30+ Best iPad Mockup Templates

Using an iPad mockup template is an excellent way to showcase a responsive website, an app, or a presentation. If you’ve been looking for the perfect iPad mockup, Placeit has a terrific range of photo-realistic iPad mockup templates  to suit just about every need. What’s more, the Placeit software makes these templates super easy to use.

Now you have two options:

  1. Take a screenshot of the element you’d like to display in your iPad mockup and click the Upload Image button in the upper left of the screen. Navigate to your screenshot and upload.
  2. Alternatively, if you wish to display a webpage, select From URL, and copy and paste the URL of the webpage you’d like to display in the box provided.

Upload Your Image or Website - iPad Mockup

If you chose to upload an image, you will be presented with a window which allows you to crop your image to the required size for your iPad mockup. If you’ve typed in the URL of the webpage you’d like to display, the software will automatically fit the website to the dimensions of the mockup.

After the image is processed, it will appear in your Apple mockup templates. If you’re not happy with your crop, you can click the crop icon in the upload box, located to the right of the upload image text, to crop the image again. If you want to choose another image or website, click the X next to the crop tool in the Upload Image box or the From URL box and start the process again.

Crop If Necessary - iPad Mockup

If you’re happy with your mockup, you can download it for a small fee. And just like that, you’ve got a great realistic tablet mockup to use as you choose.

Make Changes as Needed and Download - iPad Mockup

This wonderful flat-lay is ideal for fashion and beauty bloggers who want to display their website or YouTube channel or send a simple message to followers.

Looking for an iPad Pro landscape mockup? Here’s a great one, a casual photo of a young man looking intently at his iPad with snacks and coffee on the side. This particular iPad Pro mockup shows off the screen real estate of the tablet very well.

This fabulous template is brilliant for those who need both an iPhone and an iPad mockup. The context is vague enough to be useful for businesses, students, or someone attending a conference.

Just because a photo-realistic iPad mockup is a great way to display your website, that doesn’t mean that you can’t use it for other things as well. For example, this mockup is a wonderful way to display an announcement or quotation on your favourite social media.

What makes this white iPad mockup so wonderful is that it can be put to many uses. Of course, it can be used to display or advertise your new responsive website, but it’s also a great way to share an invitation or maybe your contact details or social media accounts.

As we all know by now, photos of animals, particularly dogs or cats, are huge hits on the internet, so this tablet mockup with a very cute dog and his human looking at an iPad screen is a compelling choice for any purpose.

Looking for an iPad mockup for a business context? Check out this iPad Mini mockup. It could be used for a colleague giving instructions, talking about an app, or explaining a point in a presentation.

For those looking for a vertical mockup, here it is. The mockup features a seated young man looking out of the window while casually holding an iPad screen so the viewers can see what’s on it.

Another gorgeous flat-lay, this iPad template would work equally well for bloggers or magazine writers who focus on beauty or topics related to fashion and lifestyle.

This is an excellent iPad Pro mockup for anyone in the medical profession. Whether you want to display a website or a special health programme or advertise a medical device, this enormous iPad template will show your content off extremely well.

There’s a lot of demand for iPad templates against transparent backgrounds. These are particularly useful because they allow users to apply whatever kinds of backgrounds they need. This particular mockup features a full-frontal vertical black iPad, which makes the best use of the large iPad screen.

This mockup is an excellent angled variation of the one above. The angle creates a certain level of dynamism to the mockup, which sometimes is exactly what you need.

For those looking for a white iPad mockup template with a transparent background, this one is another terrific variation of the black one above.

One of the marvellous things about the iPad Pro is its enormous retina display. This iPad Pro landscape mockup takes full advantage of that beautiful screen so that all eyes will be on your website or whatever you choose to display.

An over-the-shoulder image of a woman using her iPad in an outdoor cafe, this mockup gives the viewer a big, bright, clear view of the screen, with enough blur in the background to keep their attention focused.

This superb flat lay is a first-rate choice for artists who are looking for an iPad template to display their websites or web gallery alongside the tools of their trade.

There aren’t many panoramic images in this list, but for those of you who are looking for a superb panoramic image with an excellent tablet mockup, you won’t be disappointed with this one.

This realistic iPad mockup is an excellent choice for foodies, chefs, or food bloggers who want to present their cooking website, food blog, or recipes in a creative way.

I am very partial to photos that manage to display the iPad mockup screen clearly. This mockup does that very well by featuring a woman lying in bed reading her iPad with the screen at just the right angle to fully display a website or app mockup.

A first-rate choice for fitness buffs or nature lovers who want to display their website in the context of the outdoors, this white iPad mockup features a softly blurred background that gives us enough information to know the context but not enough to distract our attention from the iPad screen.

This one is for the photographers out there. Show off your image gallery, your website, or your mobile app mockup with this realistic iPad mockup. Your fans will love it.

If you’ve designed a learning app or an interactive website for young kids, this photo of a young child and mother interacting with the screen of a white iPad mockup is an excellent way to draw attention to it.

Musicians and sound engineers, sit up and take notice. If you’re looking for a marvellous mockup that combines an image of your tools of creation with a tablet mockup, this template is for you.

Have a game app you want to promote? This realistic iPad mockup featuring a man’s hands on the screen of the iPad seemingly in the act of playing a game is a good choice for your app mockup.

Sometimes, two is better than one. That’s certainly the case with this iPad template featuring two iPad mockups. Your imagination is the only limit when it comes to what you can display with this template.

Looking for an iPhone and iPad mockup template with a transparent background so you can add whatever background you like? Well, look no further. This device mockup is ideal for showing off quite how responsive your website really is or for whatever other purposes you can devise.

This photo of a man holding an iPad for us to see the screen is quite bold and direct. It is probably best suited to brands and personalities that are more outgoing and edgy.

Another great resource for iPad mockups is Envato Elements.

Here you’ll find hundreds of iPad PSD downloads that are more suitable for those who have some knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. If that’s you then head on over to Elements and take a look at their offering. Here are just a few to whet your appetite.

 iPad Screen Mockup v2

This gorgeous flat lay iPad PSD download is a great choice for lifestyle businesses. The package includes four iPad mockup PSD files with organised layers and smart objects, all of which allow full customisation.

Pastel Colours iPhone and iPad provides you with terrific templates that are probably best for beauty, fashion and lifestyle businesses. The iPhone and iPad mockup PSD files enable you to add your own screenshots and do some customisations. In addition, the package includes ten excellent filters you can add to your image.

The iPad Screen Mockup v2 is a versatile template with eight different iPad mockup PSD files that are all customisable and easy to edit. These iPad PSD downloads are quite flexible and can be used to display your website, app mockup, and so much more.

This stunning set of 5 iPad mockup PSD files will wow your customers and fans. The mockups feature images that are all shot at beautiful twilight with the screens of the iPad illuminated clearly.  All these gorgeous iPad mockup PSD downloads are layered files that can be customised easily.

Beautiful and trendy indeed, iPad Air 2 Mockups are for all the cool kids out there. Great for fashion, lifestyle, beauty and design businesses, these iPad mockup PSD files are a cinch to customise with your own screenshots and images.


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