20+ Best PowerPoint Templates 2020

We’ve curated the best PowerPoint presentation design templates with beautifully-crafted slide layouts, amazing graphics, and a bevy of modern options.

A great idea is only half the job done, the other half is how you present it, and part of that comes down to what your presentation looks like. A good presentation can help convey your key messages, keep your audience focused and engaged with the content being presented, as well as encourage sharing, should you want that. In contrast, a dull, totally boring template will have everyone yawning before you’ve even gotten through the intro!

We’ve put together a strong list of some of the best PowerPoint Templates you can choose from, to help you succeed in presenting anything from success metrics, company profiles, ideas, pitches and so much more.

If you’re rather looking for Google Slides or Apple Keynote templates, we’ve got you covered! Check out our top templates and bestsellers in those categories, too.

This modern PowerPoint template has the stylish graphics, cool slide designs, and slick animations you want for professional results. With a ton of unique features, it even packs in assets like device mockups and quick-to-use image placeholders. Use it to make an interesting PowerPoint presentation in a snap!

This trending (stylish) PPT template is a powerful tool made to dazzle audiences. It’s got cool presentation backgrounds and unique design elements. Plus, it’s great for a variety of presentation needs, from creative agency to corporate presentations, and more. It’s made to customize quickly and comes with resizable graphics, easy to work with slides, and is set up at full HD.

This is a good PowerPoint template with a solid set of modern PPT slide designs. It features many color schemes (light, dark, and color slide sets). It also has an assortment of the best cool PowerPoint themes and layout options.

It’s set up for easy customization with professional graphics. So, drag and drop to make changes fast!

Here’s a nice and unique PowerPoint template with a clean, minimalist style. It’s perfect for making creative or corporate presentations. It blends the right amount of trending design style with an elegant aesthetic.

It comes with an assortment of exciting layouts, cool presentation backgrounds, stylish slide designs. Plus, it’s got the professional features you’d expect, like full animation, master slide setup, and handmade infographics. Grab it today to present your unique presentation ideas in PowerPoint professionally.

This fun PowerPoint template has cool slide designs with great PPT layouts and pro graphics. It’s ready to use now. With 20+ interesting PowerPoint color schemes, handmade infographics, clean use of space, and bold text, this stylish presentation design is a great choice. Create amazing PowerPoint presentations quickly and easily.

Verzus — Minimal-Style, Awesome PowerPoint Template

This versatile PPT template has many stand-out slides with a minimal design aesthetic. It’s one of the best-looking PowerPoint templates. There are over 200 unique slides in this awesome set, which include: dynamic image with text layouts, handcrafted infographics, edible charts, custom graphics, and more.

These PowerPoint slides are setup to work with easily, including image placeholders and professional master slide setup, so you can fully customize your slide designs. Illustrate your concepts and make an awesome PowerPoint design quickly!

Great presentation template and responsive customer service! Highly recommended. — ckgleas11

i9 — Cool PowerPoint Presentation Template System

Grab this awesome PPT presentation theme. It has a cool design with transparent overlay features, including stylish color effects that add an elegant modern feel.

It’s quick to customize slides are made with smart art, pixel perfect master slides, lots of infographic and graphic element options, and more. Use this set of templates to create a beautiful PowerPoint presentation to impress your audience with.

Thanks you for a great presentation. I was just wondering if you have the color code for the storm theme? I want to use the same colors in our one pagers which i design in Indesign. Thanks — howbizdk

Eureka — Minimal, Cool PowerPoint Template Design

Eureka is a cool PowerPoint template with a modern design, creative slides, and a minimal sophistication. It has an awesome assortment of dazzling styles, such as: compelling use of shape, graphic, and image combinations — within over 200 slide designs.

It includes elegant features like cropped brush marks, maps, device mockups, and more. It’s rated a full five stars, with rave customer reviews like:

This is my first time buying slides online and i’m very pleased. The slides are very easy to edit and there’s a great selection of slides available. Guaranteed you’ll find what you need. Solid set — moseibon

Startup X — Creative Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template

This awesome presentation template is loaded with creative slides and includes hundreds of design options. It’s made for building professional PowerPoint decks, so you can quickly make a killer pitch to investors.

It comes with title, team, timelines, revenue models, infographics, and more slides to showcase your business ideas. It’s also a versatile theme, which you can use as a base for a number of types of presentations.

Super templates, everything works perfectly, the modification is easy. But above all, the design is BEATIFUL! The principle is to modify the power point too add a personal effect and recover the interesting slides so I find this project really good! If you are looking for a nice power point to amaze your colleagues, your friends or others do not look more, it will be perfect! — playmobilcyti

Mark 03 — Stylish, Ultra-Cool PPT Template (v2.0)

Dynamic shapes, colorful elements, and innovative flair mix with a clean modern design. If you have a creative prevention to give, that needs a cool, highly-stylish presentation design, then Mark 03 is an awesome choice.

This theme comes with over 400 unique slides with cool PowerPoint designs, such as tables and charts, infographic slides, full image slides. It’s made to be easy to edit, drag and drop picture ready, and fully editable graphics included.

This is the best Powerpoint template I’ve ever seen! Thank you — egemenerd

Prism — Minimal Style PowerPoint Template Builder Set

Making a striking presentation design is a lot easier when you start with an awesome PowerPoint template. Prism is a versatile theme packed with hundreds of unique slide designs.

It has a cool, minimal style and high-quality design assets like vector icons, data ready infographics, and device mockups. If you start your presentation design with the Prism template builder, you can make a great presentation deck fast!

Brilliant template. Lovely, clean design and very adaptable. — akhtarash

Unicorn — Creative PPT Startup Pitch Deck With Cool Slides

If you have a room full of potential investors to motivate, this modern pitch deck is a great choice to present your innovative idea with. It’s a modern, creative PowerPoint template, with an an attractive set of slide layout designs.

It comes with startup pitch templates built right in, such as slides to give your elevator pitch, details about your business, timeline to go to market, infographics, and more — to help you visualize all your points.

Load of assets here well designed, easy to work with. — wmilstid

Fox — Ultimate PowerPoint Theme With Awesome Designs

Fox is a modern PPT template with a minimal design style and awesome creative features. It includes over 400 unique slide layouts, a ton of icons, handcrafted infographics, custom animations, and more — so you can customize your presentation quickly. Use this professional, stylish theme to make a cool presentation design fast!

Awesome quality! Very quick response on my questions. — magizov

Moon — Cool PowerPoint Theme With Creative Slide Designs

This modern PPT theme has a number of cool features, such as creative shapes, transparency effects, and custom graphics that add elegance to these professional, minimal style slides. With an awesome mix of infographics, text with photos layouts, and plenty of presentation options with cool PowerPoint designs, Moon is a great template set to work with.

Easy to edit each element and offers a professional layout. — saksiri

Best Business — Awesome PowerPoint Presentation Set

This multipurpose PPT theme is made for giving awesome business presentations. It comes with over 300 unique slides based on what most businesses need. It has a five star rating and rave reviews, like:

Amazing — everything we needed in one deck — and fantastic, responsive support. — thenugget86

Ready to edit quickly, it comes with slide designs for showcasing your team, your mission, your business timeline, as well as your products and services. It’s packed with illustrations and unique graphics, with calendars, device mockups, color-coded maps, useful diagrams and so much more!

Pitch — Awesome PowerPoint Template With Modern Design

Your best ideas need to be heard. To make an impact when giving a presentation, you need visuals that back up your points and communicate clearly.

Pitch is a modern PPT template with a cool set of creative slide designs that are made to persuade. Whether you need to pitch investors, showcase your company at a conference, or tell an innovative story, this presentation set has you covered with all the professional assets you’d need!

Thanks for a stylish template. — Cecilia

Kaspian — Cool PowerPoint Presentation Template Set

To create a great presentation can take quite some time, unless you start with a PowerPoint template that has a great set of slides and design features that make it easy. Kaspian is a PPT set with a cool, minimal style, that pairs dynamic shapes, and cropped photos, with skewed elements on angles and classically clean text layouts. This high-energy deck is ready to use to showcase your powerful ideas!

I love this PPT Template. There are so many slides and possibilities I have never seen on any other template. — bensonbutt

Material — Flat-Style, Cool PowerPoint Presentation Template

The Material design PowerPoint theme has a flat trendy style, which is great for creating cool presentations that showcase modern businesses, software or online service companies, or innovative ideas.

There are over 200 easy to edit slide designs, multiple header and backgrounds styles, as well as an assortment of graphics and unique color combinations. It’s overloaded with creative slides, for telling a great story, highlighting your business strategy, and showcasing your success!

I love this PPT Template. There are so many slides and possibilities I have never seen on any other template. — bensonbutt

MNML — Cool PowerPoint Template With Creative Designs

This five star rated PowerPoint template has a very cool design with a unique minimal aesthetic. While it’s packed with over 150 modern slide designs, and custom layouts, it doesn’t feel overdone. You can quickly create an authentic presentation with an awesome PowerPoint design — one that convinces visually and backs up your powerful points!

Thanks a lot for additional maps! — yua

Modern — PowerPoint Templates With Cool Minimal Style

If you need a clean PowerPoint template with a simple cool style, then this Modern presentation design is made for you. It’s one of the best-looking PowerPoint templates. You can visualize your business or creative ideas quickly, showcase your points with bold typography, alongside powerful photography cropped into energetic shapes, or inside easy to understand infographic layouts.

Good design! — AishwaryaRai

Balance — Simple, Cool PowerPoint Presentation Template

If you need an awesome PowerPoint template, with a minimal cool design, Balance has just what you need. It’s a gorgeous deck with a number of creative slide designs. It features compelling uses of photos, text, skewed shapes, and comes with a number of icons and infographic designs. It has everything you’d want to make a great presentation quickly!

I Soft — Colorful Cool PowerPoint Presentation Template

This cool PowerPoint template has a number of colorful slides with full-width photos, plenty of creative vector graphic illustrations, and professional infographic slides, as well as impressive animation effects that you can make quick use of. Showcase your important points, and back them up with killer data visuals, and an awesome PowerPoint design that comes alive with this modern presentation set!

Socran — Sophisticated & Cool PowerPoint Template Set

When you have an idea that’s clamoring to be heard, and an audience that needs to be won over, you need a template that packs an awesome punch. Socran is a stylish, minimal presentation theme with over 100 unique slide, powerful data charts, and beautiful layouts — so you can quickly make a presentation that communicates and persuades!

Vidova — Awesome Modern PowerPoint Presentation Design

If you have an audience that should really feel what you have to say, then you need a cool PPT template that can help you visualize your ideas. Presentations need to tell stories, and do so in a concise and compelling way, with powerful graphic slides that compliment your points. This template packs in a number of modern design elements, from dramatic image layouts to bold type, which you can use to make a great deck with fast!

Liberty — Unique PowerPoint Presentation Theme Design

Liberty is an energetic PPT presentation design, with creative layouts, that uses cool graphic elements, icons, and infographics to call attention to important headings and areas of text.

You can customize all these elements with your own info, photos, and more. It’s made simply, so you can easily change it to your presentation needs, adjusting colors, inserting you messaging, and dragging in your own elements quickly.

Miza — Cool Business PPT Template With a Clean Style

This minimal PowerPoint template has a clean style mixed with fresh design elements. It comes with diagram collections, cool textual and image data slides, as well as infographics, charts, graphs, and plenty of icons. Use it to create a number of business presentations with, as it has a full range of flexible presentation assets with cool PowerPoint designs and easy to work with features.

I work so perfect, very well made. Congratulations! – israullm

Transparency — Cool PowerPoint Template With Awesome Designs

With over 350 unique slide design, and cool transparency effects, this awesome PowerPoint template is made for creative business presentations. Put its modern and timeless style to use to bring your ideas forward with just the right blend of photo, text, and design elements. There’s a ton of charts, icons, mockups, creative layouts, and more — ready to make your presentation stand out and be remembered!

I bought it and it looks good but how do I remove the “TRANSPARENCY” text that is in every slide? – davidrapps


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