20+ Best Hat Mockups

If you need hat mockups to showcase your artwork and logos but want to avoid the expensive and time-consuming process of hiring models and arranging photo shoots, Placeit has a wide selection of terrific hat mockups to suit just about every need.

Lots of folks wear their hats backwards, so this baseball hat mockup featuring a model adjusting his hat which he’s wearing backwards is a great way to show off your cool logo designs.

This trucker hat mockup is for those times when all you want to do is display your logo in the simplest way possible. The template features a hat against a transparent background, which allows you to easily insert your mockup in any kind of background you want to. Another great feature of this trucker hat mockup is that you can change the colour of the brim and the mesh to any colour you want.

Sometimes, two is better than one. And if you’re looking for a dad hat mockup with a transparent background that features two hats then this is the template for you. You can test two versions of your design side by side or use the dad hat mockup to showcase two completely different designs.

Here is yet another option of a baseball hat mockup with a transparent background, this time featuring a closeup frontal view of a cap. This is a great choice for those who want all eyes to be on their design.

Sometimes, you need a baseball hat mockup that’s a bit special. For those times, there’s this cheeky hat mockup of a woman having fun making faces at the camera.

For a change of perspective, try this dad hat mockup of a man sitting on a bench. The photo is shot from above so that the design holds centre stage. Just upload your design and change the colour of the hat to any colour you want.

Cool and casual, this delightful baseball hat mockup will give your design just the right amount of edge while keeping things totally stylish.

Another fun template for light-hearted or humorous brands, this baseball hat mockup shows a smiling young man hiding his face by covering it with his hands.

Video is everywhere these days, and we would be remiss if we didn’t include a few trucker hat mockups in video form. This one is a nine-second clip featuring a young woman standing against a brick wall. The camera pans slowly from left to right as the woman smiles at the camera.

A terrific baseball hat mockup for baseball teams, this template allows you to add your logo not only to the baseball cap but also to the sports jersey as well. A useful two for one bargain.

A variation on the baseball hat mockup above, this template also allows you to add your logo to both the cap and the sports jersey.

Here’s another great baseball hat mockup, this time focusing on the batter. This highly customisable mockup allows you to add your team logo design to both the hat and the top. In addition, you can control the colours of the hat, glove, the body of the top, and the sleeves. An added bonus is that you can also add whatever text you like to the mockup.

Here’s another take on the baseball hat mockup above. You have all the same customisation options with this template, the only difference being that you can’t add text to the mockup.

This is certainly a trucker hat mockup for the stylish. It’s very well suited for fashion brands, and you can add your design to the cap and then colour the brim and mesh as you like.

This is a stylish dad hat mockup of a young man tipping his hat so that it covers most of his face but shows off the front of the hat, where your design goes. A great dad hat mockup for skateboard, BMX bike, and fashion brands.

A perfect mockup for brands and business targeting hipsters, this mockup features a young man tipping his hat to the camera. The photo is shot with a flash to create a hard-edged light which casts deep shadows on the wall behind.

This pretty fabulous baseball hat mockup takes the form of a stop motion video showing a smiling young woman modelling a cap using six different poses. It’s a fun and playful way to show off your designs.

This trucker hat mockup showing a smiling young man lying on his back holding his hat is a clever way to feature designs and logos that are under the brim of the hat as opposed to on the crown.

An awesome variation on the trucker hat mockup above, this template features the same model as above, but this time the photo is taken upside down, with the focus on the crown as opposed to the rim of the hat.

A perfect trucker hat mockup for brands targeting skateboarders and BMX bikers, this video features a cap perched on a backpack in the foreground, while in the background a biker goes back and forth performing tricks.

Shot from above and featuring a young man looking off into the distance, this dad hat mockup gives a good clear view of the logo you’ve designed.

This lovely trucker hat mockup uses shadow and light beautifully to obscure select parts of the image and highlight others. The light, of course, falls on the area of the hat where your design goes.


Look through the designs available and select the one that reflects your target audience the most and shows off your design the way you want your audience to see it.

Select a Template You Like

Once you select your design, it will open in the Hat Mockup Generator. Here, you can upload your design using the button on the left and select your hat colour using the button on the right.

Upload Your Design using the Hat Mockup Generator

When you’re happy with your hat mockup, you can download it for a small fee.

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