100 Super Awesome Photoshop Actions

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Envato elements Photoshop actions

Enjoy high-resolution scene generators, gorgeous print designs, and more. You’ll be in a sea of great design with this incredible collection of hand-picked resources and assets. In this article, we’ll check out a selection of 100 mind-blowing Photoshop actions only available through Envato Elements.

Want to see the caliber of assets waiting for you? Check out this remarkable collection of time-saving Photoshop actions that cover a wide variety of effects.

Cinnamon Portrait Actions

Enjoy the wildly mysterious and incredible richness of these beautiful Photoshop actions. Packed with 6 creative actions for toning and contrasting images, it lets you transform any portrait or editorial image into a warm cinnamon dream.

Anaglyph Photoshop Actions

Make your images pop like a 3D movie. Add a professional anaglyph effect to your photos, all with just the click of a button. Choose from 4 basic effects and 11 experimental actions to alter your imagery with non-destructive editing.

Pinhole Photoshop PS Actions

Create the natural phenomenon of the camera obscura with this gorgeous pack of presets. Explore 10 different color variations and professional visual effects crafted by a team of award-winning, passionate photographers.

RGB Glitch Photo FX

Looking for a non-destructive way to create an intense glitch effect? Check out this insane Photoshop action with distortion effects that is easy to use and even comes with a video walk-through.

Double Exposure Photoshop Action

Double exposure photography is the hottest trend in photo editing today. And this great tool takes out all the work you have to do by merging two of your favorite photos together. Create a professional grade double exposure in only a matter of seconds!

Pencil Sketch Photoshop Action

You can get fantastic artistic results using Photoshop actions. This pencil sketch action creates an outstanding and believable effect. Enjoy extra beautiful details like traditional hatching and crosshatching marks as well as a realistic paper texture.

Carbonium - Black White PS Actions

If you’re looking for a huge collection of presets to create stunning black and white imagery then check out this Photoshop action. With 16 cinematic black and white variations to choose from, you’ll create gorgeous high impact imagery in no time.

Peony Photoshop Action

Do you dream about another time in history? Create beautifully toned pictures with rich colors and imagery! This peony action helps you create a lovely portraits for fashion, blogging and lifestyle projects. Enjoy that fine art look in seconds!

Geometric Dispersion FX Photoshop

Master your action photography with this epic geometric dispersion action. This pack of Photoshop add-ons includes both action and brush files to create fantastic and trendy effects. This action works best on Photoshop CS5 and above.

50 AI Gradient Duotone Actions

Get that trendy duotone look with this great Photoshop action. This epic bundle includes 50 total Photoshop actions with colorful gradients to make your photos pop! Generate professional results in so little time! Add it to your collection.

Double Color Exposure

Step up your double exposure game by adding some color! This Photoshop preset creates beautiful double exposure effects with 7 different color styles to transform your photography.

Sandstorm Photoshop Action

Dissolve into a fierce sandstorm with this amazing Photoshop action. After brushing onto the areas of your photo that you would like to transform, simply hit the play button and watch your action create magic! Available now with 5 different effect directions.

Glow in the dark Photoshop Actions

This glow in the dark effect is nothing like those ceiling stars we all grew up with. Easily apply this effect to your photos for professional, non-destructive editing. Bonus light leaks action included!

Tesla Photoshop Action

Generate bolts of powerful lightning with this epic Tesla Photoshop action. Get realistic lighting effects with just a few clicks. This professional action comes with a well structured file with organized layers and additional perks! Change colors with added filters.

Fire Animation Photoshop Action

Do you enjoy intense pyro effects? Create wicked fire animations the responsible way with this cool Photoshop action. This high quality action might just be the game changer for you. Add it to your timelines for a boost in engagement! Check it out!

Anaglyph Glitch Photo FX

Combining two cool effects in one, this Photoshop preset applies a quick anaglyph glitch effect to your photos. With an extremely easy-to-use template, you even have the option of watching an online video tutorial to understand how it works.

Beauty Box Photoshop Action

Style your portraits just like the beauty magazines! This next Photoshop action is perfect for beginners to retouching. It allows you to apply various cosmetic effects for a more polished and well rounded look. Enjoy Hollywood smiles and makeup effects!

Impressionist Photoshop Action

Wouldn’t you love to create a masterful work of art? Try it yourself with this simplified Photoshop action. This incredible add-on creates stunning works of art based on traditional Impressionist techniques. Get realistic splatters and effects in just minutes!

Type01 Photoshop Action

How do you create portraits with words? Just use a Photoshop action! This type01 action is fun and easy to use. Just download and install the action, then fill your subject in with color and press play. Enjoy an in-depth video tutorial as an extra bonus!

Dispersion 2 Photoshop Action

Create a high energy effect that breaks your photo apart with this dispersion action. Simply brush over the area where you’d like to create the effect, and then play the action. It’s as simple as that! Experiment with different dispersion directions for more insane effects!

Pop Art Photoshop Actions

Make gorgeous pop art photos just like the greats! This Photoshop action generates instant pop art effects with over 20 high quality filters to choose from. Enjoy realistic results with incredible texture and more. Try it out on your favorite photos!

Faded Duotone Photoshop Actions

Create beautiful two-tone faded photos with this action pack. Perfect for adding drama to your Instagram photos or album covers, this pack comes with 20 high-quality Photoshop actions with an easy readme.txt file for additional support.

Scarlet Fantasy Photoshop Action

Walk into a fantastical world of charm and mysticism with this scarlet preset. This advanced color-process action is perfect for creating a fantasy tone to your images, and its warm palette adds a gorgeous allure to your natural light portraits.

Animated Snow Photoshop Action

Not everyone can live where it’s winter. Now you can create that magical wintry look with this fun Photoshop action. This snow action let’s you create realistic snowflakes with wintertime filters and more. Get 10 color effects along with five fog brushes.

Pet Photoshop Actions Collection

Every pet owner adores their furry friends! Now you can make your pet photos stand out with this collection of Photoshop actions. Made especially for pet lovers like you, this download includes 25 awesome filters with cinematic lighting conditions and more.

Fragmentum - Digital Breaking Photoshop Action

Break any object into a million pieces with this outstanding add-on! This Photoshop action creates realistic fragmented results for powerful images every time! It works best with versions CS3 and above and includes additional options for more colors.

CineStock Photoshop Actions

Create that popular cinematic look you love with this set of 18 incredible Photoshop actions. Adjust the tones, saturation, and contrast of your images to create that dramatic and intense look, all while leaving your photos in their original condition.

Matte Faded Photoshop Actions

Achieve that beautiful matte and faded look to your photos with this set of 17 Photoshop actions. With a variety of subdued and faded effects, you’ll give your images that beautiful dreamy quality with a click of a button.

Black White Photoshop Actions

Turn your images black and white with this professional pack of 31 black and white effect Photoshop actions. Perfect for photographers and graphic designers, it lets you give your images that high-quality look with actions created with precisely calibrated adjustments.

Watercolor 2 Photoshop Action

Have you ever thought about becoming a watercolor artist? Create fabulous works of art in less time with this watercolor Photoshop action. This action was made especially for designers and photographers and works great on action shots like the one below. Check it out!

Ink Press Type Action

Quickly create the look of a vintage letter press with this ink press Photoshop action. Choose from 3 different actions and 20 different patterns, all in one incredible set. Bonus monotone action also included!

Winter Photoshop Actions

Add rain, snow, or sunshine conditions to your landscape work! This creative Photoshop action is smart and simple to use. It includes 21 color actions along with different ones for weather conditions! Get that wintry style you need for powerful results!

Double Exposure Photoshop Action

Are your feeds looking a little dull? Spice up your timelines with this colorful Photoshop action. Make exciting double exposure effects that are trendy and unique! Check out this download jam packed with unlimited effects and a video tutorial.

Watercolor Photoshop Action

Want to create the stunning look of watercolor without the years of art school? Check out this amazing Photoshop action that lets you create this look by brushing onto any areas of your photo before simply pressing play.

Rain Photoshop Action

Add realistic rain to your photos with this Photoshop action. Included are actions to simulate drops of rain, splashing, and dripping water on your subject. Try out this action to add intense drama to your photos and watch the video tutorial for more help.

Speed - Photoshop Actions

Do you have a need for speed? Get lightning fast results inspired by action photography. This speed action generates fantastic motion blurs that are artistic and non destructive. Works best with images between one and five thousand pixels in size.

Landscape Photoshop Actions

This next pack of animations was handcrafted to highlight your landscape photography. Made with 20 different actions, this set adds creative filters and high quality adjustments to your work. Get detailed instructions in the included PDF file.

Painting Photoshop Actions

Transform your selfies into gorgeous one of a kind portraits with this next action. This Photoshop action produces high quality results prefect for web and print media. Wow your audience with silky paint strokes similar to traditional oils. Check it out!

Into The Jungle Photoshop Actions

Step into the wild! This imaginative Photoshop action is great for bloggers and social media gurus. It’ll make your selfies look fantastic and includes a collection of 10 professional actions made for nature and travel photographers. Get that style you’re looking for with this action.

Chocolate Photoshop Action

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Create a stunning faded chocolate look with this set of 8 Photoshop actions that transform your images with an intense darkness and lovely vintage-washed effect.

Skin Retouch Photoshop Actions

Need to perfect your portraits fast? Try a beautiful skin retouching action like this one. This action creates remarkable results that are super easy to customize. Build your client base with this professional action made with limitless looks and more.

Gypsy Portrait Photoshop Actions

Bring the free spirit out in your photography with this set of expressive actions. Included with this package you’ll find 4 professional portrait Photoshop actions that add that cinematic and expressive look to enhance your photos.

Venice Landscape Photoshop Action

Make effortlessly attractive cityscape and landscape photography with this next action. Designed for a moody and atmospheric result, this Photoshop actions adds more tone to your photos for an intense look. Works best for travel and lifestyle photography.

HDR Stock Photoshop Actions

Creating an HDR image usually requires merging multiple shots at different exposures, but with this set of Photoshop actions you can make your images pop by retrieving highlights and shadows easily. Choose from 18 different actions to create that incredible HDR look.

Analog Retro Photoshop Actions

If you love everything vintage then you’ll want to try out these analog and retro Photoshop actions. Achieve that vintage look with this set of 10 different actions to adjust the contrast and saturation to more faded and subdued tones.

Vibrant Landscape Photoshop Actions

Bring out the beauty of your landscape photos with this vibrant Photoshop action. Use this set of 10 time-saving actions to transform the clarity and saturation of your images.

Blueprint Photoshop Action

Save yourself hours of work drawing blueprints by hand! This next sweet Photoshop action delivers realistic blueprint sketches for architecture and cityscape photography. This action works best with high resolution photography 1500 pixels wide and above.

Ultimatum - Digital Art Photoshop Action

Channel the artistic flair of your favorite artists with this digital art Photoshop action. This multi-functional action allows you to transform your photos into digital art with 10 highly detailed color presets to choose from.

Sparkler Photoshop Action

You don’t have to be a professional photographer or have expensive equipment to create exciting light trail effects! Check out this sparkler Photoshop action for a quick alternative of this creative experience. Simply paint onto the area where you’d like the effect then press play!

Reddish Photoshop Actions

Perfect for outdoor and studio portrait photography, this set of 8 Photoshop actions gives your photos a subtle natural toning with saturated colors. Create that film-like look you love for your portrait and fashion photography.

Fearless 2 Photoshop Action

Feeling fearless? Draw your audience in with this splendid add-on. This Photoshop action is dramatic and unique. It applies a dark rainy scene to your photos for a believable effect! Try it out on portraits and different settings.

Seizure Photoshop Action

Step into an alternate dimension with this mind blowing seizure action. This Photoshop add-on creates explosive, shattering effects with brush and pattern files. Your result comes complete with fully editable layers that you can customize in seconds. Check it out!

Graphitum - Charcoal Sketch Photoshop Action

Transform any photo into a traditional work of art with this charcoal Photoshop action. Created with a highly detailed result in mind, this action contains 10 color presets along with a video tutorial for additional support.

Selective Color Photoshop Action

Remember the movie Sin City? You can create that same iconic look with this selective color Photoshop action. It’ll convert your image to black and white photography then give you the freedom to select the colors you prefer. Try it out on portraits and more!

Cognition Photoshop Action

Add a few geometric shapes to your portraits for a fun, modern look! Featuring one of the biggest trends in design today, this Cognition action creates futuristic effects in no time! Save days of work! Create awesome looking ads, banners, and posters for your social media and more.

Glitch Photoshop Actions Set

There is incredible beauty in digital errors. And you can add a vintage glitch effect to your photos with this awesome action set! This download includes 14 Photoshop actions with unique glitch effects. Enjoy realistic, distorted details you can customize fast.

Royal Wedding Pro Photoshop Actions

Feel and look like royalty on your special day! This next set of Photoshop actions was designed especially for weddings. Create that professionally polished look with one-click actions designed for web and print media. Add it to your arsenal today!

FilterGrade Light Leaks Photoshop Actions S2

Add the look of a natural vintage and film effect to your photography with this set of Photoshop actions. Choose from 20 state of the art light leaks to add beautiful moments of color and light to all your photography.

Aurora Light Photoshop Actions

Unlock the beauty of gorgeous Aurora Lights with this amazing action. Inspired by the natural phenomena that lights the night sky, these actions create realistic effects non-destructively. Get access to 16 Photoshop actions that are easy to apply.

FilterGrade Retro Series II Photoshop Actions

If you’re looking for a way to add subtle tonal adjustments to your photography then check out this series of 20 beautiful Photoshop actions. Create stunning imagery with high-quality, crisp details to get you started with your journey in photo editing.

Impasto Oil Paint Photoshop Action

Make a dramatic transformation! Turn your photos into amazing oil paintings with this next Photoshop action. Designed to recreate realistic, traditional paint strokes, this action is highly detailed and impressive. Also included is a helpful video lesson.

FilterGrade Retro Series I Photoshop Actions

Continuing our look at vintage Photoshop actions, add a subtle retro look to your photos with this FilterGrade retro series. With 20 tested professional actions to choose from, you’ll walk away with pristine photography that showcases advanced vintage photo effects.

Dust Photoshop Action

Add an explosion of color with this creative dust Photoshop action. Simply fill in the subject with a solid color and press play to create this colorful effect. Video tutorial included.

Zombie Photoshop Action

Brains! Create this unbelievably realistic and scary look of a sickly zombie with this high-quality Photoshop action. Make sure to apply this effect to a high-quality image and see your subjects transform into the walking dead in no time!

Dot Grid Photoshop Actions

Abstract your photography with a stylish dot grid. This Photoshop action pack includes various dot sizes to control the impact of this effect. Try it out on portraits for a unique look, or use it on city photography for a cool, modern vibe. Download it today!

Timberwood Authentic Photoshop Actions

This set of Photoshop actions is perfect for the designer hipster looking for that natural tone and cinematic look. Choose from 5 different actions to enhance your portrait, landscape, or editorial photography.

Night to Twilight Photoshop Actions

Create an instant twilight effect in just one click! Featuring multiple variations to control the twilight intensity, this action is super simple and easy to use. Simply open your nighttime photo into Photoshop then play the action. Give it a shot!

Lisbon Cityscape Actions

Live out your dreams with visually captivating travel photography. This next set of Photoshop actions is inspired by the city of Lisbon, Portugal. They’re one-click actions that give you moody and dramatic lighting effects we know you’ll love. Check out the previews!

Newspaper Art Photoshop Action

Transform your portraits with a super cool newspaper art effect with this creative Photoshop action. Save hours of work creating this look from scratch, and impress your followers and friends with this creatively abstract effect.

Seasonal Splendor Action Collection

Enjoy the amazing splendor of the seasons with this fantastic action suite! This collection of Photoshop actions delivers gorgeous results. Apply ambient lighting, fireflies and more for a unique and next-level look. Add it to your collection today!

Lomographist Photoshop Actions

Step out of a time capsule with exceptional, vintage-inspired photography. This lomographist Photoshop action set features 10 high quality actions that create vintage camera effects in seconds. Enjoy a unique take on your work inspired by classic formats like instant film and more.

Piratum - Map Art Photoshop Action

Argh me matey! Travel the world with this pirate map-themed Photoshop action. Create that old-world vintage look quickly and easily with a highly detailed result to enhance all your images.

Shimmer Photoshop Action

Show everyone how much you sparkle with this shimmering Photoshop action. Simply brush onto the areas of your photo where you would like to apply the effect, and then hit play. Includes a link to a video tutorial for additional support.

SoPainted Photoshop Action

Perfect that silky digital painting look with this nifty Photoshop action. This action works best with Photoshop versions CS3 and above. Just add six easy painting effects all with one click of a button. Great for portraits and macro photography.

Wall Of Lights - Photoshop Actions

Pump up the action with a powerful wall of lights! Great for musicians, athletes, and performers, this action places a vibrant wall of lights behind your subject. Adjust the light intensity and more for a custom glamorous effect.

Explosion Photoshop Action

Make your images explode with this high energy Photoshop action. Brush onto the areas where you would like this effect to occur, and then hit play and step back to watch the magic happen. Create a highly detailed effect with just a few steps.

Cinematic Photoshop Actions

Perfect for photographers and graphic designers, this set of 70 high-quality cinematic actions lets you put the drama of film into your hands. Created with precisely calibrated adjustments, it lets you bring your imagery to a whole new level with powerful impact and detail.

Sparklers Animation Photoshop Action

Make exciting sparkler animations with this cool Photoshop action. Produce color results that will shine all over social media. This action works best with versions of Photoshop CC and above. Check out the download to preview the action.

Falltime Photoshop Actions

Celebrate your love for that time of the year when the leaves turn yellow and orange. This set of fall-inspired Photoshop actions creates rich, atmospheric enhancements with 1-click toning. Included are 4 original actions perfect for your outdoor, portrait, and travel photography.

Toy Camera Photography Actions

Do you love indie photography? Get that wonderful vintage look that is perfect for all your memories. This toy camera Photoshop action includes 16 total effects with lens flares and distortion. A quick guide and cheat sheet is also included for more creative advice.

Double Exposure Photoshop Action

Blend wildlife photograph and landscapes together for a stunning effect! This double exposure action is creative and simple. It helps you easily blend two photos together for a bold new look! Add that creative spin to your timeline with this action.

Painter Photoshop Action

With this Photoshop action, paint like a real traditional artist in only a few short clicks. Try this look out on all your photography, from portraits to landscape shots and more!

Tracer Plus - Image to Vector

Convert your images straight to vector with an easy to use Photoshop action. Tracer Plus turns your rasterized images into editable vector files with just one click! With 10 variations included, this action is definitely one you’ll want to have. Show us your results!

Fireworks Animation Photoshop Action

Bring in the New Year with an exciting fireworks animation using this fun Photoshop action. Developed with care, this action creates glorious firework animations on portraits or landscape photography. It also includes a video tutorial to help get you started.

X-Ray Photoshop Action

Give your photos a faux x-ray vision effect with this insane Photoshop action. Included in this first and only high-quality action are two different versions to choose from with bonus sharpening and noise actions.

Charcoal Photoshop Action

Dive into this set of 3 remarkable Photoshop actions that turn your color photos into gorgeous black and white images. This elegant pack gives your images that retro/vintage feel and also works in Photoshop Elements.

HDR Photoshop Actions

Photoshop actions help you create professional-looking HDR effects in much less time! Check out this premium action, for example. Featuring 18 incredible HDR effects, this action allows you to use both JPEG and RAW files. Download it now to try it out!

Burn 2 Photoshop Action

This is the second version of the original Burn Photoshop Action. In this version, add intensely realistic flames, smoke, and glowing particles for that dramatic flair. Simply draw on the area where you would like to apply the effect and press play to be blown away.

Sloppy Press Photoshop Action

Need a one stop shop for all your vintage typography? Look no further! Here, we’ve got another great text effect action with 33 typography styles. These versatile styles range from outlined text to authentic aging and more. Add it to your collection today!

Blood Art Photoshop Action

Create an artistic composition with ink and blood with this beautiful Photoshop action. It’s perfect for portraits, photo manipulations, and more, and you can save hours of work with this incredible time-saving action.

Sin City Photoshop Actions

If you loved the insane cinematic look attached to the blockbuster Sin City, then you’ll love this Photoshop action. With this action, create a high contrast black and white image with a splash of color for intensity.

Acrylum - Modern Art Photoshop Action

Create magical works of art with this Photoshop action. Transform your photos into modern art with this explosive graphic style of dots and brush strokes. Available with 10 color presets and fully editable graphic elements.

Sharp HDR Photoshop Action

Sharpen your photos with that professional edge! This next Photoshop action helps bring your work to the next level. Create attractive HDR effects completely non destructively. Get professional results each time with this action. Check it out!

120 Duotone Photoshop Actions

Most Photoshop actions work by just downloading and installing them, then pressing play. And this next action is just that simple! Enjoy wonderful colors and more inspired by fabulous duotone trends. This one is perfect for any creative.

Cherry Fields Action

Infrared photography creates some of the most beautiful landscape imagery you could ever imagine. And now you can apply that same infrared look to your work with this cherry fields action set. Get one simple action with bonus sharpening and noise settings.

Vulcanum - Fire Ashes Photoshop Action

This extremely easy-to-use and gorgeous Photoshop action applies fire and ashes to your images in a matter of seconds. Add an awesome volcano effect to your photos with highly detailed fire, lighting, and ash elements.

Salt and Sugar Generator - Photoshop Actions

Generate amazing food typography with this salt and sugar Photoshop action. This action is a great way to spice up your titles for web and print work. Add it to your ad campaigns and enjoy print ready results!

Water Photoshop Action

Splash around with this fun water Photoshop action. Included in this action are water splashes, dots, and so much more to bring your graphics to life with this ultra-realistic effect.

Noire Photoshop Actions

Enjoy glamorous, quality photos with this impressive set of noire actions. Inspired by vintage-styled photography, this pack of actions includes 12 total styles to add that cinematic look to your work. Great for both Macs and PCs.

Escher Ribbon FX Photoshop Action httpselementsenvatocomescher-ribbon-fx-photoshop-add-on-extension-QANQX6

Have you seen all the epic ribbon effects on social media lately? You can make that same surreal effect with this Escher Ribbon Photoshop action. Designed with professional, high quality effects, this action is designed to work on any image or resolution. Check it out!


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