35+ Cool Photoshop Text Effects, Actions & Styles for 2020

Find a text effect and Photoshop text styles that are fun and simple to use! Check out this list of premium resources below.

Create inspiring quotes with graphics that sell! Working in Photoshop has gotten a whole lot easier thanks to designers all over the world sharing their high-quality text effect templates.

These templates feature cool and exciting Photoshop text effects, Photoshop styles, actions, and PSD layer styles to save valuable time and energy.

That’s why we’ve put together another great selection of premium resources to help make your titles, headers, and quotes come to life. This collection has been handpicked from the amazing sections of Envato Elements and Envato Market, and it features the latest trends in design for 2020.

Photoshop Text Effects

Check out this trendy aesthetic! This effect isn’t limited to text either—apply it to shapes and other vector content too! Just pop them into the smart object and voila! You’ve got yourself an eye-catching visual effect!

Epic Text Effects for Adobe Photoshop

This set of text effects comes with eight different PSD files for Adobe Photoshop! Create a wide variety of different titles and text effects—it’s as easy as placing your content into a smart object!

Smoke Text Effect Photoshop

Doesn’t this effect look amazing? It’s hard to believe that something so visually stunning is so easy to use! Check out the instructions—smart objects make using this effect a breeze! Place, save, and check out the results.

Colorful Text Effects for Adobe Photoshop

There are so many fun effects to choose from in this set of text effects for Adobe Photoshop! This is another one that’s not limited to text—try out other shapes and vector objects too! These effects would be a great addition to any collection.

Doodles Text Effect

How fun are these doodle effects? There are 16 different effects here to choose from, so not only do you have a lot to play with, but a lot to mix and match, too! Create an organic, hand-drawn aesthetic, perfect for informal, friendly projects.

Salt and Sugar Generator Photoshop Actions

The textures in these Photoshop Actions are amazing! Not only can you build words and shapes out of “salt” or “sugar”—you can do so inverted too! Carve your words out of a pile of salt! How cool is that?

3D Cartoon Text Effects

Fun and full of personality, this set of text effects has so much to offer! Whether you’re looking for something cartoony, bubbly, or just something different and memorable, this set is definitely worth checking out.

Photoshop Retro Text Effects

If you’re looking for a lovely set of retro effects, look no further! There are 12 to choose from here, each with a lovely, three-dimensional look and feel.

Vintage Letterpress Texture Effects

The textures in these effects are so lovely. Enjoy ten different Photoshop files here, and test these effects out with your favorite type, shapes, and vector content! Check out the different styles in the examples!

Liquid Text Effects Photoshop

Doesn’t this text look squishy and sticky? It’s hard to believe how easy it is to use this effect! Whether your goal is sticky juice, liquid metal, or green slime, this text effect is super fun to use!

3D Foil Balloon Text Effects for Photoshop

The foil balloon effect is trending right now on Instagram! Add delightful party balloons to your designs in a few simple steps. This download comes with five Photoshop files with fully editable layers you can customize fast. Try it out!

Retrica Vintage Text Effects Pack

Relive the charm of nostalgic, vintage text. This brilliant text effects pack is fun and easy to use. It includes ten vintage text effects with wonderful options like 3D effects and more. Get fully editable files that are easy to update. Use them for posters and print work!

Real 3D Text Mockups

You don’t have to be a 3D expert to enjoy fantastic text. This premium mockup pack features six Photoshop files with fully editable 3D smart objects. Easily change the text and font to your favorites and take advantage of the stunning backgrounds also included!

Neon Underground Photoshop Effect

Recreate the magical underground vibes of your favorite restaurant or dive bar! This new neon set features incredible neon light effects for text, shapes, and more. Also included is an extra pack of backgrounds to use in your designs. Download it today!

Glitch Text Effects Collection

Love the glitch trend? Incorporate glitch effects into your typography with this awesome collection. This text effect bundle includes simple smart object replacements for incredible glitch effects. Make powerful, vibrant effects and edit them to your liking!

Gold Text Effects

Gold text effects make your work look luxurious and expensive. Transform your titles and stationery with this fabulous set of premium gold text effects. This pack features ten Photoshop files with beautiful metallic textures, including various gold and silver options!

3D Wood Creation Text Effect

Get crafty with this cool text effect! This 3D wood creator turns your logos or titles into realistic wooden letters! It features two 3D text effects and 32 wooden textures, so you’ll be able to combine your favorite natural textures for one phenomenal result. Give it a try!

3D Retro Sculpting Text Actions

Get crafty with this cool text effect! This 3D wood creator turns your logos or titles into realistic wooden letters! It features two 3D text effects and 32 wooden textures, so you’ll be able to combine your favorite natural textures for one phenomenal result. Give it a try!

Cinematic 3D Movie Mockups

Working on a new indie project or short film? Try out these stunning cinematic layer styles, perfect for any Photoshop lover. This pack includes six Photoshop files that are simple and easy to use. Simply follow the instructions also included in the ready-to-use help file.

3D Color Metal Photoshop Action

Want a pristine metal effect for your text? Try this epic 3D color Photoshop action. With ten color presets, this Photoshop action adds green, gold, and many more beautiful colors to your metal effect. A helpful PDF guide is also included. Check it out!

18 Marble Text Effects

Marble effects aren’t just for your home! Get the most out of this gorgeous pattern with this pack of marble text effects. Including 18 effects with various colors, these text effects feature realistic marbling with high-quality textures. Use them on logos and more!

Halloween Horror Photoshop Layer Styles

Get messy with this Halloween-inspired set of Photoshop layer styles. Apply them to your text for a one-of-a-kind party flyer. This pack includes amazing styles like slime, mummy, and epic night-time vibes. Update your flyers and posters with cool text!

Neon Layer Styles

Light up your graphics with these incredible layer styles. Featuring a retro-inspired neon effect, these styles include over 70 light effects for top-quality imagery. Choose from 63 color variations and 15 realistic backgrounds.

Fantastic 3D Text Effects

3D text effects are great for movie titles and more! Check out this fantastic set packed with ten premium styles you’ll definitely enjoy. Mix and match the styles for more intensity and add amazing realistic colors and textures. Use them for text, shapes, and logos!

Old Movie Title Text Effects

Relive the classics with this vintage set of old movie title effects. Inspired by the silent movie era and the beginning of film, these text effects feature six different looks that are fully editable. Just switch out the words with your favorite quote or movie title.

Bokeh Text Effect Photoshop Actions

Love bokeh effects? Now you can apply them to all your titles and text with this Photoshop action. Make unlimited combinations for a bright and energetic effect that fits many styles of photography. Check out more previews at the link!

10 Creative Text Effects

Choose from ten creative text effects to make your headers stand out with this awesome package! Including fully scalable letters and effects, this pack features high-resolution layer styles that are easy to use. Simply add your favorite effect with just one click!

Christmas Text Effect Photoshop Action

Are you in the holiday spirit? Add sparkly effects to your holiday invites with this super pretty Photoshop action. Create magical, Christmas-inspired text that will fit all your holiday cheer. Enjoy this one-click action for less than $10. Add it to your collection!

Vintage Comics Text Effects

Our next text effect bundle includes ten high-quality Photoshop files for exciting comic effects. Inspired by the famous 20th-century comic book industry, this pack makes funny, romantic and thrilling text effects for your visuals. Add them to your collection!

Glitter Type

Design fabulous headers for stationery, websites and more with this extraordinary glitter type. It includes 49 characters of letters, numbers, and symbols, so you can mix and match each character for an incredible result. Change the brightness and colors easily to save time!

Illustrative 3D Styles

Add fun patterns and textures to your work quickly and easily! This illustrative 3D styles set includes three different styles at four different angles each! Make sure to install the pattern and action files included in order to make the most out of this package!

3D Ice Cool Freeze  Snow Text Effects

Create ice-cool text effects with the click of a button! This awesome Photoshop text effect is a new addition, with exciting frozen elements. Mimic the look of snow, frozen letters and so much more in less time! Get 40 different styles with incredible 3D effects.

The X-Ray Type

See right through your messages with this creative x-ray type. Inspired by real-life x-rays, this set includes a full set of letters created as adjustable smart objects. Enjoy using it with Photoshop or getting access to high-quality JPEGs. You’ll love the result!

Energy Text Photoshop Action

There are endless color possibilities with this next energetic action. Energy is a text effect action that is perfect for movie titles, typography and more. Create electrifying text effects with Photoshop versions CS5 and above. Check it out!

Text Effects Bundle

Need an epic text effects bundle? Try this incredible suite. It includes many trendy effects inspired by cosmic, underwater, and retro themes. Edit the shadows and light effects for brilliant, custom results. A quick PDF help guide is also included for more information.


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