30+ Best Leggings Mockups

Leggings are one of the most worn and sought-after pieces of clothing. They can be adapted for working out, for sleepwear or leisure wear, or dressed up for a night out. If you’re looking for just the right leggings mockup to showcase your latest designs, Placeit has an awesome range of leggings mockups just for you. Best of all, you don’t have to have any special skills to use these mockup templates because Placeit’s Leggings Mockup Generator makes them super easy to use.

Upload your design using the button to the left of the template and/or go to the right side of your 3D leggings mockup template to select the colour you’d like your leggings to be.

Upload Your Design

When you’re happy with your mockup, you can download it for a small fee. And just like that, you’ve got a great design ready to use.

 Download Your Leggings Mockup

Mockup of a Woman with a Sports Bra

If yoga wear is your jam and you’re looking for the right leggings mockup to show off your gorgeous designs, try this sports bra and leggings mockup duo. It features a model doing the tree pose in front of a beautiful beach. Can’t get better than that.

If your target audience is children and you’re looking for a wide selection of mockups featuring children, Placeit’s got you covered with an impressive selection of wonderful legging mockups with kids, like this terrific image of a child holding a giant windmill.

Looking for a mockup with a bit of hipster city edge? Then look no further than this fabulous leggings mockup of a stylish young woman posed against a brick wall.

Or maybe you prefer this image of a young woman chilling on the ground  of a parking lot. It’s a great leggings mockup for communicating urban chic.

Keeping with the cool urban theme, we turn to this leggings mockup of a young woman, this time shot indoors, but maintaining that edgy attitude.

Sometimes you need a mockup with a neutral background. For those times, this 3D leggings mockup is it. Just open up the template in the leggings mockup generator, upload your design, and your mockup is ready for download.

If you’re looking for something a bit more stylish while retaining a bit of an urban edge, then check out this leggings mockup of a young woman posed on a rooftop with a nice shirt and cool boots. Use the leggings mockup generator to add your design and you’re done.

Leggings are a favourite of dancers because they facilitate ease of movement, so of course we’ve included a leggings mockup featuring a dancer. A wonderfully dynamic image to show off your design in motion.

This leggings mockup is another option for showing off your kid-friendly designs. Shot in the great outdoors, this template is perfect for designs that reflect spring or autumn.

A leggings mockup for the fashionista. Choose this template if you’re targeting a more fashionable, somewhat upmarket crowd. Not only can you change the background colour to whatever colour you need, but you can also add text to your template.

Looking for a 3D leggings mockup with a party feeling? Try this mockup with a jazz background which allows you to change the background colour and then change the accents to an analogous or complementary colour.

Looking for a template with an athletic leisure feel? This leggings template is for you. Featuring a woman in casual wear and soft shoes, this is a perfect blend of urban and sporty and can support a dressed-up or dressed-down design.

Of course, you may actually be looking for a straight-up sports leggings mockup template. In which case we have a few that fit the bill, like this template featuring a young woman in sports wear running track.

Another great image for a kid-friendly design with a fall theme. Just upload your image with the leggings mockup generator and you’ve got your leggings design template ready to go.

More of the urban theme here, this is a youthful and edgy leggings mockup for a cool contemporary design.

Simplicity always wins. Keep all eyes on your design with this awesome leggings template.

Athletic leisure with an attitude, this leggings mockup is perfect for a strong urban chic design.

This whimsical leggings mockup template is perfect for stylish kid-friendly designs. Just upload your design, change the background to your preferred colour, and your template is ready to go.

Another whimsical image but this time for adults, this leggings mockup can accommodate a wide range of designs and purposes, from fashion to lifestyle to travel.

Keep your design front and centre with this wonderful sweatshirt and leggings mockup. A great combo mockup template that is easy to customise with separate controls for your top and bottom.

Another fabulous leggings mockup that fashion leisure brands will love. This one features a young woman hanging out on a flight of steps in beautiful afternoon light.

For those times when you need a leggings mockup for lounge or sleepwear, there’s this cool template shot from above to show a young woman relaxing in bed with a cup of coffee.

If you’re an outdoors brand, this is one of several leggings mockups at Placeit that will appeal to you. This one features a young woman out in nature relaxing on a wooden stool.

Your customers won’t be able to resist this super sweet leggings mockup of a little girl and her giant giraffe pal. Upload your design with the leggings mockup generator, change the background colour, and your template is ready to download.

As you can see, there are no end of stylish leggings mockup templates at Placeit. This one has a nice tropical vibe that will work best for a summery design.

A minimalist leggings mockup for sleep or leisure wear which offers different views of your design. Just add your design using the leggings mockup generator and your job is done.

A very chic leggings mockup for fashion, travel and lifestyle brands, this fun template features a model posing on the floor in a gorgeous floral top and stylish jacket.

Another super stylish leggings mockup that again would appeal to fashion, travel and lifestyle brands. This template has been shot in a studio against a plain backdrop, which offers users the flexibility of changing the background to any colour they need.

If you’re looking for a leisure wear theme, this leggings mockup is right for you. As the template focuses on the the leggings themselves, all eyes will be on your design.

If you’re looking for a leggings mockup with a bit of a punch, the super saturated complementary colours in this template ought to do the trick. And don’t worry—if you love the image but the colours are a bit too much for you, you have the the option of changing the green in the man and the model’s top to something softer.

Another option for those needing a yoga-themed leggings mockup, this template is shot in studio rather than outdoors as the first yoga leggings mockup was. This neutral background gives the template much more flexibility.

What better way to end our roundup than with this adorable leggings template of a kid dancing? After you upload your design, you can change the background to whatever colour you fancy.

Have you found a template you love here? Why not make your own mockup and share it with us in the comments below.

And remember, these 32 best leggings mockups are only a fraction of the wonderful mockups available at Placeit, so if you haven’t found exactly what you need here, head on over to the site and browse the large collections of leggings mockups to be found there.


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