30+ Best Nautical Fonts

There is something about the sea that captures all the mystery, power, and majesty of the universe. So of course you want to bring a bit of that je ne sais quoi to your new project. Well, what better way to do so than with a nautical inspired font?

Whether you’re looking for serif, san serif, cursive or decorative nautical fonts, you are bound to find a font that’s right for you in our list of premium nautical fonts from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver.

Envato Elements is the perfect place to find a wide range of stunning Nautical Fonts. And the great news is that you can download as many fonts as you want for one low price.

A stunning sans serif font that captures the lure of the sea, Sailors offers two styles: round and rough. It also includes uppercase standard characters, punctuation, and multiple language support.

Old nautical fonts are gaining in popularity, and that’s no wonder when they capture so well the romance and charm of the open water. These five nautical font styles pair seamlessly together to create variety while maintaining unity of style.

A playful and charming font which comes in two versions, regular and filled, this pair gives a fresh twist to nautical font styles. Combine both fonts or use them individually to create your own stunning designs.

A nautical-looking font with a great textured surface, this clever and elegant font is available in four weights: light, medium, regular, and bold. The nautic sea font offers an uppercase alphabet exclusively, but contains numbers and a large selection of symbols and extra characters to support different languages.

This family of nautical font styles is designed with rounded edges and imperfections in the characters to give a vintage vibe. The collection features regular, blind, rusty, and ornamental styles.

If you’re looking for old nautical font styles, this weathered and textured addition to the Burford Family would be a good choice. It includes 20 font files, an outline and two inline weights, and much more. A terrifically versatile font for adding a nautical touch to your project.

A gorgeous nautical styled font with vintage flair. Use this font when you want to add a bit of flair and drama to your project. The font family offers eight variations, numerals, punctuation, accents, and more.

There can be nothing more charming than this wonderful nautical font that uses the silhouette of various sea creatures within the lettering and numbers to help form the font. If you are looking for a nautical numbers font, this is a great one to choose.

A modern and simple vintage slab serif font, with smooth edges to simulate vintage printing, the nautical font has never looked so stylish. The font contains an uppercase alphabet with alternative characters, numbers and symbols and comes in four weights.

If you’re looking for a unique nautic sea font, look no further than this awesome typeface, which comes in four styles to make sure you have just the right look for your next project.

Choose this nautical-looking font if you want to capture the swashbuckling adventures of eras gone by. Old nautical font styles don’t come any better.

Get two for the price of one with these awesome nautical font styles that combine a modern serif font with a beautiful cursive font, both inspired by vintage typography. The irregular height of the font is meant to reflect the motion of waves while capturing the essence of the hand drawn.

With a gorgeous cursive style that captures the essence of old nautical fonts, Schooner Script offers more than 500 glyphs, with vintage lining, ink blots, and a few other flourishes that will please any nautical fan.

This nautical font is a hand-drawn serif font that takes its inspiration from the undulating motion of waves. It comes with the usual upper and lowercase letters, with some pretty nifty graphic flourishes thrown in for good maritime measure.

Another nautical font that takes its inspiration from the motion of the ocean, this nautic sea font is filled with summer vibes and offers upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and loads of punctuation.

The wonders of the age of discovery are captured in this wonderful nautic sea font with its distinctive historical flair. The package includes desktop fonts in OTF and TTF formats, web fonts in EOT, WOFF, TTF and SVG formats, and a PDF guide to OpenType features to help you on your way.

Ever wondered what tropical nautical font styles look like? Well, wonder no more. This fun, curly-whirly nautical sea font includes both regular and monogram styles. They have been handcrafted to bring a bit of lightheartedness to wedding invitations, branding, greeting cards, and labels. They include upper and lower case alphabets, numbers, and punctuation marks.

A font for the daring, this nautical font has a bit of an “Art Deco meets the sea” vibe. The caps font contains 26 letters, and documentation is included.

Avast, me hearties! This nautical-looking font is (like the captains pictured here) a little rough around the edges. Its individual, quirky style makes it perfect for things like Instagram stories, posters, comics, and more.

This nautical font is clean and modern, yet comes with some alternative characters that give it a more decorative look. It comes in four weights and would be perfect for small amounts of text like logos and headlines.

Looking for something more playful? Blue Ocean is for you. The nautical font takes on a whole new direction here, with a cute font that comes with three different styles and some playful doodles thrown in for good measure.

Check out the rounded serifs in this font—they’re so reminiscent of the curved end of an old-fashioned anchor. Port Anchor would make a great nautic sea font for use on logos, headlines, T-shirt designs, and more. It also comes with a set of Cyrillic characters for those of you setting sail for Eastern Europe.

We’ve had the anchor, and now we need some rope. Loose is a clever, playful decorative font that forms its characters out of a rope design. You can just see it on a beach-themed poster or summer flyer, can’t you?

When it comes to old nautical fonts, Fisherman is a perfect choice. It has that vintage look, reminiscent of the lettering on a harbour sign or an old-fashioned can of sardines. The three styles—regular, rough, and slanted—give you plenty of flexibility to use this nautical font in a variety of projects.

Think of a stereotypical sailor, and you probably think of a lot of tattoos. So why not check out the Bad Sailor tattoo font? It comes with a character map and lots of alternate glyphs to give your text the varied, unique look it deserves.

The deceptively simple Sailor font is a quirky script typeface, with lines trailing off the ends of the letters like loose ropes in a ship’s rigging. Use it for badges, headlines, posters, or even invitations.

The nautical font featured above has a wonderful vintage feel to it, thanks to the grunge texture that gives you the feeling of old signs battered by wind and salt spray from the sea. It also comes in regular and bold styles that could work well for a more contemporary theme.

Here’s another vintage nautical font with a weathered look. Use it for logos, badges, advertising, signage, and more. It comes in four weights and includes an uppercase alphabet with alternative characters, numbers, and symbols.

There’s a raw energy to this brush script font that will work perfectly for anything from attention-grabbing posters to inspirational quotes. Brave Sailor was drawn with a rough brush, giving your text and authentic, urgent vibe.

It’s amazing how many nautical font styles there are. This one is much plainer than many, and as the name suggests, it’s a hand-drawn font inspired by the concept of a sailor writing in a diary. With more than 220 alternate letters and 180 special characters, there’s plenty of scope to give your text an individual, handwritten feel.

Did you know that the word “tattoo” comes from the Tahitian language? It’s appropriate, then, that this nautical tattoo font is named after Captain Cook, who encountered tattooed people on his voyages to Tahiti. This decorative font, with either outlined or semi-filled characters, is best used at 36 pt or higher to make a quick, bold statement.

Welcome to the beach! This vintage, nautical looking font has six styles, including a layered shadow effect. Use it for your retro poster designs, T-shirts, labels, and more.

What could be better for a nautical-looking font than a cursive typeface inspired by waves in the ocean? You can instantly see the effect of the ocean as the characters lap across the page. It’s not the most legible for long pieces of text, but would be ideal for short titles, headlines, etc.

Want to write an old-fashioned nautical tale? November Script would be the perfect font for the title page. It has a calligraphic style, yet is very smooth and readable. And it comes with plenty of stylistic alternatives and some nice ligatures for tricky letter combinations, making it a very useful, versatile font.

Another nautical font inspired by tattoos, the Young Heart Typeface has an elegant vintage style that could work well for a variety of projects, such as logos, T-shirts, posters, and more.


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