look at some of the best digital scrapbook papers available today.

Starting off our collection of digital scrapbook paper is this sumptuous set of printable papers. The set contains ten watercolour patterns in the form of high-resolution jpegs. To use them, simply download and print, or apply them to your project using your creative genius.

If you’re a fan of mosaics, you’ll love these mosaic-inspired printable scrapbook papers. The set contains six seamless patterns presented in the form of EPS, AI and JPEG files for your convenience. These high-resolution files are 2500 × 2500 px.

Looking for a collection with a summer theme? This printable scrapbook paper collection captures all the wonderful things about summer. It contains a whopping 58 high-resolution patterns presented in several file formats for your convenience: EPS, AI, SVG, and PNG. A great selection for digital scrapbooking.

What could be more refreshing than a bouquet of lavender? How about 14 bouquets of lavender. That’s just what this lavender-inspired collection of JPEG files delivers. Download and enjoy.

If you love watercolour, you’ll love this pack that features 14 handpainted watercolours of eucalyptus leaf designs. The high-resolution files are presented in JPEG files that are ready for you to download and print or apply to your digital scrapbooking project.

Bring a touch of the eastern Mediterranean to your scrapbooking project with these tiles inspired both by the Portuguese and Moroccan tradition of tile-making. The pack contains 32 patterns and 16 ornaments in AI, EPS, and PNG format. All files are adjustable and editable, so download them and get to work creating awesome projects.

Puffy clouds of colour. That’s the vibe these gorgeous watercolour abstractions will bring to your digital scrapbooking project. The six individual handpainted watercolour textures are presented as high-resolution A4 JPEG files. Download and have fun.

Inspired by the patterns of woodgrain, this beautiful set of six digital scrapbook papers will bring a touch of nature to your scrapbook, as well as a wonderful, tactile texture. For your convenience, the papers are offered in four high-resolution file formats: EPS, AI, JPEG, and PNG.

Wonderful watercolours. This beautiful set of hand-painted abstract watercolour scrapbook papers with their pastel shades will bring a soft and whimsical touch to your scrapbook project. The 28 high-resolution files are offered in PNG and JPEG file formats. Fast to download, easy to use.

Take your digital scrapbooking project up a notch with these wonderfully vibrant and colourful geometric patterns. The 32 patterns are offered in three different colours in AI, EPS, and JPEG file formats. These printable scrapbook papers are super easy to use, but there’s a help file included with the download in case you get stuck.

Check out this awesome pack of watercolour printable scrapbook paper. It offers 12 seamless watercolour patterns, flowers and stripes to add a soft, colourful touch to your digital scrapbooking. The pack contains six striped patterns in high-resolution JPEG files and six lovely patterns of flowers, leaves, feathers, and hearts.

Use this bamboo-inspired printable scrapbook paper in your next project. The black and white backgrounds will bring an eye-catching graphic quality to your pages. The set consists of six seamless patterns in high-resolution EPS, AI, JPEG, and PNG files.

Chevrons are such a beautiful, classic pattern, and this particular pack of chevron patterns incorporates age spots and tones to add a touch of the vintage. The set of ten high-resolution JPEGs comes in various colours, with five bright colours and five pastel colours.

Who doesn’t love the colours of autumn? If you’re a fan of this season, this pack will make you very happy indeed. It incorporates the many hues of autumn in its 12-piece collection of JPEG files featuring leaves, flowers, and shapes.

What could be lovelier than watercolour and geometric shapes combined? This set combines some of the best printable scrapbook papers for 2020. It offers 24 different geometric patterns in EPS, JPEG, and PNG files. A great way to add colour and dimension to your digital scrapbooking.

This set of tribal-inspired printable scrapbook paper is bound to catch the eye of anyone enjoying your scrapbook. The six seamless patterns are offered in three file formats: EPS, AI, and JPEG. Easy to download, scalable, and easy to incorporate into your projects.

No list of the best digital scrapbook papers for 2020 would be complete without including wedding-inspired paper. And these 12 are as beautiful and delicate as you would want them to be. These gorgeous quality papers are offered as high-resolution JPEG files.

Another winsome choice for wedding scrapbooking, this collection offers more of a rustic touch. The ten digital scrapbook papers are offered as high-resolution JPEG files.

These beautiful, organic, abstract textures combine watercolour painting, drawing, and pencil images to create eye-catching backgrounds to complement your digital scrapbooking projects. The pack contains ten different abstract textures in high-quality JPEG files.

These 37 seamless floral digital scrapbook papers are excellent value on their own, but even more so as the set includes eight Instagram templates and six bonus hand-drawn wreaths. The files are offered in EPS, PSD, JPEG and PNG formats and are all fully editable. A bonanza for creatives.

More watercolour goodness for scrapbooking with these 20 seamless patterns. The EPS, JPEG and PNG files are fun and easy to download, modify and print or use for your digital scrapbooking.

This terrific set of six printable scrapbook papers use camouflage as their inspiration to create a very stylish set of patterns. The set comes with six bonus gold-textured files to make a total of 12 high-resolution AI, EPS, and JPEG files.

For those times when you need a subtly textured background with soft, neutral colours, there is this terrific pack of 12 high-resolution files with a linen and burlap pattern. These JPEG files are easy to download and print or apply to your project digitally.

This collection of 24 printable scrapbook papers adds a kaleidoscope of colour to enliven your scrapbook project. The set offers six different palettes with four patterns for each of them in high-resolution EPS, JPEG, and PNG file formats.

This sophisticated bundle of 40 seamless geometric patterns will appeal to those with a modern, minimalist style. In the pack you get a variety of file formats: EPS, AI, JPEG, and PNG, to be exact. Just download the bundle, select your favourite pattern, modify as needed, and print or add to your digital scrapbooking project.

This gorgeous set of paper delivers spring and fresh air on sight. Download these digital scrapbook papers and get a floral bouquet of 12 seamless designs in high-resolution JPEG files.

Colour, abstraction and retro are all captured in this beautiful collection of ten different abstract backgrounds with marbling effects. The high-resolution JPEGs are quick to download and easy to work with.

A set of 20 patterns in 4 beautiful palettes that’s perfect for digital scrapbooking. Download the EPS, JPEG and PNG files quickly, and modify them to suit your needs.

Get in touch with your inner leopard with these beautiful animal-skin-inspired papers. The six papers offer a nice selection of snakeskin patterns that you can scale without loss of quality. The collection is offered in EPS, AI, JPEG and PNG file formats. Go get ’em, tiger!

It’s no wonder that this delectable collection of hand-drawn patterns made our list of the best digital scrapbook papers. Perfect for a wide range of scrapbook styles and tastes, these 12 patterns are offered in high-resolution EPS, AI, and JPEG formats.


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