20+ Best Instagram Highlight Icons for Story Covers

Decorate your Instagram highlight icons with awesome graphics. Check out this list for inspiration!

Are you worried about your Instagram numbers? One of the best ways to boost your feed is to organize it into different categories to help others get to know you.

And you can test this out easily with a simple Instagram highlight icon cover. Today we’re bringing you the latest creative icons for 2019 from Envato Market and Envato Elements.

Instagram Story Highlight Icons

Create a classy feed for your beauty blog or YouTube channel. This first Instagram highlight cover icon pack is perfect for fashionistas. You’ll get 40 cover icons to make your feed more stylish and professional.

Instagram Story Highlight Icons

Not sure which Instagram story highlight icon size to use? This pack sets you up with 32 elegant templates featuring a sparkly gold finish. Get the exact size you need as well as plenty of creative and business-themed options to choose from.

Summertime Icons for Instagram Highlights

Ready for the summer? Add a few special stories to your highlights with this summertime icon pack. Great for IG lovers, this set helps you create Instagram highlight icons with style and color. Get a clean and simple look, with a total of 60 icons.

Instagram Highlight Cover Icons

Everyone is using the same icons for their highlights. But you can stand out from the pack with a wild set of icons like this one. Inspired by a range of exotic animals and pets, this highlight cover pack includes several sets of flat round icons with geometric character designs.

Instagram Highlight Icons Marble

Love marble? Add a dash of class and sophistication to the gram with this 32 marble template set. These Instagram story highlights will help you choose a stylish theme that works with fashion-forward and minimalist-styled feeds. Add it to your collection.

Highlight Icons for Instagram

Looking for a little more texture? This next pack of story highlights for Instagram includes 32 textured icons along with another set of white ones. A detailed instructional guide is also included to help you get started. Check it out!

Flat Paper Icons

Do you have a lot of interests? Perhaps we’ve covered a few of your favorites with this next flat paper icon pack. Easily upload these icons right to your stories to save your favorite photos, memories, and more. Choose from cool themes like art, science, and nature.


Are you a budding creative? Show the world you’re ready to work with this cool set of “anti-icons.” Developed especially for art lovers, this awesome vector set includes 50 icons with school, science, and business themes. Mix and match these graphics to fit your special vibe.

Floral Highlights - Instagram Icons

Having a special event? Or starting a new company? Create a refreshing look with this beautiful pack of floral Instagram icon templates. These story highlights are suitable for lifestyle and beauty themes but can also be applied to so much more. Try them out!

Set Line Icons of Fruit

Do you have a health or fitness channel? Share your favorite recipes and health tips with this next set of vector icons. Add these to your Instagram highlights to help viewers find natural food alternatives. Great for educators and health enthusiasts!

ame UI Icons

Are you a gamer? Set up your Instagram just like your favorite online games with this special UI icon pack. Since it includes many awesome PNG icons to choose from, you can add super cute graphics like hearts, diamonds, and stars.

Sci-Fi Ability Icons

Share your interests with the online community. This next highlight icon pack is great for science enthusiasts, students, and creatives of all types. Create powerful stories to match the icons for a new and unique look.

Neon Party Icons

Or add a little neon style to your IG. This neon party icon pack is great for newbies to Instagram. Share your love of music or karaoke with fun neon icons. Just place them against a dark background to make sure they pop!

500 Business Illustrations Vector Icons

Not sure which icons to choose? Just grab this pack of 500 business illustrations for all the essential themes you’ll need. From quirky avatars to basic icons, this set is also available in multiple formats. Edit them with Photoshop first or just drop them into Instagram.

Zodiac - Instagram Highlight Icons

Tarot readers, psychics, and creatives of all types love to study astrology. Now you can add a small selection dedicated to the zodiac right to your Instagram. This flat icon pack contains 24 horoscope graphics with helpful formats like PNG and EPS files.

Health and Fitness - Instagram Highlight Icons

Starting a fitness channel? Make sure to set up your Instagram for success. This health and fitness icon pack will make your page look professional and unique. Enjoy colorful gradient options within a simple rounded icon.

People Line Icons - Instagram Highlight Icons

Here are a few more avatars that are great for Instagram. People line is a simple vector icon pack that’s suitable for pages that handle relationships, lifestyle, and small business advice. Get 20 cool icons for just $7.

Makeup and Cosmetics Line Icons

You can easily add a gradient or photo background to any of these makeup and cosmetic line icons. Then upload them to your Instagram stories for impressive highlight covers! This set comes with 20 minimalist options you can recolor with Adobe Photoshop.

Instagram Highlight Icons

No matter your business, this next set of Instagram highlight icons covers many basic themes. Check out this wide variety of over 100 icons, with everything from food icons to buildings. You definitely can’t go wrong with this set! Edit them with the help of Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.

eSport Icons

Celebrate the launch of your favorite eSport games with this indigo icon set. Featuring 65 high-resolution icons, this pack is great for gamer-based Instagram profiles. Start your own team or give everyone a shout-out with their own avatar! Check them out!

250 Nature  Wildlife Vector Icons

This final pack of Instagram icons includes over 200 vector icons for nature and wildlife projects. So highlight your love of going green or embark on a new journey with a cool abstract icon. Explore many themes and options with this colorful pack.


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