10+ Modern, Minimalist After Effects Templates

A minimal video focuses on a few key elements. Simple text, clean graphics, and bold colors help your content take center stage.

There’s a reason that minimalist design is more popular than ever: We’re so surrounded by information, media and advertising—content—that it’s hard to hear the signal in the midst of all the noise. Minimalist design is a communications technique that you can use to make your point stand out for audiences, and leave a positive impression, without a huge animation budget.

To build your modern and minimalist video project in less time than ever before, it helps to use pre-built templates. Piggyback off the work of talented video animators and producers to save time and build an amazing finished video.

The best source for minimal and modern After Effects templates is Envato Elements. For a single flat rate subscription, you unlock more than a million creative assets. As part of an Elements subscription, you’ll have access to After EFfects projects as well as the stock footage, photos, and graphics to make this project yours.

Minimalist templates

Here’s how you can use projects from Envato Elements:

  1. Choose a project that fits your needs. That could include titles, logo animations, slideshows, and more
  2. Download it from Envato Elements, entering a license usage (even if you stop subscribing, you still have permission to use the project)
  3. Open the project in Adobe After Effects
  4. Check the included project documentation to learn how to use the specifics of the project
  5. Customize it easily, adding your text, footage, photos, and anything you need to fit your project vision

With so many great options, the hardest part of using Elements is choosing the one to use! Let’s look at 10+ of the best template options that you can use in After Effects to build a minimal and modern video.

Built to suit any video style, this versatile modern intro is dressed to impress. Featuring colorful overlays and stylish text, it’s a surefire way to capture audience attention instantly. Pair it with your own content for a winning opener.

Modern elements drive this fun slideshow template. It takes your amazing photos and styles them in a flash. This one is perfect for intros, major productions, marketing promos, and more.

Smoothly unveil your logo with this quick template. It’s fast and fun, without being too flashy. Ideal for major brands and upstarts alike, this one is the perfect complement to your brand.

Intended as a flexible minimal opener, this Modern Opener template has everything you’ll need to begin your next production. With easy custom options and unique placeholders, all of your content will find a home. And the text overlays do even more to help you introduce your work.

These minimalist logo reveals splash your image on-screen without distraction. Perfect for making a memorable appearance, they’re also super-quick to edit. Just drop in your own logo.

Lower thirds are video text overlays in the bottom section of a screen. They’re especially helpful for instructional and informative films. Now, you can use this stylish text template to add them to your own videos, with just a few clicks.

Built a new website, and ready to show it off? You’ve come to the right place with this modern web promo template. It serves as a viewer’s guide to any site, and puts all of your pages front and center.

Hip, fashionable templates like this can be the guiding stars for your next marketing campaign. Designed by professionals, they will boldly present your content to the world. Everything you need is included: image overlays, frames, text, titles, and more.

Sleek and modern, these minimalist openers look right at home in any video. Try them out as you introduce different blocks of content. They’re strong enough to support complex edits, but simple enough to use in quick projects.

Infographics are illustrations that help bring data to life, and this robust creator template helps you do just that. Their true power emerges in live video as charts and graphs animate in real time. This template has a full suite of infographics designed to support any form of data.

Video ads are a great way to promote your products, content, and services. A minimalist template like Modern Promo can quickly be adapted for almost any offering. Creative power is in your hands, with an array of adjustable images, animations, and text.

Relive past events and plan future successes with this interactive modern timeline. All it takes is a few clicks to drop in your own dates and captions. Use it for your next corporate history video, school project, or anything else measured across time!

Gritty, film-inspired overlays drive this modern opener. Try it as a promotional trailer for new movies, or just to show off old photos. Either way, the retro film theme brings even the most modern content to life.

Smooth transitions and quirky frames are two hallmarks of the Modern Opener template. The template delivers an immediate style boost, without the effort of complicated video editing. Trendy animations help bring it all together.

The hazy graphics in this opener template filter photos and videos for an unforgettable look. They combine with bold text to form a smoky, sleek intro package. It could be a winning cinematic opener, or a new ad to boost customer engagement.


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