40+ Best New Line Patterns

Love design resources? Check out the list of incredible line patterns below!

Efficiency and design go hand in hand. And now you cut your work in half with stunning line patterns.

Line patterns feature minimalist designs that give your work that crisp, professional edge. That’s why we’re bringing you this beautiful collection of over 40 high-quality line patterns from Envato Market and Envato Elements.

From cute hand-drawn line patterns to clean vector designs, this list will inspire you with amazing possibilities for your next creative project.

Create awesome web designs, packaging and more with these line patterns!

Geometric Seamless Patterns Bundle

Let’s start with this beautiful pack of seamless geometric patterns. This exceptional bundle includes 40 vector patterns you can use for a variety of designs. Try them out as clever app backgrounds, or use them for a beautiful t-shirt graphic. They’re great for crafting too!

Handdrawn Lines Patterns

Create luxurious-looking designs with this exclusive pack of hand-drawn line patterns. This pack comes with 40 seamless patterns which only feature creative line designs. Whether you like the simple striped look or a funky zigzag design, this pack is wonderfully multipurpose.

6 Seamless Vector Line Patterns

It’s essential that patterns you download can be used as a tile in many situations. This pack of vector line patterns allows you to do just that with six interesting patterns like scales and more. Follow the step-by-step tutorial to see how to apply them to your work.

Organic Rounded Lines Seamless Patterns

Create that organic look with a suite of lovely rounded line patterns. This download comes with 10 premium vector backgrounds which are perfect for many projects. Enjoy the main blue, gray and black rounded line colors or switch it up with colorful alternatives.

Creative Ink Sketch Lines and Patterns

Getting that hand-drawn look has never been this easy. Just download this awesome pack of ink sketch line patterns for a seamless and casual look! Created with Adobe Illustrator, this pack includes 94 unique art brushes and six amazing patterns.

Doodle Line Patterns

Doodles can add that creative, casual flair to your work. So if you’d like that effect then check out this cool pack of doodle line patterns. Featuring eight handmade line patterns, this download comes with eight PNG files you can use almost anywhere.

66 Cute Patterns Pack

Enjoy cute designs inspired by crafty doodles! This next suite of vector patterns includes 66 cute designs that are fun and simple. Enjoy funny patterns like eyelashes or arrows which are all suitable for any of your web or print design projects. Check it out!

15 Seamless Wave Patterns

Create an endless graphic wave with these seamless wave patterns. Featuring a clean, monochrome look, these waves were made with precision and almost look as if they’re moving. Get that optical illusion effect to apply to packaging, backgrounds, and more.

Hand Drawn Doodle Patterns

This next pack of hand-drawn doodles features cleanly made designs that are truly unique. Each pattern is edgy and fun, making it the ultimate pattern for craft projects, business cards, and invitations. They’re also easy to customize with the help of Adobe Illustrator.

Confetti Style Line Patterns

Bring on the party with these confetti-styled line patterns. A simple alternative to rigid line designs, this vector pack is flirty and creative. These causal line patterns are sure to bring a smile to your face and feature lovely pastel colors that can be scaled to any size!

Mono Line Graphic Design Templates

How about a few floral patterns to add to the mix? This set of vector design templates features colorful mono line patterns that can be used for badges and so much more. Get that graphic floral look to instantly decorate any creative print project.

Simple Line Geometric Patterns

Or keep things simple with this set of geometric line patterns. No matter the project, these minimalist designs add an instant luxurious appearance to any setup. Create that edgy graphic look you need for business cards, invites, and fashion projects. Add it now!

Line Patterns

This massive pack of seamless line patterns features a full library of files suitable for both Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Instantly improve your work in a matter of minutes by swapping out the backgrounds for something unique. Get 100 seamless patterns in one simple download!

Diagonal Rounded Lines Seamless Patterns

Need something more colorful and abstract? Check out this next awesome pack of diagonal rounded lines for a clever seamless pattern. This set features 10 patterns that come in AI, EPS, and JPEG formats. Use them for websites, apps, or wallpaper!

Hand Illustrated Line Patterns

Taking the time to illustrate patterns by hand will always pay off in the long run. But you won’t have to do all that work with this next set of hand-drawn line patterns. Featuring several flavors and variations to choose from, this pack gives your work that natural, imperfect look.

Simple Line Handdrawn Patterns

Need a simple design for your commercial packaging? Then check out this set of 40 hand-drawn line patterns. Minimalism is a huge trend in design now, so this suite is perfect for any budding designer. Enjoy distinct-looking patterns with extraordinary shapes!

Topographic Map Seamless Patterns

If you’re a fan of geology then you’ll definitely love this next pack of seamless patterns. Giving your work that cool, topographic map look, this seamless pattern set comes in AI, EPS, and JPEG formats. Add that special flair to your designs with topographic lines.

Travel and Tourism Background Pattern

Update your travel and tourism websites with a pretty, bright pattern. This colorful thin line pattern comes in two pretty styles, yellow and white with blue accents. It’s fully editable as a vector file, so you’ll also be able to scale it to any size. Just visit the link to see the alternate!

Set of Minimal Patterns

Enjoy trendy, minimalist patterns with this pack of 12 seamless designs. From creative zigzag patterns to simple curvy lines, this pack is perfect for all your web and branding projects. Feel free to change the size and colors with the help of Adobe Illustrator.

Wavy Triangular Lattice Seamless Patterns

Need an abstract design that will make your company stand out? Try this next pack of wavy, triangular lattice patterns. Made with a variety of colors, this suite comes with 10 vector line backgrounds in high-resolution, RGB formats. Add them to your collection today!

Set of Minimal Patterns

You can never go wrong with a brilliant pack of minimalist patterns. This lovely set includes 12 line designs that will instantly refresh any creative project. Enjoy fun, thin and wide line patterns along with various other shapes (like circles and triangles). Try it out!

Simple Vector Geometric Shapes Patterns

Retro design is coming back strong because of awesome patterns like this one! Featuring simple shapes and geometric designs, this pack of vector backgrounds comes in a variety of cool colors. Instantly update your app or wallpaper with smart, trendy designs.

Chaotic Rounded Sticks Seamless Patterns

Or switch things up with this set of chaotic, rounded stick backgrounds. This pack contains many color variations, including a simple monochrome look that goes well with just about anything. Enjoy ten high-resolution backgrounds that come in AI, EPS, and JPEG formats.

Set of Minimal Christmas Patterns

Are you bored with the normal Christmas patterns that pop up each year? Make a bold impact with this set of minimal Christmas patterns. Featuring gorgeous line designs, these patterns are great for packaging, wrapping paper, and more. How will you use this set?

Islamic Art Vector Patterns

Inspired by the mesmerizing work behind Islamic art, this next pack of vector art patterns will leave you breathless. Check out this set of high-quality seamless backgrounds that come in 40 unique variations. Get that creative geometric look perfect for branding, packaging, and fabric!

Ethnic Seamless Vector Patterns

Expand your knowledge of cultural traditions with this beautiful set of ethnic vector patterns. Featuring traditional styles and shapes inspired by a variety of cultures, this set includes 40 amazing designs. Add a creative motif to your cards, wedding invites, and more.

27 Christmas Seamless Patterns

Christmas patterns can be used for wrapping paper, decorations, and even personal projects. This next pack of 27 Christmas patterns features fun designs like abstract flowers, Christmas ornaments, and trees. Create that festive holiday look you’ll love with this wonderful pack.

Decorative Native Tribe Patterns

Or pay homage to the craftsmanship of wonderful indigenous tribes with this set of creative borders and patterns. Featuring one Photoshop file with ten different patterns, this set is unique and multipurpose. Easily modify the shapes, colors, and sizes in Adobe Photoshop.

Voronoi Seamless Patterns

Inspired by the clever Voronoi diagram that appears in mathematics, this pack of seamless backgrounds will definitely make you stand out. Step out of the box with ten vector backgrounds available in high-resolution formats. Enjoy them on invites, cards, and more!

Floral Seamless Line Patterns

No matter the season, floral designs are always a trending look. That’s why you’ll definitely want to add this next set of floral, seamless line patterns to your design arsenal. Get four creative vector floral patterns that are supported by Adobe Illustrator versions 10 and up.

Feathers Seamless Patterns

Make your designs take flight with this brilliant pack of seamless feather patterns. Featuring a clean line design perfect for nature-based projects, this set includes ten vector backgrounds in a variety of colors. Scale them to any size for apps, wallpapers, and websites.

Vector Geometric Line Pattern Pack

Are you a fan of that Art Deco look? Then check out this creative set of vector geometric line patterns. This pack comes with four incredible styles that can add a beautiful vintage appearance to your designs. Get four JPEG and EPS formats for a variety of projects.

Lineswork Patterns

Great designers know the power of keeping things simple. That’s why we’re sure you’ll love this next set of line patterns. Featuring three vector patterns in three cool styles, this pack is great for business cards, backgrounds and more. You can also use it with a variety of design programs!

Bold Line Patterns

Need a way to refresh your boring old branding? Then go bold with this next pack of bold patterns. Featuring 20 seamless vector patterns, this set comes in a variety of useful formats. Use them easily to decorate websites, print projects, and so much more!

3 Line Art Fantasy Seamless Patterns

Add a fantasy element to your projects with this creative pack of line art patterns. Featuring a cool, ornamental design inspired by traditional doodling, this set is fun and multipurpose. Get high-resolution JPEG files along with two vector formats. Check it out!

African Mudcloth Patterns

The design industry is just starting to embrace the beautiful pattern work that has come out of Africa. So take advantage of these stylish designs with this set of African mudcloth patterns. Featuring 20 vector patterns inspired by the fabric work of Malian ethnic groups, this set comes in a variety of unique shapes and styles.

Geometric Seamless Patterns Bundle

Make these patterns as large as you need without any quality loss whatsoever! This next pack of geometric seamless patterns is beautiful and definitely on trend. Enjoy simple, luxurious shapes perfect for branding, packaging, and fashion projects. Check it out!

Geometric Rosegold Line Patterns

Rose gold is another stunning trend currently in graphic design. It instantly gives your work that expensive look with a bit of a flirty flair. Enjoy this pack of 20 rose gold patterns, featuring both transparent and white backgrounds. Add them to your arsenal today!

Plaid Seamless Line Patterns

Whether you love to wear plaid or just design with it, you’ll definitely like this next pack of seemliness line patterns. These plaid designs feature an inspiring rose gold look that can apply to many pretty projects. Easily update the colors in Adobe Illustrator.

MALINA 36 Seamless Pattern

Hand-drawn patterns give your work that handmade look so effortlessly! And this pack of 36 seamless line patterns features everything you need for print and web projects. Get fully editable vector files along with PNG formats with transparent backgrounds.

Valentine Seamless Patterns

Valentine’s Day is the holiday of love, and this pack of seamless patterns is sure to get you in the mood. Enjoy this stunning collection of six seamless line patterns with various heart styles. Send sweet cards to your family, friends, and loved ones with this pretty set.


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