10+ Cool and Modern DIY Concrete Projects

Concrete is, believe it or not, a very versatile material. It’s not used just in big projects and buildings but also for smaller, DIY projects. You can make all sorts of things out of concrete and it’s actually quite easy. It’s a material that allows you to shape it however you want without too much effort. Let’s take a look at some projects.

1. House Number

This is an interesting thing you can make for the garden. You need foam numbers and a mold in any shape and size you want. Make sure you place the numbers upside down. You can put the concrete slab in the garden and let the grass grow inside the numbers.{found on chezlarsson}.

2. Drawer Pull

Another interesting thing you can do with concrete is a drawer pull. Well, you’ll probably need to make more than one. It’s easy: you need small cardboard boxes from light bulbs or things like that, concrete and screws.{found on projektila}.

3. Flower Vase Base

Concrete is not exactly the best material for a vase but it can be if you make a concrete cylinder or another type of base and you insert a test tube in its center. It’s modern and original.{found on adailysomething}.

4. Clock

Concrete clocks are easy to make and they’re one of the easiest projects. You can choose any shape and design you want by creating a mold to your liking. Then simply pour the concrete into the mold and attach the clock mechanism.{found oninstructables}.

5. iPad Stand

One of the things you want near your iPad or iPhone is a concrete surface. It’s why this project is so surprising. This is a concrete iPad stand. But even more surprising than the choice of material is the way it was made: using a popcorn form.{found on site}.

6. Framed

You can also use concrete to make tiny decorations for your home. For example, here’s an idea you can use for Halloween but also for the rest of the year: find a mold with an interesting shape, like this skull for example, pour concrete into it, let it dry and then take it out. Attach the decoration to cardboard or foam and frame it.{found on skonahem}.

7. Hearth Drawer Pull

Here are some more beautiful drawer/door pulls made of concrete. These ones were made in a rubber ice tray but any other suitable mold would be just fine.{found onsignedbytina}.

8 | Wall Hook

This concrete light bulb wall hook is one of the most interesting projects so far. It has a simple and versatile shape which is perfect for hanging coats, hats and other accessories and it also has a nice industrial look while also being stylish.{found on instructables}.

9. Fridge Magnets

Another one of my favorite concrete projects is this magnet. These lovely fridge magnets are very easy to make. You need a mold with any shapes you want. You pour the concrete into the mold, you put the magnets on top and you press gently and then you wait for it to dry.{found on athomeinlove}.

10. Table Numbers

Table numbers can have all sorts of interesting shapes and designs but what could be more resistant and durable than a concrete table number? To make these you need paper mache numbers, concrete and spray paint if you also want to add some color.{found on loveandlavender}.

11. Cutting Board

Another useful project can be a concrete cutting board. To make one, you need a plastic mold, concrete mix, a wire whisk, a stir stick, water and canola oil. Sand down the board if it has rough edges.{found on adailysomething}.

12. Concrete Candle Holders

This project is so easy I don’t even know what to say about it. You basically need a milk carton and some concrete mix. Cut along the side to make a flap lid and cut out holes large enough for the candles to fit inside. The rest doesn’t need directions.{found onchezlarsson}.

Maybe you’ve this type of concrete fire columns…they look beautiful. This is a DIY version with candles instead of the flames. To make the concrete bases you need cardboard building forms.{found on inmyownstyle}.

With a few simple things like coins, sticker tape and plastic cups plus, of course, the cement, you can make some lovely votives with a laced pattern and elegant design. You can further personalize the designs.{found on sayyestohoboken}

This rather rough-looking candle holder, if you can call it like that, was made in a baking pan. After you pour in the concrete, you insert the candles. You let the cement dry and then you can burn them out completely to make room for new ones.{found onsignepling}.

What’s nice about these particular candle holders is that you can either use them individually or you can stack them. They’re quite easy to make and you don’t need much time nor lots of supplies for the project.{found on naver}.

You can basically use anything as a mold and fill it with concrete, even the bottom portion of a plastic bottle. Cut out the top of the bottle, pour in the cement, make the holes for the candles and then wait.{found on ellasinspiration}.

You can also use an empty soda can as a mold. After you pour the concrete into the mold, put the candle on top and put something on it so it doesn’t get pressed up. Let the concrete dry, remove it from the mold and you have a votive.{found on monsterscircus}.

There are all sorts of designs and ideas you can use if you want to make candle holders. You can make individual candle holders and you can come up with a design for one capable to hold two or three candles.{found on nimidesign}.

13. Concrete Planters

To make any kind of concrete planter you basically need two types of concrete boxes or two types of containers. They need to be in two sizes: a bigger one for the mold and a smaller one for the interior. After that you can spray paint the planters.{found onruffledblog}.

This is a planter with a very interesting geometric shape. The mold is made of cardboard and you can see the template for it in the photos. It’s just a bunch of triangles connected in different ways.{found on abeautifulmess}.

The molds for these simple-looking planters were made out of plastic bottles. You can cut off the top portion of the bottle and decide how tall you want the planter to be. The rest is very simple.{found on handmadecharlotte}.

The two containers you use for the mold don’t necessarily have to be placed symmetrical one the center of the other. For a more modern look, choose a design similar to this one. It’s very chic and the planters would make a lovely gift.{found on site}.

And here’s the symmetrical version of the same modern and simple planters. They’re very lovely and very beautiful and they can be made in various sizes and shapes.

14. Concrete Lighting Fixtures

An easy project you might like is lamp base made of concrete. You just need to figure out the shape you want to give it and the size, to make a mold and to let the concrete do the rest. The whole thing can be done in just a few minutes and then you simply wait.{found on pastill}.

Concrete is a great material for a lamp base because it’s heavy and sturdy. Also, you can make the base in any shape and size you want. This desk lamp can be made from scratch when you have some spare time.{found on site}.

Here’s a very interesting and easy way of making a table lamp: you need a balloon and concrete mix. Blow up the balloon to the desired size and coat it with wet concrete. Make sure to leave a hole for the wires. Smooth out the surface with a sponge and let the cement dry.{found on elinsvra}.

With the right type of mold you can also make a great pendant lamp for your home. You can hang it in the kitchen or anywhere else in the house. Spray paint or leave it as such if you prefer a rough look.{found on esmeraldas}.

A very nice pendant lamp can be made using two plastic bottles of different sizes. This time you need to use the top portion of the bottles because they’re perfect for the project (they already have holes for the wires).{found on brit}.

This lampshade is very interesting and it has a futuristic look but, when you take a closer look, you see that it’s actually very simple. You can make something similar with concrete and metallic tubes.{found on weekdaycarnival}.

For this outdoor lighting fixture you’ll have to make a special mold out of wood. The design is simple although it may seem complicated. Installing the wires and everything else is not difficult either.

15. Concrete Bookends

Concrete is the perfect material for a DIY bookend. It’s heavy and easy to work with. For example, you can make a diamond-shaped bookend. The mold can be made of cardboard and, once the concrete is dry, you peel it off.{found on site}.

If you want, you can also make monogram bookends. You need fiberboard letter for the molds. The process is the same as for any other type of mold.{found on eilentein}.

This is also a monogram bookend but it’s quite different from the other one. It has a compact shape and the monogram is inserted into the concrete.{found on thebeatthatmyheartskipped}.


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