7 Best iPhone XS, XS Max & XR Mockups 2019

The recent Apple keynote event unveiled a series of new iPhones. For designers, this means it’s time to update the old mockups on your websites, portfolios, and presentations. To help you out, we handpicked a set of iPhone XS mockups along with XS Max and XR mockups.

Keeping your websites and portfolios up-to-date is an important part of staying relevant and maintaining the user experience. Imagine what your audience might feel when they visit your website and see screenshots of apps and websites shown on a set of outdated iPhone mockups. Even when you’re presenting a design to a client, you should always aim to impress.

With the help of these easy to use iPhone XS mockups, you’ll be able to give a refreshed look to your presentations and showcase your screenshots and designs like a true professional.

iPhone XR Mockup PSD

This stylish iPhone XR mockup features the latest Apple handset in perspective view. This allows you to showcase multiple screenshots in a single image. It’s also perfect for a website portfolio section. The mockup is available in a customizable PSD file. The device can be easily resized and you can replace the screen using smart objects as well.

iPhone XS Max Mockup

The new iPhone XS Max is a very tall device. This makes it perfect for showcasing long website and app screenshots in your portfolios and presentations. This mockup features a black color version of the XS Max. The mockup is easily customizable and you can change its background and even resize the device to any size you want.

New iPhone XS Mockups

This iPhone XS mockup comes with both front and back views of the new Apple handset. It’s ideal for showcasing your screenshots and also for creating headers for websites. It will also come in handy when designing mockups for new iPhone cases as well. The template is easily customizable and comes in 2 styles of PSD files.

Editable iPhone XS Mockup

Another customizable iPhone XS mockup. This template features the black color version of the new Apple device. It comes as an editable PSD file featuring smart objects. You can also change the background and resize the mockup device however you like. It’s available in 2340 x 1560 resolution.

iPhone XS & Max PSD Mockups

This is a bundle full of iPhone XS and XS Max mockup devices. The collection includes 12 different mockups of the latest phones with different color variants, including silver, gray, and gold. The mockups come with smart objects and changeable backgrounds. You can use these mockups to present your designs to clients and in portfolios.

New iPhone XS & XS Max Mockups

A pair of iPhone XS and XS Max mockup templates. This set includes easily customizable PSD files featuring the latest Apple phones with organized layers and smart objects. You can also change the backgrounds as well.

Animated iPhone XS Mockup

This unique iPhone XS mockup template allows you to showcase multiple views of your websites and apps with animated screenshots. The background is changeable and you can feature up to 3 pages in the animated mockup. The template is available as a PSD file, which you can easily customize using Photoshop CS6 or better.


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