40+ Best Light Effect Actions, Brushes, and Photo Effects

Add more light to your photos! Check out this list for incredible light effects for Photoshop.

Paint the sky with a fantastic galaxy. Or add a few light leaks to your Instagram selfies. This list can help you find the right light effect to make you shine!

Selected from the top Photoshop actions and brushes on Envato Market and Envato Elements, this collection includes the best finds for 2019.

From star brushes to bokeh actions, use these actions, brushes and photo effects to bring out the best in your work.

Spotlights, bokeh effects, and brilliant light actions make up this first list of goodies. Incorporate them into your next project and bookmark your favorites!

Matte Light Photoshop Action

If all you really need is a subtle light effect, then try out this first Photoshop action. This action creates a professional result perfect for the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle industries. Streamline your photo editing for just $4!

Mystical Light Photoshop Action

Looking for a mystical vibe? Check out this cool light effect Photoshop action. Pair it with a stunning wildlife photo like the image below. This Photoshop action pack comes with highly effective light effects that have been tested on versions CS6 and above.

Light Dark - Photoshop Actions

Add more drama to your work by playing with light and dark scenarios. This Photoshop action set will help you do just that with one easy-to-use action along with 20 color corrections. Mix and match color effects for more exciting results.

Golden Bokeh Photo Overlay Effects

Create a gorgeous bokeh effect with a simple photo overlay. This set of golden bokeh overlays fits any fantasy or magical photo scene. Add just the right touch of bokeh with this magnificent collection of 52 JPG overlays. A helpful user guide is also included!

Lightum - Light Effects Photoshop Action

Make compelling posters and more with the Lightum light effects Photoshop action. Created by designer profactions, this action lets you make sparkling light effects you can easily turn into an animation. Visit the preview link to check out the animated result.

Magic Bokeh - Animated Photoshop Action

Easily update your Instagram or website photos with an animated bokeh effect. This magical Photoshop action streamlines the process so that you won’t need prior animation experience. Customize the effect with more or less bokeh for your desired effect.

Premium Looks Photoshop Actions

Transform your photos with stunning premium actions like this next set. Add the perfect balance of charm and nostalgia inspired by old film and more. Grab up this action suite to get access to 12 beautiful effects and eight amazing light leaks.

Lights Photoshop Action


Bring the spotlights to you. This Photoshop action is great for musicians and artists. Use it to emphasize your style with more drama and personality. Get nine light effects, four noise grain styles, and seven additional color effects. Check it out!

Aurora Light Photoshop Actions

Or add the beautiful Aurora Light to your Photoshop action list. Inspired by the real-life wonder, this set includes 16 non-destructive Photoshop actions you can quickly customize. You can use it on both a Mac and PC as well as with the latest versions Photoshop.

Shimmer Photoshop Action

Need some shimmer? Sparkle brightly with the Shimmer Photoshop action. Created by AB-Designer, this download includes an amazing Photoshop action that will fill your photos with glowing bokeh and sparkles. Watch the video tutorial that’s also included to see how it’s done.

Star Filters Pro

You’re a star. Make your photos look like it with this star filters pro set. This download includes eight Photoshop actions with various star sizes and styles. First, choose the star you’d like, and then press the action to get started. Add it to your collection!

Soft Lighting Photoshop Action

Blow out the edges of your images for a nice soft effect. This next Photoshop action will help you achieve a dreamy bokeh style in no time at all. Just download and install this easy-to-use action to enjoy organized files you can customize. Grab it for just $6!

Optical Flare Overlay Effects

Just need a few overlay effects? This next set will help you achieve luxurious light results in just a few clicks! Great for beginners and pros, this collection includes 50 magnificent photo overlays that will bring out the best in your photography.

Fashion Light Leak Photoshop Action

Style your fashion photos with a brilliant light leak set. These next Photoshop actions are perfect for fashion lovers and bloggers. Use this set to add various dark, light leak, and HDR styles to your pictures. Enhance your work and save time!

Double Light Photoshop Action

Balance two worlds with color. This double light Photoshop action is inspired by the popular duotone color trend. Download this set of 30 color combinations to stylize your work with phenomenal colors. Get organized layers and an awesome result for $6.

Miracle Photoshop Action

Or create a miracle with this next Photoshop action. Created by FD-Design, this Photoshop action adds fiery sparks and beams of light to your pictures. You can even control the light and spark directions for a completely custom result. Try it out with portrait and action photography.

Christmas Text Effect Photoshop Action

Get ready for the holiday season with this next Photoshop text effect. This one-click action helps you make fantastic glittery text that looks wonderful on posters, invites, and websites. Change the colors to fit your event or brand. No Photoshop skills required.

Christmas Lights Photoshop Action

Or join in the holiday festivities with a Christmas lights effect! This Photoshop action makes holiday decorating easy. Add photo-realistic Christmas lights to houses, automobiles, or just about anything you can think of. Try it out with Photoshop CS3 and above.

Magic Photoshop Action

Looking for a magic effect? Just brush over the area you where you would like the effect, and then play the action. Get unlimited results for endless creativity and inspiration. This action works best with high-resolution images and Photoshop CS4 and above.

FilterGrade Light Leaks Bundle

Photographers love to work with light leaks. Grab this next awesome bundle made by designer filtergrade. It includes 32 easy-to-use light leak Photoshop actions and an additional collection of eight custom light effects. Use it with landscape or portrait photography.

Magic Light Photoshop Action

Place stunning bokeh all around your work! Make sure to use high-resolution photography to get the best out of this action. Developed by StingerMaks, this Photoshop action adds magical light effects in just a few clicks. Add it to your collection for $6.

Matrix Code Light Photoshop Action

Transform your pictures into digital code! This Matrix code Photoshop action offers multilingual support and six wild colors. You’ll get three compressed zip files with all the formats you need to get started. Get a different effect every time!

Christmas Lights Photoshop Action

Celebrate Christmas with a colorful sparkling action. This Photoshop action pack includes 20 color presets, fully editable graphic elements, and a helpful video tutorial. You’ll even get a user guide with visual recommendations and advice.

Impulse Light Photoshop Action

Pump some energy into your pictures with the Impulse light action. This Photoshop action will help you get an energetic lightning effect. Download three formats for the Photoshop action, custom brushes, and a help file. Add it to your collection!

Energy 3 Photoshop Action

If you’ve ever wanted to create photo manipulation art, then check out this next energy action. This Photoshop action is perfectly suited for designers and creatives looking for colorful effects for their albums, posters, and flyers. Check it out!

Hologram Photoshop Action

Generate a hologram effect of your friend or pet! This hologram Photoshop action illustrates the look perfectly! Create holograms for your graphics, websites, or video games in seconds. Easy to navigate and use, this download includes action and pattern files.

3D Light Painting Effect Action

Create a 3D light painting effect for magazine covers or social media. This next Photoshop action includes organized layers and bright color effects. It’s currently supported by versions CS6 and above, so make sure to grab it for just $5.

FilterGrade Light Leaks Photoshop Actions

Get state-of-the-art light leak Photoshop actions in this next set. Support and updates for this action are completely free, and you’ll also get access to helpful video tutorials on YouTube. This action is compatible with Photoshop versions CS3 and above.

Animated Meteor Shower Photoshop Action

Illustrate a fantastic meteor shower with just the click of a button. This Photoshop action creates a brilliant animated GIF effect with meteorites falling from the sky. Add it to your collection today!

Light Painting Action

Paint onto your photo with a fascinating light action. This Photoshop action creates a beautiful sparkler effect that you can customize to any shape or text. Use it with Photoshop CS3 or later for the best results. Check it out!

Mythic Photoshop Action

Fascinate your followers with this mythic Photoshop action. Create masterful smoke and light effects that are inspired by popular photo manipulation techniques. Made by designer Hemalaya1, this download includes action, brush, and pattern files.

Thriller Lights Photoshop Actions

Design thrilling posters from scratch with this next Photoshop action. This one-click action helps you add a cool spotlight effect with additional sparkle. Make your images professional and dynamic using a non-destructive action with an easy workflow.

Next up, we’ve got this awesome selection of Photoshop brushes to light up your compositions. Try out amazing professional styles like light leaks and brilliant spotlight effects.

Abstract Light Waves Photoshop Brush

Let’s start with this great abstract light pack. This download includes 24 Photoshop brushes as well as the original PNG files. Use these light waves to make colorful displays on websites, art, and more.

Boke-Aji 80 Large Bokeh Brushes

Or check out this next set of 80 large bokeh brushes. Make your photos unique with bokeh variations that will go with just about any portrait or landscape photography. You’ll get one Photoshop brush file with everything you need to get started.

50 Light Leaks Photoshop Brushes

Love Photoshop brushes? Add this next set of light leaks to your design arsenal. This set includes high-resolution brush textures that will work on many design and illustrative projects. Use it for paintings, posters, and photos.

Metal Sparks - 20 Photoshop Brushes

Make energetic posters with 20 high-resolution Photoshop brushes. This set will instantly add a little character to any design that could use a little energy. Enjoy photo-realistic results crafted from actual grinding metal photography.

100 Spotlight Photoshop Brushes

Need a spotlight? Here are 100! Check out this next fantastic set of Photoshop brushes. This set helps you add incredible light effects with varying directions and light intensities. Use them as simple overlays or for photo manipulations.

30 Vfx Brushes for Photoshop

These next unique brushes include 30 special visual effects for movie posters, illustrations, and more. From flames to flares and explosions, this set also includes wonderful light effects you’ll love. Enjoy high-resolution brushes made from scratch.

20 Starfield Photoshop Stamp Brushes

Create a constellation that fills up the night. This Photoshop brush set includes 20 starfield brushes at high-resolution sizes. From tiny star dots to clusters of large ones, this set is perfect for any galaxy lover. Enjoy!

30 Laser Photoshop Stamp Brushes

Are you a Star Wars fan? Recreate its epic laser beams with these next Photoshop brushes. This pack includes 30 stamp brushes with cool laser light effects. Use them for overlays or visual effects for games and work.

Futuristic Light Photoshop Brushes

Or step into the future with this futuristic brush set. This Photoshop brush pack includes ten amazing styles along with the original transparent PNGs. Place them on album covers, websites, or wallpaper backgrounds. Try out these brushes for many projects.

75 Sunshine Photoshop Stamp Brushes

Stamp some sunshine onto anything with these beautiful Photoshop brushes. This next set includes 75 Photoshop brushes with high-resolution textures. Drop them onto invites, cards, or posters for a new stunning option. Add them to your arsenal!


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