10 Best Free Online Mockup Templates

Mockup templates offer a great way for graphic designers and business owners to preview, showcase or promote their artwork and logos easily. If you’re looking for a variety of free mockup templates, you really can’t do better than these cool mockups available at Placeit.

What’s more, the Placeit software makes these free product mockups super easy to use. Let me show you what I mean.

Free Mockup Templates

For example, I’ll use the Folded T-Shirt Mockup Lying Next to a Camera and Clothes on a Bed template for my demonstration here.

Free Mockups

Don’t worry—you will not have to pay for anything. This just activates the download process.

Select the Buy this Mockup button

And that’s it. Now you have a terrific free mockup ready to use as you wish.

Free Mockups

Now that you know how easy it is to use these free mockup templates, let’s look at the other cool mockups available for download.

This is another flyer mockup free to download that allows you to see how your flyer will look in a real-life scenario. This time, the flyer is posted on a container surface. This allows you to see if your flyer would stand out and what it would look like posted around town.

If you’ve created a great app and are looking for just the right free iPhone mockup to advertise your creation, this mockup, which shows an iPhone shot from above and displayed against a beautiful multicoloured surface, is an excellent option.

This free iPhone mockup brings a bit more style to your project as the iPhone X is pictured against a bright blue background and set off by layers of torn paper in gorgeous colours. Would be great for displaying loads of different kinds of apps.

This flat lay of an iPhone lying at an angle on a weathered wooden table is a great free iPhone mockup choice for apps or websites dealing with health, the environment, or the great outdoors.

Photographed against a gorgeous rug of warm beautiful colors, this free mockup template adds a bit of earthiness and texture to your iPhone display. Just upload your image or enter the URL for a website, and your mockup is ready to use.

Keep your viewer’s eyes riveted to your design when you use this terrific free coffee mug mockup which sits in the foreground of the photo and stands out quite clearly against a softly blurred background of a kitchen countertop.

Featuring a young woman standing behind a counter, this free T-shirt mockup template uses a real-life context to bring your designs to life and help people visualize themselves wearing your T-shirts.

This free T-shirt mockup template features a flat lay format and allows you to change the background to fit seamlessly into whatever context you need to use the mockup in. Then you just use the cut-out shapes in a contrasting colour to jazz up your design.

Maybe you want to show off a fashion brand or a travel logo. Either way, this free T-shirt mockup template is another great way to incorporate a real-life context—this time, a neatly folded T-shirt lying on a bed next to other items—that would work well to show your designs to their best advantage.

This simple, free T-shirt mockup template with its neutral background would be a great way to show off products or services targeting a male audience. Just upload your image, select the desired T-shirt colour, and you’re done.


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