10+ Ideas For Designing An Art Deco Bathroom

Art Deco is considered one of the most recognizable designs in modern times over the last century. Art Deco is a style that has been used in art, architecture, and design and was first introduced just before WWI in France. Art Deco consists of sleek, bold, clean lines and the art is now popping up in bathroom designs everywhere.

We have collected different Art Deco Bathrooms that have incredible design ideas and are actually quite motivational.

A Crawl Space Art Deco Bathroom:

The architecture in this loft along with a gold bathtub speaks volumes about Art Deco in this bathroom. In combination with clean, clear lines the gold bathtub stands out. This bathroom plays an important role in modern day Art Deco.

The Modern Art Deco Bathroom:

This gorgeous modern bathroom offers a pebble built-in tub which delivers incredible charm and the padded toilet has a wonderful pleasant feel to it.

Dark Art Deco Bathroom:

A very striking bathroom with large African American bathroom tiles that are very glossy and the brilliantly white vanity creates a spectacular contrast with an eclectic design that is known by its decorative elements, geometric and beveled shapes, and the popular use of glass and metal. Add a striking red color to a striking dark bathroom evokes a sensual and charming ambiance.

A Geometric Art Deco Bathroom:

This geometrical appearance is not only stunning but enchanting using exceptional style and unique design. Using a wooden counter along with a black and white carpet offers a very exciting modern feel to the bathroom.

Brilliant & Bright Art Deco Bathroom:

This bright bathroom is designed with a painted wood paneling and a nice built-in tub. The entire design induces an atmosphere that is quite cozy. Add some contemporary items such as this contemporary chair that creates a sophisticated look.

A Captivating Art Deco Bathroom:

A very large bathroom is exceptionally marvelous with tons of geometric designs and styles. The clean bright counter is very striking with an Art Deco appeal along with its substantial toilet style.

The Trendy Art Deco Toilet:

A wonderful patterned wallpaper along with your vintage white and brass bathroom creates a distinctively gorgeous appearance in a classic Art Deco bathroom. Add a wonderful geometrical mirror that provides a wonderful focal point while adding a decorative touch to the walls.

The Tradition Art Deco Bathroom:

A traditional Art Deco bathroom uses a bold and yet delicate atmosphere that creates a remarkable overall look. The black and white tiled bathroom floor offers a contrasting style and increases the measurable physical appearance of the toilet.

The Clean Art Deco Bathroom:

This white Art Deco bathroom with striking black and white flooring offers a striking impact. Decorated in modern art, along with many luxurious plants, modern goblets, and a walk-in bathtub. It’s a true stunner!

Contemporary Art Deco Bathroom:

Along with gray and bright colors, this is a vintage Art Deco bathroom design. It also offers a very visual appeal that is totally contemporary. With fashionable artwork above the stand-alone bathtub brings a wonderful touch of art to this Art Deco bathroom.

The Extraordinary Art Deco Bathroom:

The mixture of concrete and splashes of brilliant red makes this a splendid Art Deco bathroom. Its rich luscious colors offer a vintage and modern atmosphere along with the highest-quality of vintage accessories. Take some ideas and start designing your perfect one-of-a-kind Art Deco Bathrooms.

In Conclusion:

Art Deco has always been a wonderful design that offers geometrical, clean, lines and seems to fit into any cultural time. It is one of the most recognizable designs and has been used in many different elements. Art Deco has been used in artwork, architecture, and a huge number of designs.

Art Deco has influenced clothing, jewelry, watches, mirrors, tiles, wallpaper, and the list is endless. As of late, Art Deco has come back in designing rooms, including bathrooms. We hope some of these ideas will help you redesign your bathroom or if you are adding a bathroom to your home.


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