20+ Must-Have Packaging Mockups for Product Designers

If you’ve created a great product and are looking for the perfect packaging mockup to test your label designs or to promote your product, then this list of 20+ must-have mockups will make you very happy. It features mockups created with the Placeit Mockup Generator, which allows you to add your designs to a variety of realistic packaging mockups so you can get an idea of how they’ll look in real-life scenarios.

Show off your designs with this terrific gift bag mockup featuring a young woman holding a small gift bag so that the label is clearly displayed, and smiling as she looks inside.

Looking to test your label for a new organic brand of washing-up liquid in an earth-friendly container? Then is mockup is just the thing for you. It features a domestic scene with hands washing dishes at a kitchen sink, with a liquid soap bag fully visible in the background ready for your design.

This cylindrical packaging mockup is perfect for those who want to see how their coffee or hot chocolate label designs look in a real-life scenario. The mockup could also be useful for advertising other food items like breadcrumbs, grains, or various sorts of ready-made soup.

This is a terrific jar packaging mockup that would make a great alternative to the cylindrical packaging mockup for testing or displaying a label for coffee, hot chocolate, or various spices.

You can put this gorgeous box packaging mockup to use in a number of ways. You could test label packaging designs for jewellery, watches, a new type of phone, gadget, or something else entirely. The sky’s the limit.

What could be better than being able to display your product design labels in a number of styles and dimensions? This gift bag packaging mockup allows you to do just that, with gift bags that range from small to medium to very large.

If you’ve created a terrific label design for a sports company and are looking for just the right bottle packaging mockup to test it on, look no further than this mockup featuring an aluminium water bottle in the foreground with a woman doing stretches in the background.

These two spray bottles in different sizes give you an excellent opportunity to display two different label design ideas for a new beauty or skin care product or to test the same label at different sizes. You can change the background colour of the mockup to match or complement the brand.

If you’re looking for mockups for a set of pump bottles instead of spray bottles, then this mockup is perfect for you. It offers a lot more customisation features than the spray bottle packaging mockup above. Not only can you change the background, but you can also change the colour of each bottle and its cap.

No matter how great the wine, no one will find it if it doesn’t stand out on a shop’s self. This gorgeous red wine bottle mockup will help you to test out your best ideas and see how they stand up in real life.

If you’re looking for a wine bottle mockup for white wine instead of red, this packaging mockup is the white wine equivalent to the red wine bottle mockup above. The light falls on the grapes, bottle and wine glass beautifully to show off your designs to the best effect.

Looking for just the right packaging mockup for your supplements? This medicine packaging mockup features two bottles on a wooden table with a blurred background that will allow your package label design to stand out.

If you’re looking for a drink packaging mockup to test your beer label design then you’re in the right place. We’ve got two terrific mockups for you to choose from. This one allows you to see your label in a real-life scenario of someone having a beer with their burger and fries. The beer bottle is dark, and your label design would sit on a silver background.

With this mockup, the beer is in a transparent bottle so that the colour shows and is isolated against a cold blue contrasting background. Your label design in this case would sit directly on the transparent bottle as opposed to on a silver background as is the case with the mockup above.

You’ve created the most delicious juice in the world, designed a couple of labels, and all you need to do now is to test your designs using a juice bottle packaging mockup to see which one works best for you. This juice bottle packaging mockup is exactly what you need. It features a closeup of a juice bottle with the placement for the label clearly visible and the background softly blurred so that the label holds the attention.

If you’ve been tasked with creating labels for shampoo and conditioner, this packaging mockup featuring twin bottles in a blue tiled shower is a great choice. Upload your images, adjust the colour of the bottle, and you’re done.

A great drink packaging mockup to display your milk or juice label, this mockup features a young woman sitting at a breakfast table with pancakes, juice and coffee in front of her. And, of course, a nice big bottle with the area for your label clearly displayed sits in the foreground.

This jar packaging mockup is ideal for beauty creams and potions as well as hair products.  Upload your beautifully designed label, change the background colour, and you have a great mockup ready for testing designs and showing clients.

This dynamic stop-motion photograph featuring a young woman drinking from a bottle is a terrific drink packaging mockup to show off your latest designs for various kinds of flavoured water, juices, or just still and sparkling water.

Have you designed a new environmentally friendly all-purpose cleaner and need a mockup to display your product in a real-world scenario? Then check out this spray bottle packaging mockup that displays a household spray bottle sitting on a table in the foreground of the photo, while a man cleans a window in the softly blurred background.

Sometimes you just need a gift bag packaging mockup against a plain background that you can colour however you need to. For those times, there is this mockup, which not only allows you to adjust the background colour, but also allows you to adjust the colour of the gift bag.

Pizza and fresh ingredients are a marriage made in heaven, so you’ll be happy with this pizza box packaging mockup that shows a pizza box sitting on a rustic wooden table alongside olive oil, tomato sauce, and a bunch of fresh ingredients. Just upload your beautiful design, change the box colour or leave as is, and your job is done.

Promote your delicious homemade jams with this jar packaging mockup, which pairs a jam jar with bread smeared with jam. The scene is shot outside to communicate freshness and wholesomeness. What could be better?

Display your new, natural, additive-free liquid hand soap or lotion with this packaging mockup, which shows a pump bottle sitting on a bathroom sink next to someone’s hands that are about to be washed.

What does the bag in this brown bag packaging mockup hold? Well, anything you want it to, really. You can use this mockup to advertise a clothing store, a gift shop, a shoe shop, a speciality goods store, or whatever purpose you need it for.


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