50 Insanely Epic Tattoo Fonts

Whether you’re looking to get a tattoo for the first time or you’re a total tattoo snob, choosing the right font for your designs takes patience. So today we present you with 50 insanely epic tattoo fonts we’re sure you’ll love.

With a selection of fonts curated from GraphicRiver and Envato Elements, this collection features 49 awesome tattoo fonts you’ll definitely want to incorporate into your next ink.

Do you love tattoo design? We sure do! From wild decorative fonts to stunning handwritten scripts, we’ve got a font to cover all of your tattoo needs.

Enjoy this eclectic collection below!

The Razor Blade Font

This razor blade font is a design inspired by elegant handwriting. This Old English calligraphy font captures the unique style of the past while adding a new modern twist. Enjoy uppercase and lowercase styles you can use in any design program.

BloodOnMyBlade Font

Tattoo lovers, beware. This font will turn you into a badass in no time. Inspired by the west coast style of tattoos, this font type features an aggressive, gothic design. Included in this set is a complete package of letters, numbers, and punctuation.

Afterkilly Black Letter

This new blackletter font was made with creative designers in mind. Use it as the official typeface for your next book, or to kick off a new brand. Included in this download is a full suite of letters and numbers as well as punctuation.

Ancient Sword Font

Wield your words like an ancient sword. This next magnificent font is sharp and alluring. It combines several vintage typographic styles together and includes unique details and additions to each letter. Just visit the link to try it out!

Black Vision Font

Do you have a vision of black for your next tattoo? Well, try this Black Vision font on for style. This set includes an elegant vintage feel, and features a full set of letters, numbers, and punctuation to complete your designs.

Sirunian Typeface

Evolve with the right typeface. The Sirunian font is bold and strong. It captures the look of vintage architecture and works great for headlines, websites and more. Grab it today for just $15. Try it out!

Victory Typeface

Enjoy a wonderful victory with next brilliant font. Victory is an ornamental typeface inspired by vintage Victorian writing. It comes with standard upper and lowercase letters as well as additional numbers and symbols. Add it to your collection!

Tattoo Script Font

What better way to start off this collection than with an amazing tattoo font? This awesome script font was inspired by the swirls of traditional tattoos and a unique hand lettering style. Find packaged into this typeface a complete set of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and even a bonus set of borders for your convenience.

Aseina Typeface

If you’re looking for a unique font with that traditional vintage flair, then try the Aseina typeface for your designs. This font features a beautiful elegant feel, with the perfect mix of letters, numbers, and glyphs for that one-of-a-kind vintage style.

Conchita Typeface

Inspired by tattoo lettering, this all caps font features a bold style that is sure to stand out. Download this set to get access to a complete collection of uppercase letters, numbers, and punctuation.

Love Gothic fonts? This next selection includes amazing Gothic fonts that are perfectly suited for posters, print design and typographical projects. Check out our favorites.

Zenzero Sans Font

If you’re looking for a bold design, considering using this Zenzero Sans font for your tattoo art. An industrial-based font created with regular and round styles, this unique font type gives you endless possibilities.

Haext Regular Font

Explore the rustic Neo-Gothic elements of this Haext font for impressive tattoo designs. Part rune craft, part sacred goddess, this font is sure to put a spell on you with its spellbinding features.

Sadis Typeface

If you’re feeling a little crazy, throw this Sadis font into the tattoo mix. A black letter font inspired by that epic Gothic look, this font features a complete set of letters, numbers, and punctuation we’re sure you’ll love.

Sacred Geometry Font

Enjoy the sacred geometric shapes of this unique and inspiring font type. Inspired by sacred symbols, this font features letters, numbers, and basic punctuation. Incorporate it into your tattoo designs for that sacred personalized touch.

Captain Cook Tattoo Font

Named after the famous Captain James Cook who stumbled across the wonders of tattooed people in the South Pacific, this font features a cool decorative style perfect for a sailor or pirate. Its recommended size is at 36 pt or higher for a great design ideal for your next tattoo project.

Typewriter Font

Want a tattoo that is unique yet simple? Give this awesome Typewriter font a try. Inspired by the cool mechanical look of classic typewriter lettering, this font features 187 unique glyphs and all the letters and numbers you need for your next project.

Petit Jardin Font

Delicate with organic curly serifs, this Petit Jardin font is divinely lovable. Designed for that sweet, dainty look, this font package includes letters, symbols, numbers, and more! Use it for your tattoo designs for that gorgeous Art Nouveau look.

Alitide Typeface

Inspired by old western design, this typeface features a modern twist for creative tattoo lovers. Included in this set are several font files with a helpful video for using the alternative glyph characters.

Victoriandeco Font

A classic Victorian serif font that is simple and easy to use, Victoriandeco is a font you’ll definitely want to incorporate into an awesome tattoo design. Inspired by the Victorian era of British history, this font features all your essential characters with bonus ornamental elements for additional decoration.

Victorian Parlor Font

Designed with a traditional Victorian aesthetic in mind, this typeface incorporates that clean vintage look with unique swirls and glyphs. Included in this package is a full set of letters, multi-language support, and access to 350 glyphs.

Sekatoan Typeface

With three unique styles—clean, inline, and inline-shadow—this energetic typeface features an ornamental design that is sure to make you stand out. Be the envy of all your tattooed friends with this awesome vintage style.

Black Heat Font

Black Heat is a modern typeface inspired by the Victorian era of design. Download this package to gain access to a full set of numbers, letters, and additional support for international symbols.

Bekelakar Typeface

If you’re a fan of horror, metal, or gothic design, you’ll definitely love this Bekelakar typeface. Available in regular and an all-caps style, this font features a full set of letters, numbers, and basic punctuation.

Dramaga Typeface

Create drama with this insane Dramaga typeface. Inspired by the design behind the Posthardcore Band, this font features an intense Gothic vibe with unique angular accents. Download this font to feature this awesome style for your next tattoo.

Stiquez Font

Although this typeface is perfect for logos, you can also mix it into an awesome tattoo design. This unique serif typeface features a cool retro design that works perfectly in a variety of programs for further customization.

Annabel Font

This cool vintage font is perfect for your next ink design. Featuring a grungy design with interesting loops and curves, this package comes complete with four font files and so much more!

Food Craft Font

Get crafty with this unique Food Craft font. Designed with an unusual ribbon aesthetic in mind, this font would be the perfect addition to a standalone tattoo design. Included in this package is a full range of letters and more to fulfill your tattoo needs.

Stay Alive Font

Stay alive with this edgy font type. Inspired by the Victorian era and the posters of the 1800s, this font type features a full set of characters, numbers, and basic symbols. Use it for print work or that special ink you’ve been dying to get!

Our final selection is a collection of modern script fonts that are inspired by creative vintage trends. See our favorites below!

Bodega Script Font

A decorative copperplate script with a modern twist, this Bodega Script font is a stunning typeface with an elegant style. It’s perfect for print work, tattoos, and so much more, so highlight your favorite passages with this unique typeface.

November Script Font

Sail across the seas with this November Script font. Hand-crafted and then digitized for a beautiful calligraphic design, this font features a full set of letters, numbers, and some nice ligatures for tricky letter combinations.

Brushgyo Typeface

Suitable for print designs and creative tattoo art, this typeface features a modern script design that was handcrafted for that handwritten look. Included in this package is a full set of letters, numbers, and even multi-language support.

Stay High Typeface

Inspired by handwritten letters and the cool side of street life, this modern typeface features a wild curvy design with all the characters you could ask for. This font is perfect for graffiti lovers, and you can incorporate it into your next ink for a cool, edgy style.

Marchy Script Font

March into an awesome tattoo design with this gorgeous script typeface. Marchy was designed to illustrate a unique calligraphic style with stunning loops and clean lines. Featured in this download is access to a full range of letters and numbers with over 430 glyphs to incorporate into your designs.

Einstein Font

Bring out your inner genius with this awesome Einstein font. A sophisticated script with a playful baseline, this font features a full set of letters, numbers, and basic punctuation. Download this package to gain access to a bonus swash set!

Twenty Nine Font

Twenty Nine is a playful marker typeface featuring a simple curvy style. With a bouncy baseline and a few sweet bonuses included, you’ll be happy you downloaded this set. An additional set of handcrafted ornaments is also included for that extra awesome touch!

Jimmy Font Duo

Script fonts are super popular in tattoo designs nowadays. And this Jimmy font family includes a handcrafted script font designed to reflect the modern vintage trend sweeping the nation. Incorporate it into your next ink designs for that magical retro look.

SokaQola Font

A modern typeface handcrafted with brushes, the SokaQola font features an elegant design suitable for print work, tattoo art, and so much more. Included in this set is a full range of characters with additional stylistic ligatures for more design options.

Amorie Modella Font Family

Get dainty with this sweet Amorie Modella font family. Featuring a skinny, hand-drawn style, this font would work perfectly for a simple quote or even a unique name. Mix it up with flowers for an additional pretty element or keep it simple for a classic handmade design.

Rude Cookie Font

Get rude with this delicious typeface. A hand-drawn font designed with unique character, this file includes two serif fonts along with two script fonts. These fonts are created to work perfectly together, so you can mix them for interesting tattoo designs.

Hello Lary Font

You’ll be saying “Hello Lary” with this lovely handmade font type. A modern typeface created with brushes, this font features a full set of letters, numbers, and basic punctuation for all your tattoo needs.

Reckless Font Trio

Get reckless with this awesome font trio. Reckless is a handwritten brush font made with elegant curves and a unique style. Download this set to gain access to three handwritten fonts with all the characters you need for the ultimate design of elegance.

Balham to Brooklyn Font

Balham to Brooklyn is a modern monoline script font that emulates hand-drawn letterforms. It’s inspired by American pop culture and features a stunning cursive design that works perfectly for simple tattoo designs and so much more.

Roadhouse Blues Font

Start singing the blues with this handmade Roadhouse Blues font. Inspired by an early American style, its decorative swashes give it a friendly retro vibe. Download this package for a full set of letters, numbers, and basic punctuation.

Glamour Font

Get glamorous with this gorgeous font. A freestyle handmade signature type, this Glamour font is perfect for that awesome handwritten element. Included in this package are all the characters you need as well as 100 total freebies for more design experimentation.

Adorabelle Font

Enjoy the adorable qualities of this stunning, elegant font. A modern script with a looping calligraphic style, this font is perfect for a meaningful personal quote or a name-based tattoo design.

Beautylove Script Font

Enjoy the beauty of this classically designed typeface. Combining elements of copperplate and contemporary design, this font is perfect for a stunning yet simple tattoo. Included in this set are 300 glyphs and 118 alternate characters to complement your work.

Growler Script Font

A mono-weight script font, this type is heavily based on the modern era of traditional logo design. Make your tattoos stand out with this impressive font complete with letters, numbers, and so much more!

Honeycomb Font

Enjoy the fancy yet flirty elements of this delicious Honeycomb font. Designed with fat-to-thin brush strokes and an imperfect baseline, this font would work gorgeously for a simple tattoo design. Download this package to gain access to a complete set of characters and stunning bonus extras.

Mochafloat Script Font

To finish this collection of amazing tattoo fonts, I present you with this beautiful Mochafloat typeface. Created to emulate a modern calligraphic style, this package features 300 glyphs and 200 alternative characters.


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