20+ Best Shopping Bag Mockups

Shopping bags offer a great opportunity to show off your brand. But before you invest in printing hundreds or thousands of bags, it’s helpful to use a shopping bag mockup to test your logo design ideas. These 20+ terrific paper bag mockups from Placeit allow you to add your designs to a variety of realistic shopping bags so you can get an idea of how they’ll look in real-life scenarios.

Select this brown paper bag mockup template if you want to show your label designs in a natural, organic way. This template, which features a woman walking with both a small and a large shopping bag over her arm, can be colour customised as needed.

See how your design label or logo scales up with this large white paper bag mockup featuring a smartly dressed woman posing with two shopping bags. After you’ve added your design, you can customise the colours of both shopping bags to suit your brand.

Just as it’s a good idea to test how your designs look once you scale them up, it’s equally smart to see how they look scaled down using this white paper bag mockup. Just add your design and customise the colour of the bag as needed.

Looking for a brown paper bag mockup? With a brown paper bag in focus in the foreground of the frame and the background image of a young woman softly blurred, this mockup is an excellent choice for advertising your business.

This gorgeous mockup of a seated woman holding a large gift bag so that the label design is clearly visible is the perfect shopping bag mockup to show off your fashion brand.

This beautiful closeup of a gift bag sitting on a table top next to sunglasses and keys with a vintage telephone in the background is a great brown paper bag mockup for businesses that sell smaller items like accessories and gadgets.

If you’re on the lookout for a white paper bag mockup template with a solid background, check out this template. You can make your background any colour you need, and if you change your mind about having a white paper bag, you can also easily change the colour of the bag.

This elegant brown paper bag mockup template features a brown shopping bag sitting on a wooden table in a room with soft, brown walls. The template has a very earthy feeling and is perfect for displaying labels for eco-friendly businesses.

Display your design labels in a number of styles and dimensions with this terrific shopping bag mockup. With bags that range from small to medium to very large, this paper bag mockup template allows you to test all your designs in a range of sizes.

A useful variation on the design above, this paper bag mockup template also offers packaging in a small, medium, and large. But in this template, the focus isn’t exclusively on the bags, but instead the image includes the entire figure of the female shopper for more context. The bag mockup dimensions are portrait rather than landscape.

Yet another variation of the white paper bag mockup templates above is this one that uses the same model but with just one very large bag that she is curiously reaching into.

For those times when you need complete control over the colours in a paper bag mockup template, there is this versatile shopping bag mockup which offers a close-up view of your design. It not only allows you to control the colour of the bag but also gives you a dynamic split background where you can select a different colour for both the top and bottom half of the template.

A perfect kraft bag mockup for a restaurant, cafe, or coffee shop, this template allows you to add your logo both to the brown paper bag and to the sleeve of the coffee cup sitting next to it.

Looking for a super elegant way to display your design label? Take a look at this shopping bag mockup, which features a woman’s hand delicately holding a gift bag against a lovely green background. The shadows cast by the bag and hand on the wall add a bit of mystery to the image as well.

If you like the image above but don’t like the shadows or prefer a plain background whose colour you can customise as you like, then this white paper bag mockup is an excellent alternative.

Whether you’re looking for a brown, white or black shopping bag mockup, this is an excellent choice. It features a great photo of a smiling woman holding a shopping bag front and centre of the screen. You can change the colour as needed.

This shopping bag mockup offers you complete creative control of your template. Just upload your design, choose the colour bag you need, select the best background colours to make your design pop, and your template is ready to download.

In the market for a paper bag mockup of a different type? This mockup, which features two handle-less paper bags at right angles to each other, allows you to customise both the background colour and the colour of the bags. A perfect choice for those looking for black shopping bag mockups, which are often harder to find.

In this template, we see a woman’s smiling face as she carries two shopping bags. The label of the larger bag is obscured by the smaller bag, whose label is displayed clearly front and centre of the template.

Looking for a kraft bag mockup for your clothing label? This simple image of a brown paper bag holds centre place in the template. It is shot against a wooden wall and surrounded by folded clothing. You can tint this brown bag with the wide selection of colours available.

This fabulous brown paper bag mockup template keeps all eyes on your logo because the background image of two friends having coffee doesn’t distract from the large shopping bag hanging from a wooden chair in the foreground of the image.

Looking for a small gift bag mockup that you can colour as needed? This awesome template is a great choice. It features a smiling young woman delicately holding a small bag, with the area for the design label clearly displayed.

This kraft bag mockup is great for all sorts of logos or design labels. Using it is as simple as uploading your beautiful design and then hitting the download button.

Our final template is a kraft bag mockup of a young woman carrying a small brown bag. As with all the templates included here, customisation is as easy as uploading your design and changing the colour of the bag to suit your brand.


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