20+ Best Magazine Mockups

Magazine mockups are incredibly useful if you’re designing your own magazine. These customisable design templates help you work out the best covers and layouts for your new venture and allow clients to see how a concept looks in various real-life scenarios.

If you’ve been looking for a range of excellent magazine cover mockups as well as magazine spread mockups, Placeit has a terrific range of realistic templates to suit just about every need. What’s more, the Placeit online magazine mockup generator makes these templates super easy to use.

Stores are a natural place to browse magazines, so if you’re looking for a realistic print magazine mockup, this one, which looks over the shoulder of a young woman as she reads a magazine spread, is an excellent choice.

If you need to create a gorgeous magazine spread mockup, this is the perfect template for you. Just upload one image to the left page of the magazine and the other to the right page, and just like that you have a beautiful realistic magazine spread mockup ready to show clients.

This magazine cover mockup allows you to show off your beautifully designed magazine cover against a plain background. What’s more, this particular horizontal magazine mockup allows you to choose whatever colour you need or prefer for the background to guarantee that your magazine cover pops.

Like the template above this print magazine mockup allows your design to stand out against a background colour of your choosing, but the main difference between the two templates is that this one displays an internal page layout rather than the cover of the magazine.

What better way to spend an afternoon than relaxing with a magazine, and that’s just what this horizontal magazine mockup depicts. A great template to show off a wide variety of magazine covers.

If you’re looking for a mockup for an internal page layout to show your magazine in a real-life scenario, check out this template, which features a beautiful display of your selected page design with a hand under the page, as if the viewer is appreciating the page before turning it.

This flat magazine mockup is useful for displaying your magazine cover on a desk or shelf of a store with notebooks and other stationery. The template is best for magazines targeting a younger audience.

Create a colourful and dynamic background to display your magazine spread mockup against with this multicolour print magazine mockup. First, upload your magazine pages, and then use the colour picker to experiment with colours that would best complement and show off your spread to the best advantage.

This magazine cover mockup gives you a great way to advertise your magazine cover design. What’s great about the design is that it dominates the foreground of the image, while the model holding the magazine in the background is rendered in a soft blur to minimise distraction.

This eye-catching template features a seated figure of a woman in a vintage car, enjoying some quiet time with a magazine. This would make a great mockup for a vintage car magazine or equally a great fashion magazine mockup.

Another excellent choice for a fashion magazine mockup, choose this template if you’re looking for a backdrop for your magazine design that has a bit of texture but isn’t too distracting.

This flat magazine mockup is an excellent choice when you need a magazine cover that you can blend seamlessly into any background.

If you want to display two different volumes of the same magazines with the emphasis on the latest volume, check out this horizontal magazine mockup. The template could also be used to display two different magazines or sister publications.

If you’ve created a magazine targeting teens, this template would make a terrific magazine cover mockup. It features a hand holding the magazine in the foreground of the image, while in the background we see stationery and miscellaneous items on the bookshelf of a teenager’s room.

Want to create a compelling men’s fashion magazine mockup? Look no further than this fabulous image of a young man relaxing in a cafe with an iced coffee while deeply engrossed in the pages of a magazine. This magazine spread mockup would also work well for a number of other kinds of magazine content.

If you like the coffee theme but need a women’s fashion magazine mockup instead, this template should do the trick. It offers a fabulous image of a young woman enjoying a magazine over a cup of coffee. Of course, like the template above, this horizontal magazine mockup isn’t just limited to fashion covers but can be used for a number of different magazines as well.

Keeping with the coffee theme, this flat magazine mockup leaves out people altogether and zeros in on the cover of the magazine to give your cover design the attention it deserves.

This magazine cover mockup offers yet another approach to showing off the cover design of a men-focused magazine. It features a young man sitting cross-legged on the ground while clutching his magazine.

For an art and crafts related magazine or a magazine directed at projects for children, there is this gorgeous template which will display one of the page layouts of your magazine beautifully.

A terrifically cheeky print magazine mockup that would work well for all sorts of magazines, this template will show off your cover design while making your clients smile.

A great closeup magazine spread mockup, just add your images, change the background colour, and your template is ready to share with your clients, to add to your social media or website.

What better way to display the cover of your sports magazine than to use this excellent magazine cover mockup, featuring a magazine lying on a running track next to feet in running shoes.


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