10 Best Instagram Stories Templates 2020

Instagram has become one of the most powerful and opportune marketing channels for modern businesses. A playful way to engage your users and express your brand, it’s all about interaction and story-telling.

When it comes to modern-day visual storytelling, Instagram still reigns supreme. From students to celebrities, personal brands to big businesses, the platform has been home to creatives and people who want to share moments with loved ones. One of their best features, boasting of over 250 million users every day, is Instagram Stories.

Instagram Stories are a format that is rapidly growing in popularity. And brands have taken notice. Whether it’s content or the promotion of a sale, the format is being used for a lot more than sharing what you ate for lunch.
But, with this new vertical video format comes some challenges. How do you create high-quality vertical video content at scale? By using motion graphics templates like these.

Instagram Promo mogrt by ae-rocket

  • No plugins required
  • Simple easy to use controller
  • Renders fast

Instagram Stories Bundle by abrial

  • 128 Instagram templates
  • 64 for Instagram Stories
  • 64 for Instagram posts
  • No plugins required
  • Easy to customize
  • Clean and modern

Instagram Stories Minimal Pack by monstrKesha

  • Great for sales, portfolio showcases, events, and memories
  • Easy to customize
  • Renders fast
  • No plugins required

Instagram Stories by PixField

  • Includes 30 stories templates
  • Works with any video or image
  • Includes free fonts

Instagram Stories by Motion-Bear

  • Works with images, and videos
  • Easily Customizable
  • Change colors easily
  • Video tutorial included

Instagram Stories Promo by VismovTV

  • Great for promos, sales, and product commercials
  • 4K Resolution, resizable to HD
  • Custom color control
  • No plugins required

Social Media Pack by fxrend

  • Vertical video, square video, and regular HD resolutions available
  • Easy customization
  • Video tutorial included

Social Media Vertical Stories by vcgmotion

  • 40 stories templates
  • Modular structure, and easy customizable, including colors
  • No plugins required

Social Media vol.1 by MotionAvalanche

  • Includes templates for sales, fitness, food, clothes, travel, and more
  • Includes Instagram Stories, and Instagram posts resolutions
  • Quick and easy to use

The Ultimate Story Pack — Final Cut Pro X & Apple Motion

Instagrammers, Social Influencers, Digital Marketers! This is your complete Story-Kit for your Social Channels with vertical video-stories, made for Final Cut Pro X and Apple Motion. These highly and easily customizable elements will give your stories a huge edge over your competition, helping you to gain more followers, sell more products and increase your conversion rate significantly!

  • 20 Pre-made Scenes
  • 10+ Transitions
  • 20 Titles
  • 10 Animated SwipeUp
  • 10 Backgrounds

Instagram Stories by EasyEdit

  • Covers 10 popular categories including beauty, business, and travel
  • Simple to use: just add your photos, videos, and text
  • Can be used with After Effects, and Premiere Pro

Get the Premiere Pro version

Get the After Effects version


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