30+ Creative T-Shirt Design Ideas

If you’re looking for some T-shirt design inspiration or want to design your own tee shirts but don’t know where to start, why not try a T-Shirt Design Maker like the one at Placeit?

The T-shirt design maker offers a wide selection of amazing T-shirt design templates that you can customise quickly and easily to create your own awesome T-shirt designs.

Design your own T-shirt line around the signs of the zodiac with this stunning T-shirt design template. The template comes with 12 beautifully drawn zodiac signs and a selection of terrific fonts.

Create T-shirts for the team with this awesome custom T-shirt design. Choose your illustration from the selection provided, enter your text, select your team colours, and your job is done.

You can make a whole series of pithy quotes with this cool T-shirt design template. The template presents a number of cool backgrounds—like this angry cat background—to which you can add your quote.

Looking for T-shirt design ideas for a summer camp or hiking expedition? Look no further than this nifty T-shirt design template. Use one of the designs provided or upload your own special logo or design. Then all you need to do is add your text and adjust colours and you’re ready to download.

Check out this T-shirt design inspiration with a dripping paint motif. What great quote can you add to this design?

Cats always look good on T-shirts, especially when they’re wearing sunglasses. Add your text, choose your font and colours, and wow your friends.

Design your T-shirt with a 50s vibe. Use this illustration, change the background, modify the colours, and add your text. That’s all you need to do to create your custom T-shirt design.

How’s this super vintage template for T-shirt design inspiration? The template features a wonderfully textured background combined with faux-aged graphics and text.

This cute T-shirt design borrows its style from the world of pop art. If the dog motif doesn’t quite work for you, there are a number of others to choose from.

Show your support for the LGBTQ community by creating awesome T-shirt designs that they and everyone else will love. The template offers a wide range of pride graphics and, as usual, you can customise all the text and colours.

This wonderfully imaginative series features a collection of fantastical animals that will charm anyone who sees them. You can customise the colour of the background and the frame around the illustrations—and of course the text.

Create T-shirt designs for gender fluid people that say “we love you as you are” with this awesome T-shirt design. You have your pick of really fun and funky illustrations.

When is a bunny not a bunny? When it’s a cat, of course. If you need T-shirt design ideas for Easter celebrations, this cat bunny template will make you and everyone else smile.

Create T-shirt designs that ask the big questions with this terrific template. It’s not called a Dramatic T-Shirt Template for nothing.

Go all “pop art” with this glossy lips logo. If the lips don’t do it for you, the template offers tons of other pop art graphics to replace them with.

Sometimes the simplest ideas work the best—like this DIY T-shirt design. Design your own T-shirt by selecting any of the vibrant backgrounds on offer, add your text, and keep this font or select another. Just like that, you have a custom T-shirt design.

Design your T-shirt with an old-school vibe when you use this graffiti-inspired template. There are loads of backgrounds to choose from, and you can swap out the motorcycle illustration for another cool image of your choice.

Tee shirt design ideas for the coffee lover in all of us. The template features a wonderful drawing of a coffee cup framed by text and parentheses.

Want to create T-shirt designs that are all about cacti? This is the template for you. The template contains several gorgeous illustrations of cacti, from the most prickly to the most huggable—almost huggable anyway.

St. Patricks Day is a day of celebration for the Irish everywhere. Design your T-shirt for St. Pattie’s day with this DIY T-shirt design that features bold graphics and a healthy supply of graphics referencing various aspects of Irish culture.

How many lifestyle slogans can you come up with in order to design your own T-shirt? Well, just one, really: Eat Sleep Surf Repeat.

The “Keep Calm and Carry On” slogan from WW2 became an instant success in 2000 when it was reprinted and has given birth to all kinds of Keep Calm slogans. Why not design your own T-shirt with “Keep Calm” as the opening line? Here’s the ideal template to see you on your way.

Want to inspire others to get out there and exercise? This template offers cute T-shirt designs for sports-related brands, with lots of images and graphics of bodies in motion.

Check out this template for creative T-shirt design ideas for Valentine’s Day. The graphics mostly play with the idea of food and love, so put on your thinking cap and come up with text that inspires a smile.

This DIY T-shirt design offers a play on several famous artworks by replacing the characters with animals—namely cats and dogs. Choose your favourite, select a frame that suits your taste, add your text, and your T-shirt design is complete.

Combine your quotes with unforgettable images. Type in your quote, and then browse the background images to find one that complements it.

This versatile template can be used to create any number of awesome T-shirt designs. Just enter your text, choose the background you find the most appealing, choose an image that complements the text, choose a colour scheme, and you’ll have created your very own T-shirt design.

For the free spirits in all of us, there’s this smashing illustration featuring a woman with flowers and birds covering her upper body. Customise it by adding your text and changing the style and colour of the woman’s hair. You can also add various graphics like butterflies to the composition.

Pug Life is a light-hearted play on the acronym formulated by Tupac Shakur, Thug Life. It features a pug in sunglasses, a thick gold chain with a dollar sign, and a decorative font. Customise as much or as little as you like.

If you’ve been looking for tee shirt design ideas to promote a vegan lifestyle choice, you’re in luck. This superb template offers terrific background designs and loads of vegetable and fruit illustrations. Add your text and mix and match elements to see what works best for you.

I believe that awesome T-shirt designs are easy to make with the Placeit DIY T-shirt design maker. Aliens? Not so sure about them.


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