30+ Really Unique Ideas For Your Half Bathroom That Will Thrill Your Family and Friends

Half bathroom ideas – If you are considering updating your old half bathroom but are on a budget and not good at carpentry, you’d be amazed what a little imagination and creativity can do.

Let’s face it; half baths are small, confined spaces, so coming up with clever ideas can be somewhat of a challenge.  The upside, if you put your creative juices to work, you’ll be amazed what you might come up with.

For your DIY project, here are thoughts that will give you some inspiration to get you going.  You do not have to break down walls, add windows, or get involved in huge renovation projects.

Some projects will be so simple, you might wonder why you never thought of it yourself.   If you are not capable of physically changing your bath’s construction, it doesn’t mean you can’t add space.

1. Create an Illusion

Often, small bathrooms are found in older homes. If you just want to create an illusion that your bath is larger than it is, consider colors that add the look of more space. Replace large, cumbersome sinks and countertops with smaller designs. Replace old lighting with something that accentuates your bath or add mirrors to make the room look larger.

2. Color

White is not one boring shade. There are many tones of white, off-white, or tan to create a nice atmosphere, while making your space look larger. If you are handy, lay down decorative tiles in an area, instead of a rug, for a nice touch. There are many wonderful designs; you simply peel off the backing and lay them down.

3. Towel Holders

Instead of the standard bar towel holder, consider some clever designs, such as a rope towel holder. It takes up less space and is ideal for a beach-themed design. Use soft two-toned colors, such as light tan or sand, for the walls and floors. You are now at the beach!

4. Toilet Paper Holder

Get creative! Go to a place like Home Depot and pick up a holder designed with shelves or if you are clever, buy a piece of wood and incorporate a paper holder into the bottom area and paint it to match your new decor. Now, you’ve got a nice two-in-one functioning space-saver. Place a plant, some knick-knacks, or a vase for a nice touch.

5. Glass Doors

If you can replace your shower curtain, use a space-saving sliding door. Also, consider vertical tiles that run from the bath to the ceiling or floor to ceiling to give the illusion of height.

6. Smaller Sinks

Pedestal sinks take up a great deal less space than your standard countertop version. A pedestal sink with a mirror will make your small space larger. Consider a smaller, round (or curved) sink with drawers to store towels. The curved design will provide more space while offering functionality with drawers.

7. Industrial Pipe Shelves

You can buy these at your home improvement facility or home design shop. The pipes are designed like shelves, fit more closely to the walls, and the wood planks serve for the finished look. They take up a great deal less space than cabinets and will give your bath a country-style look.

8. Your Mirror

Take your frameless mirror and create a frame around it. This little touch will add to your new bath’s theme. You can stain or paint it in any color that accentuates your new design.

9. Beautify with plants

Bring your bathroom to life — Plants make good decorations, and when put in a bathroom, they give that essential air of freshness.

To maximize space, you can put the plants on shelves or hang them from the ceiling. Certain plants don’t require much light to thrive.

10. Create a mirror storage case for the bathroom

This is a great project for the savvy DIY builders, provided you know how to use power tools. You can obtain free printable plans for this custom DIY project from Shanty 2 Chic. This provides you with more space to function in a tight half bath space. You can save a lot of space for your bathroom necessities by using a full-length mirror to get ready.

11. Decorate the walls with stencils

Say goodbye to wallpaper and hello to stencils! There’s something about patterns that grabs your attention. You can use stencils to create interesting visuals in your tiny bathroom space using a smaller budget.

The entire atmosphere of this half bathroom was transformed into an elegant design using Thrift Diving. It’s time to check this out!

12. Create a charming Sign

This is a charming “Pottery Barn Inspired” DIY project used to assist your guests to locate the bathroom. You can customize it with colors and fonts of your choice. You can learn all the steps from Emily from City Farmhouse!

13. Use Glass Tiles to Decorate a Mirror

Use glittering tiles to add a little sparkle to your half bathroom! The project is easy and can make a world of difference. Sand and Sisal’s Kim obtained the approval of her son to carry out this awesome transformation!

14. Design Shabby Chic Mason Jars

We cannot overemphasize how awesome mason jars are. And for half bathroom decoration, they don’t disappoint.

You can make use of Amy Howard One Step Paint (which is tougher than craft paint) to transform the look of the mason jars to produce a rustic and chic set of bathroom storage and accessories!

15. Convert an old window into a rack for towels

You can go to a thrift store or an antique shop to find old windows you can transform into a stylish feature for your half bathroom. At Strawberry Jam House, you can learn how to transform what would ordinarily be junk into something functional and striking. Tara makes use of decorative fabric to line the inner part of the glass in this DIY tutorial. The effect is beautiful.

16. Decorate with black

Typically, half bathrooms have little space, which is why decorators make use of bright or pastel colors for the walls and light sources to make it appear more open. This decoration idea, however, is the opposite of this technique and produces wonderful results. Experiment with dark colors accented with metallic frames and vibrant images for your half bathroom, and you won’t be sorry you did.

17. A Sign Devoid of Words

Making use of male and female wooden cut-outs is another awesome way of showing your guest where the bathroom is located. This can add a fun angle to the restroom symbols all over your house.

This is an easy DIY project. It is so easy Tammy and Annie of Peppermint Plum use a “wordless tutorial” to show you how make your own. It’s that easy!

18. Use Cute Picture Frame Signs

There are a lot of things you can do with a cute picture frame sign, and it’s a simple thing to do. All you need is an inexpensive frame and a printout telling people to wash their hands, and you’ve given your room a decorative accent to add real personal charm to the room.

19. Make the Most out of Your Kitchen Cabinets

One way to make the most out of even the smallest space is to use your cabinets to make a statement with a half bathroom. Just giving the cabinets color is a perfect little DIY project to give your cabinets a new look. It’s a simple, low-cost way to turn your ugly cabinet into something beautiful and stylish.

20. Bathroom Crossword Art

This is a cute project ideal for any half bathroom. The only limit here is your creativity and vocabulary, as you choose the words to create crossword bathroom art. It’s easy to find everything you need at your local craft store. Give the most intimate room in your house more of a personal touch to amaze guests.

21. A Zen Candle

Would you like your guests (and you) to feel like they’ve walked into a spa when they enter the bathroom? Creating your own Zen candle is a great little DIY project that can do just that.

Just grab an upcycled glass bowl from Goodwill, add polished rocks from a 99-cent store, some candles, and get jute from your local Home Depot (apparently, it’s cheaper there than at craft stores). Follow this tutorial to create your own custom spa-esque candle to brighten up your half bathroom in more ways than one.

22. A Branch Shelf Made From Reclaimed Wood

One of my favorite things to do is use reclaimed wood in my projects. There’s a lot of potential to this DIY project from Funky Junk Interiors. It manages to be a shelf, a toilet paper dispenser, and a bath caddy all at once. The cool thing about using reclaimed wood is it makes no two projects the same. Small oddities in reclaimed wood will give your half bathroom some rustic charm, while providing functionality.

23. Antique Window Cabinet

You can find the perfect step-by-step tutorial to creating a rustic window cabinet on Craftsman Drive. A cabinet is a necessity in every half bathroom. What you need to consider isn’t if you should get a cabinet, but how to make an interesting one. An antique window cabinet is bound to be a crowd pleaser. It uses the pre-existing mirror and builds around it. It’s no ordinary bathroom cabinet for sure!

24. Wicker Basket Shelves

Wicker basket shelves are so clever you’ll be left wondering why you didn’t think to do it sooner. Never forget there’s a limited amount of space with a half bathroom. The benefit of this little DIY project is it gives you a cute way to store all your bathroom items and keep them away from your sink. Your wicket basket shelves could store bathroom accessories, towels, or other decorative items. It’s a short and simple project that won’t take over 5 minutes and won’t cost more than $20.

25. Use Antique Sewing Drawer as “Seed Box”

The place above the toilet seat looks dull and boring. You can take an antique sewing cabinet from a thrift store for $3 and make it a “seedbox.” It would look scintillating and develop a visual interest in the bathroom. You can place fresh flowers inside and make your bathroom lively.

26. Venture Outside

The powder room is usually too small to work in. You can utilize the area directly outside your door. Consider getting a bookshelf or armoire to store towels, shampoo, or toothpaste and whatever you deem necessary.

27. Pedestal Sinks

Basin and pedestal sinks are ideal options to expand the space. However, old design sinks with included storage are often necessary. You can also keep a light-colored counter to save space and utilize the smaller space effectively.

28. Wise Investment

Small bathrooms have many benefits, and one is they require fewer furnishings. Half baths and powder rooms are the best places to place enormous pieces like the copper vessel sink.

29. Choose the Right Things

A smaller bath has everything, including perfect lighting. Built-in shelves save a lot of space and make the bath look spacious and ideally illuminated. Basin legs make the room look vast, and natural light and white walls brighten the entire room.

30. De-clutter

Knickknacks are fun and give a unique identity to any space. However, too many can over clutter a smaller room. Display your favorite accessories on a vanity tray to control the mess and make the space look pleasing to the eyes.

31. Focus Downwards

The area below the counter is the most overlooked area of the bathroom for all the obvious reasons. But adding a shelf or two under the counter can be effective for storing makeup and other products. You can also store extra tissues to avoid going out every time when tissues run out.

32. Meet Your Storage Needs

When choosing the cabinet for your bathroom, consider everything you need to store. It should be spacious enough to contain washcloths, towels, tissues, and guest supplies.

33. Decorative Framed Towel Stand or Holder

One of the best ideas to use the existing hardware and create a bathroom towel holder is presented by Alicia from Thrifty and Chic. This project is very simple and yet creates a huge impact.

She used a simple white frame and beautiful fabric to create a whole new look. She mentioned in her post, “It’s amazing how little things can change things just enough to make you happy :).”

34. How To Start

Visit your favorite home improvement store to get great ideas. They have employees that will be glad to guide you in the direction to get you started on your project. If you are on a budget, but simply want to give the illusion of space, dabble with colors, incorporate space-saving shelves, and add better lighting. Small changes can make all the difference in remodeling your small bath.

These ideas are for all the people ranging from beginner to expert DIY levels and have all decor styles considered. Mix your own style, creativity, and innovation with these tutorials to make that half bathroom a cute and personalized space.

Decorating small spaces like a half bathroom can be a challenging task, but with these simple and affordable ideas, you can achieve your tasks. Give these ideas a try and share them with your


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