20+ Best Fire Photoshop Actions

Create fire photo effects with Photoshop actions. Grab your favorites from this list of awesome resources.

Transform your portraits with blazing photo effects. Need a quick way? Just use a Photoshop action.

Designed to bring intricate photo effects to your fingertips, these actions can modify just about any text or photo with a fiery glow.

Want to add fire to your pictures for Instagram? Today, we have the best fire Photoshop actions from Envato Market and Envato Elements. Check out these incredible styles for fiery photo effects and text effect actions.

Hell Fire Photoshop Action

Create the ultimate Photoshop filters from hell. This blazing Photoshop action turns your portraits into bright sparks of light and smoke. Get a non-destructive action that won’t damage your original pictures for just $6. Check it out!

Vulcanum - Fire Ashes Photoshop Action

Or embrace the flame with this Vulcanum Photoshop action. Vulcanum is a high-quality Photoshop effect that creates volcanic fire and ash inspired by natural events. Get a highly detailed result that includes intense fire and lighting elements.

Night Fury Photoshop Action

Bring the fury to Instagram. This next Photoshop action could also be used on a stunning album cover or poster. This multipurpose design allows you to apply a fire and spark effect to just about anything. Try it out on portraits, objects, or vehicles.

Champions Photoshop Action

Are you a champion? Show off your intense spirit with this Champions Photoshop action. Great for sports and action photography, this action creates an epic cinematic look in seconds. Enjoy one Photoshop action, along with additional brush and pattern files.

Fire Generator Photoshop Action

Generate awesome Photoshop text effects with this next spectacular download. You get 29 color presets, but the color possibilities are ultimately limitless. Just customize the fire’s look, color, and direction within the well-organized file. Check it out.

Fire Animation Photoshop Action

How about a fire animation instead? This Photoshop action can add moving flames to just about any object or person. Check out the link to visit the examples and to learn more about its features. Then watch the easy-to-follow video tutorial.

Hot Lava Fire Photoshop Layer Styles

Customize your typography with flaming Photoshop letters. Photoshop layer styles like the ones from this pack can be quickly edited to look like real lava and fire. Just write out the words you need, and then apply your favorite Photoshop style.

GIF Animated Fire Photoshop Action

Here’s another great GIF animation you can consider! This next Photoshop action creates a modern and well-designed fire effect with fantastic movement. Visit the link to see the animation play out and all the epic examples too!

Real Fire Text Creator

Need a real fire text creator? Look no further! This text effect action makes spectacular typography effects for all your flame-inspired projects. Just write the text you need at a large size, and then play the action. Enjoy a cool fire effect like the one below.

Magma Text Effect Photoshop Action

Or take things a step further with a mind-blowing magma effect. These Photoshop font effects use a combination of professional actions, brushes, and patterns to achieve a believable result. Create insane lava text for posters, movie titles, and intros.

Burn 2 Photoshop Action

Play with fire using a simple Photoshop action. Volume two of this amazing pack of Photoshop actions from designer Eugene-design includes photo-realistic flames you can isolate when needed. Add real smoke and glowing particles that you can modify using Photoshop layers.

Fury 3 Photoshop Action

Do you feel the fury? Create an intense look for any movie poster with this next Photoshop filter. This outer glow Photoshop action highlights your subject with textured embers and so much more. Make a stunning visual effect that is sure to draw attention.

Animated Fire Photoshop Action

Love animations? Save time with this brilliant Photoshop action. Featuring 100 animated fire elements, this one-second look creates awesome fire effects fast. Make the videos as long as you wish, or add in some text design for more style and drama.

Apocalypse Photoshop Action

Is it the apocalypse? Transform any normal scene into a post-apocalyptic picture, complete with smoke, fire, and crumbling buildings. This Photoshop action creates a well-organized result that you can customize with additional details like grunge textures.

Artistic Smoke Portrait Photo Effect

Feeling artistic? Try this next smoke and fire photo effect from designer Giallo. These photo templates create eight extraordinary looks that you can use for editorials, websites, or social media posts. Just insert your photo into the smart object to get started.

Fire Photoshop Action

Here’s another great Photoshop action for photographers and all creatives alike. This action creates a trendy streak of fire that you can add to your work just like famous photo manipulators. Try it out on objects, people, or animals for a wild effect.

Flames Photoshop Action

Want some more flames? Check out the possibilities with this next blazing action. This Photoshop filter helps you create a burst of flames behind any subject. Just fill in the areas you like with color, and then play the action. Enjoy a crazy fire effect in seconds!

Chrome Fire Photoshop Layer Styles

Photoshop styles come in many exciting forms. This great pack features amazing chrome and fire effects you can use on both text and shapes. The layer styles are divided into three different resolutions, and they’re compatible with Photoshop CS and above.

Fire Photoshop Action

Make sure to check out the video tutorial included with this action to watch your photos transform. This next action makes intense Photoshop effects with flames, sparks, and smoke. Get highly detailed results you can apply to album covers, photos, or posters.

Elemental Photoshop Action

Are you in your element? Get inspired by this awesome Photoshop action. Made especially for high-resolution portraiture, this Photoshop action creates fire and explosion effects you can customize with any color. Keep a warm orange flame or change it to blue!

Tesla Photoshop Action

Feel the energy? Power up with this next Photoshop action for exciting lightning and fire effects. Additional color filters are included, as well as multilingual options. Get a non-destructive result you can change at any time.

Sparkler Photoshop Action

Make sparkly Photoshop letters or logos! This Photoshop action was tried and tested on Photoshop CS4 and above. All the layers are named and well organized, so you’ll be able to stylize your result to your needs. Add it to your collection!


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