50+ Best InDesign Templates

These 50+ Best InDesign templates, from catalogs to letterheads and everything in-between, will give you a head start on creating your perfect design. Don’t even think about firing up InDesign without these helpful templates to hand.

If you’re planning to put together a magazine, book, or brochure, Adobe InDesign is without a doubt going to be your tool of choice. This software is perfectly tuned for creating complex layouts for print and digital, but sometimes you need a bit of a helping hand.

Don’t forget to pay a visit to GraphicRiver and Envato Elements for even more fantastic templates for print and online.

Multipurpose creative portfolio template

Using an InDesign magazine template means that fiddly things like masters, page numbers, running headers and the InDesign page layout will be already set up for you. You can also access a huge range of stylish designs to suit almost any magazine genre. So if you’re looking for a perfect zine InDesign template or InDesign magazine template, check out our pick of the best below.

You can find even more great magazine templates over on GraphicRiver.

Vintage print styles can take a lot of work to refine. Building up gradients, old-school textures and a muted color palette can take up precious hours. This InDesign magazine template already comes with authentic-style textures and color, to help you create the look of a retro layout instantly. We love the way it brings together vintage and ultra-modern style in one elegant design.

InDesign isn’t only tailored for creating print layouts, it’s perfectly set up for creating digital designs too. This eMagazine template allows you to export your magazine as a stylish EPUB, ready for viewing on desktops and portable devices.

This minimal magazine template doesn’t need to shout to make an impact. Adaptable to a range of magazine genres, such as fashion, lifestyle or travel, this template really allows you to showcase beautiful photography and clean, contemporary typography.

Looking for something a bit more punchy? This travel magazine template is a great example of bringing together high-voltage color and optimistic design for a potent mix that can’t fail to attract a reader’s attention. This InDesign magazine template would also adapt well to other subjects that suit a colorful, eye-catching approach, like celebrity gossip or cookery.

This multipurpose magazine template has an on-trend style that mixes engaging imagery with cool sans serif type. InDesign page layouts for contents spreads can be tricky to master if you’re starting your magazine from scratch, so templates are great for getting you started on these tricky-to-design pages.

Lifestyle and fashion titles often need a design-forward aesthetic to entice the right sort of readership. This cool InDesign magazine template uses geometric cut-outs and lettering type styles to create an engaging design that is fashion-forward and timeless in equal measure.

On the hunt for an InDesign magazine template that is design-forward and unique? This trend-driven magazine template has a simple vintage style that feels perfectly suited for fashion and lifestyle brands right now. Team it with artsy photography and content, and you’ll create a match made in heaven.

This is a great choice for adapting to a mini-format, zine InDesign template.

Although this InDesign magazine template is pitched for an interior design publication, this colorful, cheerful design wouldn’t feel out of place for a lifestyle, travel, or design title either. Clean sans serif typefaces and stylish page borders on every spread really up the professional factor of this template.

Looking for an ultra-stylish InDesign magazine template? This fashion-inspired magazine design has style by the bucketload, with a dark and dramatic color palette, slab serif fonts, and bold, photo-centric layouts.

Complete with 36 pages and two different cover options, this clean and modern InDesign magazine template would be adaptable to a wide range of themes or genres. Simply switch up the photos and colors to add your own unique twist.

Sometimes the simplest magazine layouts are the best for customization, allowing you to add your own details and extras without compromising on the simplicity of the design.

This simple and pared-back InDesign magazine template contains 40 pages in various stylishly designed layouts.

Generous white space and a color-pop palette combine to make this InDesign magazine template one of our favorites. This magazine template would be a great foundation for adapting to a zine template or catalog template.

Looking for an adaptable and versatile InDesign magazine template? This multipurpose template has a funky, engrossing design which could be adapted as a fashion magazine, poetry zine, or lifestyle title. We love the boxy image formats and color-coding details.

If you’re on the hunt for an InDesign magazine template that can be customized for corporate publications or reports, this simple template would be a wise choice. Ultra-minimal layouts and clean, sans serif fonts make for a beautifully stripped-back design.

Minimal and chic, this InDesign magazine template also features beautiful ink-effect typography and an airy, elegant grid. This magazine template would be best adapted to interior design, architecture, or lifestyle titles.

This InDesign magazine template may have a busy design, but it still retains a clean and professional look.

Pastel colors and sans serif fonts keep the layouts looking fresh and breezy, rather than cluttered. If you’re looking for a template to adapt for tech or men’s fashion, this InDesign template would be the perfect fit.

This eye-catching InDesign magazine template contains 25 unique pages, complete with striking typography and stylish grid layouts. Perfect for retail promotions, lookbooks or fashion titles, this is a chic, clean template which will showcase product images to their full potential.

We love the on-trend, simple style of this InDesign magazine template. Featuring chunky serif type and beautifully-presented layouts, this template could be adapted for a food or travel magazine.

With the emphasis of this magazine design on type rather than images, this would be a great pick if you’re looking to publish a magazine with plenty of text content.

Promotional materials like flyers and brochures don’t need to take all day to put together. These beautifully designed InDesign brochure templates and InDesign flyer templates are quick to edit and can be sent off to print straight away.

Looking for something a bit different to the flyers featured below? You can find lots of lovely flyer templates and brochure templates on GraphicRiver and Envato Elements.

This is a stylish, pro-quality pack of InDesign flyer templates. Featuring minimal InDesign page layouts, excellent use of white space, and strong font use, this template is packed full of great page designs suitable for a wide variety of professional projects.

Looking to promote a creative business, like a photographer’s studio or local gym? This corporate InDesign flyer template still looks like it means business, but has a modern and creative style to make a lasting impression.

Organising a community get-together or charity event? To make the event feel inclusive and welcoming, this collage-inspired InDesign flyer template will work a treat. Update with your own title, date and other enticing details, and you’re ready to circulate it!

Punchy and simple, this InDesign flyer template teams on-trend patterns with cobalt blue and modern sans serif fonts for a combination that feels decidedly ‘now’.

Adapt for retail, lifestyle or fashion promotions to make the most of its trendy good looks.

If you’re looking for a quick way to learn how to make a brochure in InDesign, an InDesign brochure template is a great place to start. Whether you’re looking to create a simple, single-page flyer or learn how to create a booklet in InDesign, these templates will set you on the right course.

Brochures are longer than flyers, and therefore tend to take more time to put together. Skip the hard part with this ready-to-edit business InDesign brochure template.

The orange and black palette feels fresh and contemporary, and infographic details will help you get your stats across in a visually beautiful way. This template is the perfect choice for creating a booklet in InDesign.

The trifold InDesign brochure template is a classic format which bridges the gap between a one-page flyer and a multi-page brochure.

If you want to keep your costs down while having the extra space for content, the economic trifold brochure is the perfect choice. This InDesign brochure template has been tailored for real estate, but it can be easily adapted to other subject matter.

Looking for a slightly edgier format for your InDesign brochure template? This slick and stylish landscape brochure template feels compact and unassuming, making it a great choice for discerning businesses who want to make a design-forward statement.

Monochrome photography paired with acid-yellow details creates an on-trend combination that is adaptable to almost any industry or sector.

InDesign catalog templates can suit some retail advertisers perfectly. However, fashion retailers sometimes turn to seasonal lookbooks to promote their new products in a context that feels more contemporary than a traditional catalog.

This lookbook catalog template uses minimal monochrome detailing to allow the product shots to take center stage. On-trend framing and narrow type styles up the fashionable factor.

This versatile InDesign catalog template would be a great fit for furniture or fashion retailers. The simple colorblock style adds a cheerful touch to an otherwise professional and polished catalog layout.

This annual report template has a distinctly retro and down-to-earth feel. We love the navy and orange color palette teamed with clean serif type. This is an elegant choice for a corporate booklet, report, or brochure.

Avoid the fiddly process of creating your own trifold brochure layouts in InDesign, with the help of this ready-assembled three-fold flyer.

Clean and pared-back, this simple design could be adapted for fashion, photography, food, products, architecture, or any other business.

This stunning proposal template has a premium feel to the design. Insert your own images into the ‘divided’ grid to create a unique and eye-catching layout.

Pitched as a proposal brochure, this InDesign brochure template could also be adapted as an annual report or catalog.

Complete with 20 versatile and stylish pages, this annual report template features a striking color swoosh design which gives the layout a consistent look throughout. If you’re looking to figure out how to create a booklet in InDesign, this simple template would make a great starting-point.

We love the balance of corporate style and colorful edge in this InDesign business brochure template. The bi-color design could be easily adapted to your own business’s brand colors for instant customization.

If you want to learn how to create a trifold brochure in InDesign, a template is a wise place to get started on the right foot. The page size of the template can be changed between Letter and A4 formats, making it particularly versatile.

Want to prepare a book for either print or EPUB? These InDesign book templates will give you a head start on creating professional-standard book documents. If you want to find out how to make a book in InDesign, these book templates are a great place to get started.

You can find even more ready-to-edit InDesign book templates here.

Perfect for sharing annual reports digitally, this stylish InDesign eBook template uses a sharp color palette and geometric details to create InDesign page layouts which are ultra-professional and contemporary.

Designing a report for a creative firm like a design agency or architecture practice? This InDesign eBook template would be a great fit.

This 28-page InDesign book template features unique layouts with clean and contemporary typography. The template is handily organised into layers and is very easy to adapt with your own content. Simply edit the text, place your images, and you’re good to go!

Brand guidelines can take a lot of time to put together, but this brand guidelines template allows you to drop in your brand specs instantly and present them in a beautiful, modern format. With 36 pages, this is a comprehensive manual or book template, which could be used for guidelines or adapted as an annual report.

InDesign portfolio templates are a cost-effective and instant method for giving your portfolio a refresh. These portfolio design templates are easy to adapt with your own creative content, whether you’re a graphic designer, photographer, or web designer.

Find even more fantastic InDesign portfolio templates on GraphicRiver.

This simple photography InDesign portfolio template will showcase your photographs to their best potential. Allow your creative work to shine with the simple yet effective InDesign page layouts in this template.

Clean sans serif typefaces and beautifully laid-out image frames make this elegant InDesign portfolio template a winning choice for designers and photographers. Generous white space gives your creative work some much-needed breathing space.

This landscape format InDesign portfolio template is a fantastic fit for graphic and product designers who want a bit more space for showing off the different aspects of a single project.

This portfolio design template allows you to create a beautiful little book which will fit neatly into small envelopes and make a subtle yet effective statement to any potential employer.

Adaptable as a portfolio or magazine, this InDesign portfolio template has an elegant, casual style with a stylish color palette and script typography. A particularly versatile template, this would work well for almost any design project.

This lengthy, 48-page portfolio template contains a wide range of stylishly designed InDesign page layouts to showcase your best work in an elegant way.

There’s also space for a resume to be inserted, to make your portfolio an all-in-one application document.

InDesign portfolio templates don’t have to be conventionally sized. This square-format portfolio still has a standard page size (A5) but it’s square layouts allow your work to have a little more breathing space.

Perfect for edgier graphic design and photography portfolios, this portfolio template won’t fail to catch the eye.

We love the bold typographic style of this InDesign booklet template. The uncluttered design of the page layouts makes for a striking and simple design, which would be ideal for showcasing photography or product designs.

No job application or client approach would be complete without a beautifully designed letterhead and business card. Don’t send off any application or rock up to any networking event without these stylish stationery essentials.

You can track down even more awesome InDesign stationery templates on GraphicRiver.

This contemporary and calming stationery InDesign template would work just as well for designers as it would for start-up businesses.

Swap the forest image for your own choice of photo or illustration for a completely unique take on the stationery template.

Complete your stylish stationery set with an awesome InDesign business card template to match. This business card design is super-simple and elegant, and is set up ready for sending straight off to print.

This clean and corporate stationery template set makes the perfect foundation for creating either more minimal or more creative letterhead, envelope, and card designs. The graphics have a subtly futuristic feel, which would make it a perfect fit for web or app designers.

Looking for a design with more funk factor? This colorful InDesign stationery template set borrows from retro graphic styles, but gives it a thoroughly modern twist. This is a perfect choice for creative and corporate businesses alike.

Restricting your color palette to black and white doesn’t mean you need to compromise on style. This elegant InDesign business card template demonstrates how a monochrome palette can look striking, stylish and professional when teamed with a graphic pattern.

The boxy grid layout of this business card template allows you to place large amounts of information about your business, without crowding the design. This card style would be a modern, unique choice for graphic designers or illustrators looking to bring a stylish edge to networking events.

Looking for a comprehensive stationery set for a corporate business? This InDesign stationery template set contains everything you need to get started, including letterheads, envelopes, business cards, and notepaper, all with a modern, clean look.

An InDesign newsletter template is a great tool to have to hand, allowing you to quickly share your business’s news with customers or employees. These are our picks of the best newsletter templates that can be easily adapted to any business.

This minimal, corporate newsletter template has a highly professional style. Balancing full-width photos with columned text frames and infographic elements, this is a versatile newsletter template that would suit more formal businesses.

Newspaper-style newsletters are quirky and engaging, and they work well for almost any type of business. This InDesign newsletter template has an authentic broadsheet design that will help your newsletter be the talk of the office.

Simple is best in the case of this minimal newsletter design. This clean, elegant InDesign newsletter template features a calming color palette and heavily tracked fonts for an airy, breezy style.


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