15+ Stunning Examples of Stock Video Footage

Whether you want to give context to a scene, create a smooth transition between takes, or simply delight an audience with gorgeous visuals, stock video footage can be just what your audiovisual project needs. And here are 18 of the most stunning examples you can find in this new category on Envato Elements.

Immediately After Sunset

Immediately After Sunset Stock Video Footage

This 10 second, 4k video, shows a time lapse of a pink, purple, and blue dusk sky atop a peaceful and lonely lake.

Full Moon

Full Moon Stock Video Footage

A full and radiant moon peeks and hides from behind a thin veil of clouds on a dark sky in this 10 second video.

Water Drop

Water Drop Stock Video Footage

This mesmerizing video displays the effect a single droplet has on a body of water, along with the ripples it creates.

3 Pack Watch Close-Up

3 Pack Watch Close-up Stock Video Footage

The gears of a ticking clock can be stunning in their own right. This stock video footage is a visual testimony to the passage of time.


Beer Stock Video Footage

Who knew beer could be visually awe-inspiring? This video presents a yellow whirlpool of beer in slow motion.


Fireworks Stock Video Footage

Nothing says “celebration” like fireworks in the night sky. Add a festive edge to your project with this exciting display.

Nightlife People Crowd At Concert Or Club Party

Nightlife Stock Video Footage

In this next video, you can make out the shapes of a happy and energetic crowd enjoying a night at a party, concert, or club.


Storm Stock Video Footage

Powerful, intimidating, and enticing, this cloudy sky with dramatic lightning makes for a completely electrifying video.

Retina Eye

Retina Eye Stock Video Footage

In this next stock video, you’ll see an extreme close-up of a pupil in action, as it expands and contracts to let the light in.

Birds and Ocean

Birds and Ocean Stock Video Footage

A wave splashes on rocks as the silhouette of doves spread their wings to set flight in this 11 second nature video.


Chocolate Stock Video Footage

Aside from stunning you, this 35 second video of dark, thick chocolate being poured will make you hungry.

Sunny Spring Morning in Plum Garden

Sunny Spring Morning in Plum Garden Stock Video Footage

Nature can create some absolutely beautiful moments, like the one captured in this stock video footage of a plum garden blooming.

Rapid Chemical Reaction

Rapid Chemical Reaction Stock Video Footage

Chemistry can be visually majestic, too. In this video, reds, yellows, and oranges explode in a rapid chemical reaction.

Night Christmas Magic

Night Christmas Magic Stock Video Footage

There’s something magical about snow flurries that precipitate to the ground on a dark night, and this video shows it.

Red Lionfish, Pterois Volitans, Single Striped

Red Lionfish Stock Video Footage

The elegance of the red lionfish as it swims, and the deep blue color of the water, make this video a striking sight.

Night City Buildings

Night City Buildings Stock Video Footage

This stock video footage shows night life viewed through a static low angle and framed by a charmingly lit skyline.

Incredible and Snowy Winter Forest

Incredible and Snowy Winter Forest Stock Video Footage

This video is almost the exact opposite of the previous one: it’s an aerial shot that travels through the frosty landscape of a snowy forest.

Steam From a Mug With a Hot Drink

Steam From a Mug Stock Video Footage

You can practically feel the warmth emanating from this next video. Not to mention, how hypnotic the dance the steam does is.


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