20+ Best Long-Sleeve Shirt Mockups

T-shirts are the most widely worn piece of clothing around the world today, and a favourite canvas for designers and businesses to display their artwork and logos on.

If you’ve created a great design or logo and are looking for the right T-shirt mockups to add it to, Placeit has a wide selection of both short-sleeved and long-sleeved T-shirt mockups that will appeal to a range of tastes. Today we’ll take a look at the 20+ best long-sleeve shirt mockups at Placeit and show you how easy it is to customise them with the T-shirt mockup generator.

Upload your screenshot to your webpage in the box at the top of the page.

Uploading your selected image will add it to the long-sleeve T-shirt mockup templates available at Placeit. Browse the templates and click on the one you like most. This will open the image in the T-shirt mockup generator.

The first thing you will notice about the long sleeve shirt template below is that the T-shirt is white and the design added is contained in a brown rectangular box. To blend the design into the T-shirt, you need to first change the T-shirt’s colour using the controls to the right on the T-shirt mockup generator.

Under the shirt colour selector, you can also change the colour of the background if you want to.

Now move to the controls on the left of the T-shirt mockup generator and add text to your template if you like by using the Add Text button. Here, you can also change the font and the colour of the text to match your brand.

Under the Add Text button, you will see three Upload Image buttons. The first one you can use to change the image you’re using on your mockup if you want to, and the other two you can use to add separate images to each sleeve of your T-shirt. In this example I’ll leave the design as is.

When you’re happy with your long-sleeve T-shirt mockup, you can download it for a small fee.

If you need a long-sleeve T-shirt mockup for front and back designs, check out this sweet tee-shirt template featuring a young couple holding hands. You can add the back of your design to the young man’s shirt and the front to the young woman’s so that your audience sees both the front and back of your design side by side.

If you’re one of the two countries in the world that celebrates Thanksgiving and are looking for a Thanksgiving-themed T-shirt mockup for your design or logo, this mockup template is for you. Of course, if you’re not from a country that celebrates Thanksgiving, the mockup is useful for any design related to cooking or fatherhood.

A terrific tee-shirt mockup template for those times when you want to keep things simple but stylish. Not only can you add design elements to the body and the sleeves and change the colour of the shirt, but you can also adjust the colours of the background halves of the design separately.

For those times when you need a tee-shirt mockup template to display a back design, there is this lovely mockup of a young woman shot against a clean, soft, grey background.

Sometimes you need a black long-sleeve shirt mockup or a mockup of another colour. What’s great about the Placeit T-shirt mockup generator is that you can create the exact colour you need in no time with the colour picker. So this T-shirt mockup may start out white, but by the time you finish your customisations, it could be a black long-sleeve shirt mockup.

Sometimes you need a T-shirt mockup template with a transparent background so that you can integrate your mockup in a specific context. For those times, there’s this template, which simply shows the front view of a T-shirt against a transparent background.

This cool and casual tee-shirt mockup template will help your design stand out by keeping it front and centre of the template. Just upload your design using the T-shirt mockup generator and that’s it, your template can be downloaded.

If you need a back shot of a tee-shirt mockup that features a close-up of your design, you can’t go wrong with this template of a young man hanging out in a cafe watching the world go by.

Show off your child-friendly designs with this sweet T-shirt mockup of a little boy having fun in the playground. A great choice for businesses looking to advertise clothing, bookshops, or toy stores, as well as child-related services.

A wonderful T-shirt mockup template for brands targeting middle-aged male audiences, this image of an older man sitting casually on a wall is easy to customise and use for a number of designs and logos.

Use this summer-themed tee-shirt mockup to show off your designs. Not only can you use the front of the T-shirt as expected, but you can also add your design to the sleeves as well. This opens up a world of possibilities.

Keep all eyes on your design with this long-sleeve shirt mockup template, which will enable you to display a design specifically for the background of your T-shirt. The template’s transparent background can be kept as is, or you can select a solid colour for the background if you want.

Use this template of an older man sitting in the park and holding his newspaper to promote business and services which would appeal to his generation or to show off your designs.

Looking for a T-shirt mockup template that will appeal to the millennials? This template is excellent for displaying logo designs for a clothing store, indie band, shared workspace, and more.

If your target audience is middle age and female, then you’ll really appreciate this gorgeous tee-shirt mockup template featuring a middle-aged woman relaxing in a comfy-looking armchair while reading a book.

This flat lay is more of a hint and a tease, as it features just a small area of the body of your design and just one sleeve. This can have quite an effect, providing the most visually important areas of your design are visible. Of course, you can also change the background of the image for maximum impact.

This is an excellent outdoors tee-shirt mockup template for outdoor adventure, nature, hiking, camping, and other such companies that want to showcase their logos or for designers looking to promote environmentally conscious messages.

Child-related businesses and services will appreciate this adorable mockup template of a happy little girl smiling at the camera. Upload your design, select your shirt colour, add text if you need to, and just like that your design is ready for download.

A great T-shirt mockup template for targeting runners, skateboarders, bikers, and graffiti artists, this template features a young woman gazing intently at the camera.

This tee-shirt mockup template is for those times when all you want to do is display your logo in the simplest way possible. The template features a folded T-shirt against a plain background that you can make any colour you need. Or you can leave it transparent if you want to integrate the template into another background.

Another T-shirt mockup that would work well with Thanksgiving or autumn-themed designs. Upload your image and have a template ready to use in your project in a matter of seconds.

A stylish flat lay for fashion brands or for designers who are pitching their artwork to fashion brands. Use the T-shirt mockup generator to upload your image, change your shirt colour if needed, and your mockup is ready to download.

This tee-shirt mockup template featuring a young woman wearing trendy sunglasses and standing against a multi-coloured background is great for companies, brands, and designers whose brands say young, hip, and fun.

If you’ve created a design for the back of a T-shirt, then this mockup of an older gentleman standing in a park with his back to the camera is probably a good match for you. The area where your image goes is full view so your design will be shown clearly.

Looking for a youthful and energetic theme? This wonderful T-shirt mockup template showing a young woman leaning into the photograph’s frame while smiling subtly can be used to advertise all sorts of products and experiences.

Another tee-shirt mockup for those targeting post-40 adults, this template shows a middle-class man in the foreground of the frame walking away from his car. This template allows your design to be clearly visible.

This template is a variation on the others featured here with transparent backgrounds, the biggest difference being that this template includes an actual person while the other does not.

Sometimes you need not just a long-sleeved tee but a raglan. Raglans allow you to colour the sleeves of your shirt while keeping the body white or another colour if you so desire.

A variation of the raglan theme above, this template includes a young man standing off-centre in the image and looking off-screen. Add your design, change the colour of the sleeve, add text if needed, and you are done


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