30+ DIY Log Ideas Take Rustic Decor To Your Home

A few old branches aren’t worth much to us (unless there’s a fire in need of building), but this post will convince you that they are worth a second glance. You will find some people take a bunch of logs and turns them into a piece of furniture; Also you can find many kinds of home decorations out of logs, just as candle holders, vases, coat hook and wooden lamps…

01. Birch Tree Log Coffee Table

02. Handrail From A Log

03. Dog Feeder

04. Log Chair

05. Table Lamp

06. Log Bath

07. Bird Feeder

08. Log Relaxing Chair

09. Bedside Log Table

10. Tree Branch Coat Hanger

11. Bedside Lamp

12. Book Libraries or Shelves

13. Log Candles

14. Log Fountain

15. Log Wall Art

16. A Log Votive Centerpiece For Thanksgiving

17. Log Vase

18. Garden Log

19. Table

20. Rustic Cake Stand

21. Hooks On A Log

22. Log Table Stands

23. Log Bowls

24. Log Stairs

25. Log Wall Art

26. Pencil Holder

27. Log Wall Murals

28. Indoor Log Flooring

29. Reuse Of An Old Tree To Make A Log Pathway.

30. Log Table

31. Log Vase

32. Woodland Herb Garden DIY Project

33. Wood-Music-Speaker-Dock-for-iPod

34. Log Sitting Places

35. Log Slice Vase

36. Log Stools Painted With Glow in The Dark Paint

37. Wood Log Table


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