20+ Best Glow Effects for Adobe Photoshop

Create glowing photo effects just like the professionals. Check out this premium resource list below!

Have you ever wondered how Instagram artists are able to make impressive effects fast? Now you can use Photoshop actions to apply pre-recorded steps for magical, visual results.

To inspire your next round of awesome images, we’re bringing you another collection of Photoshop actions and text effects from Envato Market and Envato Elements.

Use these tools to apply beautiful Photoshop filters to your photos. Enjoy brilliant soft glows and so much more in this list.

Glow Effect - Photoshop Action

Let’s begin with this lovely glow effect from designer LightDesigns. Setup your photos with smart filters that apply great movement and energy to your pictures. These fun filters are well organized and easy to navigate. Get it for just $3.

Photoshop actions like this Sparkler photo effect are great for Instagram and social media. Quickly apply sparkler effects that illuminate the nearby surroundings and set your photos from day to night. Use with high-resolution pictures for the best result.

47 Text Photoshop Actions

47 Text Photoshop Actions

Need a great text effect bundle? This massive pack of Photoshop text effects includes 47 electric glowing effects for pictures and posters. Use the typographic elements included to play with the overall text design using the latest versions of Adobe Photoshop.

Glow Styles Pro

Glow with style. This next professional suite of glowing light effects makes creative text design accessible for everyone. Choose from an exciting selection of 50 layer styles with vibrant colors and glows. Use them on flyers, cards, and invites!

Light Runner Photoshop Action

Create a light runner effect with this next Photoshop action. Featuring advanced Photoshop techniques to transform your photos, this action traces the contours of your subject with bold, glowing effects. Test it out on people, objects, or places.

Double Exposure Glow Photoshop Action

Create stunning double exposure artworks with just a few clicks. Photoshop effects like this next action will instantly brand your work with stylish visuals. For the best results, make sure to keep high-quality stocks on hand for this one. Add it to your collection!

Glowing Edges Effect Photoshop Action

Need some variation? Try out six different colors for cool photo effects in seconds! This next action is pretty clever and fun to use. Just open your image and brush over the area you would like the effect to occur. Run the action, and tweak the results to your liking.

Sparkler Photoshop Action Animated GIF

How about a cool sparkler animation for your timeline? This next Photoshop creator makes simple text effects easily in Adobe Photoshop. Create wonderful light trails you can modify with various text, colors and more. A great GIF effect for every occasion!

Photoshop Electric Effect Action Pack

Photoshop font styles can be made to look like just about anything these days. Now you can play with wondrous lighting photo effects like this electric text effect. Choose from four different Photoshop effects to generate elaborate text designs like the one below.

Spirit Photoshop Action

What is your spirit animal? Discover which animal fits you with this inspiring spirit Photoshop action. Combine two of your favorite works for an incredibly magical result. Get additional helpful goodies like motion effects and dust and particle brushes.

Gif Animated Twinkle Photoshop Action

Make your photos twinkle with this GIF animated Photoshop action. Perfect for online invites, timelines and so much more, this action creates sparkling stars you can adjust with any color you need. Easily access the well-organized layers for quick modifications.

Glow Effect Photoshop Action

One-click photo filters and effects deliver fantastic visuals for nearly any project. This next glow effect can be applied to ads, T-shirts, and cool print designs. Try out this outer glow Photoshop effect for a bright neon look like the one below. Check it out!

100 Photoshop Layer Styles Bundle

100 Photoshop layer styles? That means 100 incredible text designs for anything you can imagine. Explore epic Photoshop font styles like shiny metal effects and grunge layer styles. Get everything you need to take your brand to the next level.

Neon Simple Text Effects Photoshop

Build stylish banners, websites and more with these simple neon text effects. These Photoshop styles allow creatives to work with shape and text for a unique take on vintage typography. Enjoy scalable layer styles and over 70 brilliant choices.

Lightum - Light Effects Photoshop Action

Apply stylish light and bokeh effects with this next pro Photoshop action. Choose between 10 color presets and various lighting options. Make epic image effects that look just like the pros. This action is compatible with CS3 and the latest versions of Adobe Photoshop.

Neon Sign Photoshop Effect

Set the tone of the party with a fun neon sign effect. This Photoshop download includes an inviting neon party sign effect to help get the festivities started. Use it for flyers, posters and invites or for stylish home decor. The possibilities are limitless with this effect.

Doomed Photoshop Action

Feeling doomed? Unleash your frustrations with this explosive Photoshop action. This Photoshop filter can instantly transform your subjects with ferocious fire and smoke. The action is multilingual, well organized, and has been tested on Photoshop CS4 and above.

3D Text Effects Vol1

From drop shadow Photoshop effects to cinematic text, this volume of imaginative types is sure to inspire your next creation. It won’t work with Photoshop Elements, but can be used on Photoshop CS4 and above. Get ten great looks in one download.

Shimmer Photoshop Action

Add bright shimmer effects to family photos, stocks, or festive flyers. This professional Photoshop action creates outstanding glow and bokeh effects with a rich, warm hue. Adjust the layers, colors and other elements to fit your needs. Check it out!

3D Text Effects Vol2

Still looking for a great text effect pack? This next suite has a full selection of 3D text designs including several cool glowing effects. Try out ten different Photoshop files with organized layers packed with adjustable details. Use them for logos, titles, and more!

80s Text Effects Vol1

Love the 80s? Get inspired by retro design with this next set of text effects. Featuring the latest trends in vintage text design, these effects make for impressive titles and logos. They work with text, vector shapes, and other images. Add them to your collection!

Ethereal Dream Photoshop Action

Have room for another action? Enjoy a magical, ethereal look with this dreamy Photoshop action. Use it on portraits or selfies for a one-of-a-kind look! Just brush over the subject to apply this interesting cosmic effect in a matter of moments.

Magic Photoshop Action

Need some magic for your flyers? Apply stunning photo filters and effects with this next action. Perfect for Photoshop beginners, this action makes it easy to give your pictures a visual boost. Test them out on historic imagery for a Game of Thrones vibe like the one below.

Solar Animation Photoshop Action

Convert your images into epic solar animations. This Photoshop action will help you become an instant animator. Simply open the photo you would like to use and play the action to achieve a beautiful and realistic effect. How will you use it?

Soft Focus 3 Photoshop Action

Or add a soft glow to your photos. Soft Focus is a professional action that’s perfect for photographers and influencers. Just fill your subject with color to isolate it for the action. Once it plays, it’ll deliver a lovely soft focus glow like the one below. Check it out.

Fractal Photoshop Action

Let’s finish this list with an awesome fractal action. This Photoshop filter applies a glowing fractal distortion to your pictures. It’s tested and working on Photoshop versions CS3 and above, and you’ll only need minimal experience to get it started. Try it out today!


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